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glasses frames of assorted colors

Eyeglasses Frames Colors

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Part of finding the eyeglass frames of your dreams is getting the color right. The right color can brighten your face and complement your outfit - whether it's darker frames for a professional look, or something bright and colorful. Choose from one of our many colors below to find the shade that makes you look and feel your best!
dan black glasses with rectangle frame

Black glasses frames

Black is the new black - this timeless shade is the ultimate neutral color for eyeglasses. They're loved for their versatility, since they can be worn for a variety of occasions and are a cinch to match with any outfit. Pick them for a professional look, or whenever you want to look put-together and polished. What's more - they're flattering on most face shapes and skin tones.

beyond blue glasses with square frame

Blue glasses frames

Call it sky or water - blue eyeglasses invoke calming vibes that can perfectly suit both professional and playful looks. Many people may prefer blue eyeglasses as an alternative to black eyeglasses, which are also popular but can sometimes appear too harsh.

altrist clear glasses with square frame

Clear glasses frames

We'll never get tired of clear eyeglasses. Whether tinted translucent or totally transparent, clear glasses give off a subtle and minimalist look that's unmistakably modern. Additionally, they are very versatile and easy to match for any occasion, since they don't steal the attention away from your facial features.

suzy gold glasses with square frame

Gold glasses frames

Gold eyeglasses ooze elegance. At Mouqy, we have gold glasses in a range of shades, from champagne to rose gold. Gold eyeglasses can sometimes have a vintage look to them, and bring a certain class to special occasions. Plus - they're so photogenic!

dylan green glasses with square frame

Green glasses frames

Green eyeglasses are a unique and flattering color that's not an obvious choice, but always a good one. Green glasses can be a creative option for those who want to try something different and want to invoke a little bit of nature and calmness.

ella pink glasses with square frame

Pink glasses frames

Pink eyeglasses frames are a fun and flirty choice for anyone out to make a stylish statement. We've got enough shades to tickle you pink - from hot pinks and neons, to more muted pastels. Rock this favorite color for formal events or everyday wear.

lovey purple glasses with square frame

Purple glasses frames

And now for something completely different: purple frames! No matter what shade you choose, purple eyeglasses frames are a show-stopper. From funky retro oversized purple frames, to a subtle touch of pastel purple - take your pick of this royal color.

laura red glasses with rectangle frame

Red glasses frames

Who doesn't love the fiery charm of a bold red eyeglass frame? Our red eyeglasses come in a wide variety of shapes and shades - from sultry cat-eye, to classy square frames. What's more - red sunglasses are a great way to add a pop of brightness to your outfit during the summer months.

gentle tortoise shell glasses with square frame

Tortoise glasses frames

With their unmistakable mottled shade, tortoiseshell eyeglasses are a classic look that never goes out of fashion. The unique pattern is instantly recognizable and looks oh-so-good for everyday wear. Try our tortoiseshell in the traditional brown and black shades, or opt for a funky colorful twist with a bright tortoiseshell hue.

carl white glasses with square frame

White glasses frames

White eyeglasses just scream summer. Not only are they a shade that brightens up any outfit, but white glasses are a classic neutral that's easy to match with any outfit. White is a very light and airy color - perfect for hot weather, or pretending you own a yacht.

murphy yellow glasses with square frame

Yellow glasses frames

Yellow eyeglasses frames are a fun and uplifting choice, whatever the weather. There are many shades of yellow to choose from, including neon yellows and more muted pastels. Whatever your pick - yellow frames will add some cheer and sunshine to your outfit.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you pick a frame color?

Some colors are more flattering than others, but at the end of the day – you should choose a color you personally love how you look in. To find your most flattering shade, consider your skin tone and the color of your eyes. If you have blue eyes, try eyeglasses in shades of green or purple. If you have brown eyes, try eyeglasses in shades of green or tortoiseshell. You should also think about the occasion. If you’re going to a formal event, it might be best to stick with classic colors like black or tortoise. If you’re going to a more casual event, feel free to experiment with brighter colors.

What color eyeglass frames make you look younger?

There are certain colors of eyeglasses that can help the wearer look more youthful. Some colors, like white or pink, can make the wearer look fresh and young. Other colors, like green or purple, can help to brighten up the face and make the wearer look more awake.

What color glasses suit my skin tone?

If you have a fair complexion, you can experiment for darker colors like black or tortoise for something bold – or go with a more neutral shade for a minimalist look. If you have a darker complexion, try brighter colors like yellow or red.

What color glasses look good with brown eyes?

Many people with brown eyes choose eyeglasses in shades of green or purple. These colors can help to brighten up the face and make the wearer look more awake. Additionally, they are complementary colors that look great together. If you have brown eyes, try a pair of eyeglasses in a complementary color to see how they look on you. You might be surprised at how great they look!

What color glasses go with white hair?

Black eyeglasses are always a classic choice for white or silver hair, and they look great with any outfit. A close alternative is to opt for brown tortoise that has a slightly warmer look and will still stand out against your white hair. Additionally, pastel colors like pink or light blue can also look great with white hair. These colors help to brighten up the face and make the wearer look more youthful. If you’re looking for something more playful, try eyeglasses in shades of pink or blue – these colors will add a pop of color to your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

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glasses frames of assorted colors

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