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Our Round Collection

Iconic round glasses for men & women

Circular frames are all-rounders (pun intended), and loved for their versatility and easygoing vibe. Worn by some of the most influential names in history, round glasses are a timeless staple and cultural classic.

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For legends only

John Lennon, Harry Potter, Janis Joplin… This star-powered frame is laid back yet sophisticated. At Mouqy, we stock a wide range of colors, styles and materials to meet any taste or prescription.

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All About Round Glasses

The grandfather of frames

Originally created out of necessity, the earliest pair of round glasses dates back to the 1200-1300s, and was essentially two magnifying glasses connected together and designed to sit on top of your nose.
Fast forward to the 1700s, temples similar to modern day glasses were introduced, and came in simple wire designs that today’s business moguls and artists adore. By the 1900s, manufacturers began to explore different materials and shapes, which gave rise to more iconic styles like the cat eye, browline, and oversized frame.

Who should wear round glasses?

Simple, elegant, and brimming with intellectual appeal, it’s easy to understand why many are drawn to the heritage style. While we believe anyone can rock their favorite frames, round glasses do have a rep for being trickier to pull off compared to other frame shapes.
But, with the right proportions and colors, you’ll be surprised with how flattering they can be on several face shapes. To find your perfect match, check out our guide to matching your frame shape to your face shape.

Styling round frames

Round glasses can be worn both casually and formally, making the perfect accessory for virtually any outfit. A neutral or metallic frame will always look smart and put-together, but if you’re one to make a bold fashion statement, go for an eye-catching frame in jewel toned hues or striking patterns.
As with any frame, you’ll want to select a size that fits your face perfectly. To make sure you get the most flattering and comfortable fit, take a read of our frame measurement guide.

Frequently asked questions

Round glasses have been around since the 13th century, and have been the preferred frame style of many artists such as John Lennon, Andy Warhol, Ozzy Osbourne, along with historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi.

Are round glasses in style?

As the first frame shape to be created, round glasses will always have a space in the eyewear scene. The in-demand frame transcends age, personality, and occupation, and makes a fashionable addition to any outfit.

Though there are many icons associated with the frame, many will say that John Lennon had the biggest influence on its popularity in mainstream society today. As a matter of fact, the style is frequently referred to as “Lennon glasses” thanks to the musician’s penchant for round frames.

Will round glasses suit me?

If you have an oval face, round glasses will complement your delicate features perfectly. Though if you have a diamond, heart, or square shaped face, a round frame is also a good option if you’re looking to soften your face’s sharper angles.

Are round glasses good for square faces?

Round glasses are among top picks for square faces, as they can balance out more prominent features and add a beautiful contrast to a square-shaped face.