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If your up-close vision isn’t what it used to be, then perhaps what you need are a trusty pair of reading glasses. They’re the quickest fix for those with age-related conditions such as presbyopia, and come in a range of corrective strengths.

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Function meets fashion

Just because you’re only using them at home or in the office doesn’t mean you can’t make a fashionable statement with reading glasses. We at Mouqy have readers in all shapes, colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find a pair that best reflects your personal style. Or if you need multiple readers, switch it up with different frames everyday!

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All About Reading Glasses At Mouqy

What are reading glasses?

Reading glasses are one of the most common tools for vision correction. They can instantly improve your ability to see text, and to perform tasks that require up-close work (within about 40cm).
Reading glasses come in a few different forms. At Mouqy, we allow our customers to order our reading glasses regardless of whether or not they have astigmatism. We can also even accommodate different reading powers for each lens.
Whilst it’s possible to purchase standard ready-made reading glasses over the counter, these types of readers typically use the same lens power on each eye and can’t accommodate prescriptions with astigmatism.

Why do many people need reading glasses as they get older?

As people age, the lens in their eyes become less flexible, making it harder for the lens to change shape and focus on close images. This condition is called presbyopia, and usually starts occurring in adults at the age of 40.
Unlike regular farsightedness (a.k.a. hyperopia) which is usually hereditary, presbyopia is a very natural part of the aging process, and is difficult to avoid completely. However, you can reduce the effects by wearing the right glasses and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

What’s the difference between prescription glasses and readers?

Prescription glasses can be classified into three main types, single vision, bifocal and progressive.
‘Readers’ – or ‘reading glasses’ are considered a type of prescription glasses, and can be thought of as single vision lenses for near activities. In other words – they’re prescription glasses that use single vision lenses, and are meant for reading or doing near work.
Another important thing to know is that readers don’t actually sharpen your vision, but merely move your clearest point of focus to a distance closer to you (this is what gives off that ