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We Love These Stylish Trends for Men’s Glasses

Updated: 23 May 2024 •  
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If you’re looking to finally retire those specs that you’ve been wearing since the first lockdown was announced, then you’ve come to the right place.
From vintage classics to bold silhouettes, this year’s top eyewear trends give you plenty of fashion-forward options. With frames for every aesthetic, there’s no better time to freshen up your look!
Have a peek at this year’s most popular men’s glasses and see which you love the most:

The most stylish glasses trends for men in 2023

1. Clear frames

josh groban wearing a pair of clear glasses frame

Josh Groban’s clear glasses make a great accent piece for his navy ensemble. (Credit: Young People’s Chorus).

A transparent frame is the most versatile and universally flattering accessory you can cop this year. They’re a subtle way to add some contemporary style to any outfit, and because they’re colorless, they look good on all skin tones too. What’s more, the thicker frame will also be able to accommodate even the highest of prescriptions, so you don’t need to worry about your lenses peeking through from the edge of your frame.
With so many shapes and sizes out there, you’re bound to find a pair of clear glasses that suit your face shape perfectly. For those with angular face shapes, frames with rounded edges will add balance and soften more prominent features. But for individuals with rounder face shapes, square and rectangular frames will provide definition and give you a more chiseled look.
Try out the trend with these brand favorites:
oscar square clear tortoise top view

Mouqy’s stylish square framed Oscar.

boyish square transparent top view

Mouqy’s transparent studious yet fun Boyish frames.


2. Oversized 70s styles

taron egerton wearing a pair of oversized glasses frame

Taron Egerton is a splitting image of Elton John in this photoshoot for ‘Rocketman’. (Credit: Pinterest).

On the other side of the trend spectrum, big, bold silhouettes reminiscent of the 70s have made a dramatic return, giving wearers of all ages a fun outlet to express their individuality. Square, round, aviator – you name it! These chunky frames come in a plethora of silhouettes and colorways to make sure you stand out from the crowd.
Since these frames are on the larger side, always opt for lightweight materials for the most comfortable fit, especially if you plan to wear your glasses throughout the day.
Join the bandwagon with these unapologetic frames:
comedy in black flatlay view

Mouqy’s classic black square Comedy glasses.

navy in clear blue flatlay view

Mouqy’s trendy crystal blue retro Navy pair.


3. Boldly black frames

tom holland wearing a pair of black thick rimmed glasses frame

Tom Holland looks dapper as ever in his suit and a pair of thick rimmed glasses. (Credit: Pinterest).

Black frames will always be a timeless and sophisticated choice, so it’s no surprise why so many Hollywood stars and musicians have turned to the suave pair to elevate their looks.
The dark hue of these specs will inevitably draw attention to your facial features, so it’s very important to choose the right shape and size for your face shape. But if you’d like to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with a classic rectangular shape with subtly rounded edges. It’s a tried and tested silhouette that looks good on everyone!
The ultimate black frames for a sleek look:
genius in black flatlay view

Mouqy’s sleek matte black Genius frames.


4. Wire frame aviators

charles melton wearing a pair of aviators

Charles Melton’s teardrop-shaped aviators give off a timelessly cool appeal. (Credit: Pinterest).

If you’re not sure whether you want something modern or vintage-inspired, aviators in contemporary metals will give you the best of both worlds. These lightweight frames capture that quintessential 70s look without being overtly retro, and can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going.
Classic teardrop-shaped aviators flatter angular faces best, while flat-top rectangular styles will give round face shapes some added definition.
Enhance your look with these face framing styles:
justin in brown flatlay view

Mouqy’s oversized aviator-style Justin glasses.

neat nt008 in black flatlay view

Mouqy’s striking black and silver NEAT NT008 pair.


5. Circle lenses

kit harington wearing a pair of round glasses frame

Kit Harington’s circle lenses lend a studious yet easygoing vibe. (Credit: Pinterest).

Circle lenses have always enjoyed a large fan base since the beginning of time, and are the best choice for those who want something low-key yet polished. The minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to a simple t-shirt and jeans but also makes a great companion for corporate and black tie events.
These unassuming frames typically suit diamond and heart shaped faces the most, and also flatter the symmetrical features of an oval shaped face.
Take your pick between these classic specs:
odd dione in gunmetal flatlay view

Mouqy’s minimalist and sleek ODD Dione frames.

neat nt903 in matte bronze flatlay view

Mouqy’s elegant matte brown Neat NT903 eyeglasses.


