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Our Large Glasses Collection

Leave no face un-framed

We all have features that make us unique. Some of us are blessed with a bit more facial real-estate than others and need bigger frames to fit and flatter our proportions.

large glasses with tortoise shell frame

Go big or go home

The good news is, large glasses come in an abundance of designs in every shape, material, and color imaginable. And since a bigger size can naturally be more noticeable, we think that it’s the perfect opportunity to make a stylish statement with your eyewear.

large glasses with wire frame

All About Our Large Glasses

What’s the difference between large and oversized glasses?

A lot of people think the words ‘large’ and ‘oversized’ are the same, and tend to use the two terms synonymously. However, it’s important to know the distinction between the two, especially when finding the best fit for your face.
The main difference is that large glasses refer to the literal ‘L’ measurements of the glasses, much like getting a large sized shirt from a clothing store. On the other hand, oversized glasses are referring to glasses that are purposely designed to look bigger than normal when worn.
To be exact, we at Mouqy classify our glasses with a frame width of 140 mm and above as large sized, while our glasses with at least a 140 mm frame width and a lens width of 55 mm and above are considered oversized.

The importance of getting the right fit

An ill-fitting pair of glasses is never a good look, and can also be very uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. So, if you’d like to find specs that fit you like a glove, it pays to know the different working parts in a pair of glasses as well as the measurements that best match your own features. Have a look at our guide to knowing your glasses size to learn exactly how (trust us, it’s easier than you think)!

How do you know if your glasses are too small?

If your frames leave red marks on your cheeks and nose after a few hours of wear, it may be a sign that your glasses are too tight.
Moreover, the temples of your glasses shouldn’t dig into the spot behind your ears, but should just be snug enough so that your glasses don’t budge when you turn your head from side to side.

How do you know if your glasses are too large?

Glasses that constantly slide down your nose are definitely too big for your face, and can also throw off the natural proportions of your features such as your eyebrows. Plus, frames that are too large will most likely be too heavy and can even cause migraines when worn for long hours.

Why get your large glasses from Mouqy?

Shopping online can be a bit tricky, which is why we at Mouqy created our Virtual Try-On, so you can see how our wide range of styles look on you in real time. What’s more, we’ve also got blue light blocking lenses to protect your eyes from digital strain. What’s not to love!

Frequently asked questions

What size are large glasses?

Though measurements vary from brand to brand, large sized glasses typically have a frame width of 140 mm and above.

Are large glasses in style for men?

Large glasses will always be a fashionable choice for men, especially those aiming for a suave look that stands out.

What glasses look good on large heads?

Individuals with large heads need glasses that are also proportional to their features. We recommend looking through our large glasses range to find your best match!