Our Philosophy

We aim to furnish our customers with beautiful, inspired frames and quality eyeglasses that are effective yet affordable.

Our Origin Story

The people behind Mouqy Eyewear are freelancers, digital nomads and individualists; characters that value the flexibility and freedom only offered by the freelance lifestyle.
With the advent of fast internet speeds, more people are embracing the freelance lifestyle, with companies moving away from the traditional 9 – 5. While most offices find themselves occupied by fewer people, remote workers and freelancers find themselves spending more time staring at their screens, working longer hours.
Remote working does not mean working less, it just means working at a location you actually want to be at instead of being stuck in an office all day. As a matter of fact, remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads spend more time working than dedicated office workers but are happier with their lifestyle, which makes them more willing to clock in more work hours.
However, more time spent working in front of a screen also means more health drawbacks, especially due to digital eye strain aka computer vision syndrome.
As freelancers ourselves, we’re happy to see more people working remotely, but we are also aware of the negative aspects of freelance life, especially when it comes to eye strain.
While there are plenty of options available to help alleviate digital eye strain, the good ones are too highly-priced while the affordable ones just weren’t effective enough.
So, we set a goal for ourselves: we wanted to create something to keep the eyes of the entire freelance community healthy in a sustainable, affordable yet effective way.
With that goal in mind, Mouqy Eyewear was born.

Our Inspiration

We take inspiration from the eyeglasses that we want to wear, and it just so happens that what we want to wear are designer frames – sleek, stylish and timeless pieces that never go out of style.
There’s only one problem – frames like these are usually ridiculously expensive.
Hence, we had to find a way to manufacture a collection of high-quality eyeglasses that are good looking while keeping our prices low to make them more accessible to the general public.
The only way we can realistically achieve that while maintaining quality is by reducing expenses, so we made the decision to cut our biggest expense of all – we did away with physical outlets, and made our brand available online only.
We also managed to keep our prices low by doing everything in-house. We oversee everything, starting from the concept, designing, down to the manufacturing of our eyeglasses, so we have total control of the quality while reducing external 3rd party costs.
By bypassing stores and shipping directly to you from our factory, we’re able to keep our prices competitive while maintaining the high level of quality that our customers have come to know us for.

A Clearer Vision

As important as it is to keep our eyeglasses looking good, we know that it’s even more important for it to be practical. This is why we’ve equipped our lenses with technology that keeps Mouqy’s functionality relevant in today’s digital world.

  • Index 1.53 TrivexImpact-resistant and durable, these are an excellent lens choice for those with lower prescriptions.

  • Index 1.59 PolycarbonateThese polycarbonate lenses are cut slim, yet built to be tougher than a bear. Polycarbonate is an impact-resistant material that offers full UV protection and is ideal for those with active lifestyles.

  • Index 1.60 AsphericSlim and lightweight, these lenses are a fantastic choice for people with moderate to strong prescriptions.

  • Index 1.60 TribridSlim and stylish, these lenses are a fantastic choice for people with moderate to strong prescriptions, but who prefer thin and lightweight frames. The Tribrid material is highly impact-resistant, making it a strong and durable option.

  • Index 1.67 AsphericLightweight yet powerful, these ultra-thin cut lenses grant people with very strong prescriptions the option to wear eyeglasses without having to suffer from distorted looking eyes.


Multicoated for excellence

Our lenses are enhanced with Blue Block UV+420 Cut Technology, which is more effective at blocking blue light compared to regular blue light filters. They are also augmented with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and superhydrophobic filters to keep the lenses extra durable while improving vision sharpness.

See What Matters

Our brand’s tagline is “See What Matters”, and the essence of that very message is reflected in our eyewear.
Regardless of your preference in style, quality or practicality, we’ve got a curated range of eyewear catered to what matters most to you.
So go ahead, pick a frame. You’ll see how simple it is to get your Mouqy!