6. Off-the-wall geometric styles

cha eun eoo wearing a pair of two twoned glasses frame

Cha Eun Woo’s two-toned frames feature both angular and curved edges, giving his casual look some artistic flair. (Credit: Pinterest).

Not into traditional silhouettes? Then perhaps this year’s out-of-the-box geometric styles will be right up your alley. From all-out angles to a combination of two shapes, a geometric frame will give you a totally unique look that’s sure to turn many heads your way.
These frames not only highlight your best facial features, but will also accentuate your individual style and personality. A mix of soft curves and sharp angles will give a sartorial spin to your typical round or square frames, while one-of-a-kind polygon shapes will take your style game to new heights.
Go against the grain with these statement frames:
evening in black silver flatlay view

Mouqy’s Evening frames, perfect for the modern professional.

march in black flatlay view

Mouqy’s blend of classic and modern March eyeglass.


Men’s glasses trend predictions for 2023 – 24

Aside from giving you 20/20 vision, these frames also offer tons of style mileage for the next years to come.


boyish in tortoise flatlay view

Mouqy’s classic full-rim Boyish frames.

Though they technically never go out of style, wayfarers are predicted to be on top of everyone’s wish lists come 2023. A strong trapezoidal shape will give off a futuristic and edgy look, while a classic d-frame with rounded corners softly defines and flatters all face shapes.

Hexagonal glasses

lavish in silver flatlay view

Mouqy’s stylish titanium Lavish aviator eyewear.

Geometric styles will only be picking up even more steam in the upcoming year, particularly frames with a distinct hexagonal shape. Our advice? Hit two birds with one stone by combining trends! Check out our Lavish frames: a wire-frame aviator in an unconventional hexagon silhouette.

Trendy eyeglass colors we love

Whether you favor a versatile shade that goes with everything or want a splash of color for your everyday looks, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect hue in this season’s stunning lineup of colorways:

Earth tones

Honey, rich siennas, and warm taupes are the newest classics on the rise. Make them the focal point of your outfit by wearing them with light neutrals, or keep a vibrant ensemble grounded by sporting a frame in a deep, earthy hue.
neat nt901 in clear brown flatlay view

Mouqy’s glossy transparent brown NEAT NT901 pair.

odd eris in clear gray flatlay view

Mouqy’s alternative gray oval ODD Eris frames.


Soft tints

Looking to explore color this year but don’t want something too flashy? A transparent frame in a pastel hue will do just the trick.
embrace in clear blue flatlay view

Mouqy’s chic blue Embrace glasses.


Glasses that will always be in style

If staying up to date with the latest trends isn’t your thing, here are some stylish staples that’ll have you looking sharp no matter the era:


Featuring a bold top frame and a sleek metal structure at the bottom, Clubmasters draw attention to the eyes and come in several iterations to flatter every face shape. Go for a classic round frame to balance out more prominent features, or try out an angular frame to introduce distinct lines to your visage.
For angular faces:
victor in black flatlay view

Mouqy’s easy-to-style black Victor eyewear.

For round faces:
zen in tortoise flatlay view

Mouqy’s eye-catching Zen browline frames.



Tortoiseshell is a subtle and elegant print that will stand the test of time, and is great for those who want a classic frame with a bit more character. Opt for subtle flecks of brown for an understated look, or make a bold statement with a high contrast print.
Our favorite tortoiseshell frames:
nori tortoise flatlay view

Mouqy’s sophistication and timeless Nori frames.

gentle in tortoise gold flatlay view

Mouqy’s Gentle eyewear – perfect blend of style and quality.


Transcend trends: finding your own iconic look

Trends come and go, but finding a frame that fits you to a T is something truly life changing.
Just take a look at John Lennon’s iconic round lenses or James Dean’s signature horn-rimmed specs, both of which have become synonymous with their distinct looks.
To find your own individual style, you’ll need to understand your unique features such as your face shape and natural coloring. Then from there, just go with your gut feeling and rock the style you feel most confident in!
We get that finding the perfect frames online can be kind of tricky, so we’ve created a virtual-try on feature that lets you try out as many frames as you like and discover your signature look. With our functional, stylish and affordable range of styles, we’ve got a frame for every age, personality, and lifestyle.

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