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glasses frames of assorted shapes

Eyeglasses Frames Shapes

Explore our glasses shapes

Human faces come in different shapes and sizes - and so do our glasses! Mouqy offers eyeglasses in every silhoutte, from rounded oval and circle frames to angular, square and geometric frames. Feast your eyes on our eyeglass shape collections below. You're sure to find your favorite.
justin aviator glasses with metal frame

Aviator glasses frames

With their teardrop shape and large lenses - aviators are a silhoutte that's instantly recognnizable. We have a range of classic and modern versions in a range of colors and materials. We love how this flattering style can fit just about any face.

dawn browline glasses with square frame

Browline glasses frames

There's something about browline glasses that gives the wearer a certain vintage charm. With its thicker top line and thinner, or non-existent, bottom rim - browline glasses are an instant classic.

candid cat eye glasses with tortoise frame

Cat eye glasses frames

Cat eye glasses have been a favorite shape for eyeglasses and sunglasses - with good reason! From vintage to oversized, modern to minimalist and clear - cat eye frames are so flattering on so many.

begonia geometric glasses with acetate frame

Geometric glasses frames

Why not opt for a more unusual shape? Geometric glasses are a flattering but quirky variation of regular square frames, and can be the perfect way to jazz up your everyday look.

victor oval glasses with black frame

Oval glasses frames

Oval glasses are an instant classic! The smooth curves and sophisticated shape of oval frames looks good on most faces, and comes in a huge range of colors and materials. We also offer them in a range of sizes - take your pick!

ultra rectangle glasses with gray frame

Rectangle glasses frames

You can never go wrong with a trusty, stunning pair of rectangle frame eyeglasses. With their striking lines, rectangular glasses can add flattering angles to any face shape. Choose between vintage or modern iterations.

potter round glasses with acetate frame

Round glasses frames

Round glasses are a timeless staple that's been made famous by cultural icons - and look just as fabulous on your face. Mouqy offers circular frames in a range of colors and finishes - perfect for an easygoing look.

gentle tortoise shell glasses with square frame

Square glasses frames

Square glasses are a great way to add angles to your face, and are flattering on almost every face shape. Their versatility make them perfect for both special occasions and everyday - especially with the wide range of colors and materials available here at Mouqy.

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Explore our different categories of eyeglass to find the perfect frame for you. Take a browse of our collection and use our Virtual Try-On tool to see how well our frames complement your own face. Have fun!

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose my glasses shape?

When choosing your glasses shape, a good place to start is to consider your face shape. The general rule is to find a frame that contrasts with the shape of your face. For example, people with a softer and rounder face shape may benefit more from a frame shape that has angles – such as square or rectangle frames. Conversely, more angular face shapes may find that round glasses – like ovals or round glasses – can bring more balance to their features.

Most of our recent customers purchased frames that are korean-inspired, which are round, cat eye, geometric and aviators!

Does frame shape affect vision?

Frame shape doesn’t necessarily affect vision, as long as you get the sizing of your glasses right. The corrective part of glasses is the lenses, which are encased by the frames. However, the strength of your prescription can affect the thickness of your lenses, which in turn can determine what type of frame style would work best for you. However, we offer full-framed glasses in a range of different shapes, so your style needs are covered!

What eyeglass shape makes you look younger?

Going for a chunky or playful frame shape can add some youth to your face – if that’s what you’re after! Try out a bold pair of oversized or cat-eye frames, or something with a thicker rim on the brow.

What shape of eyeglasses is best for chubby face?

Larger or rounder shaped faces tend to look best with eyeglass shapes that are more angular – such as square, rectangular, or geometric glasses. You may also want to avoid frames that are too small.

Any shape, for any occasion

glasses frames of assorted shapes

From timeless aviators and flashy cat eyes, to edgy geometric and vintage browlines - we got it.

The best part? You can peruse our glasses frames and see how their shape flatter your face, in real time!

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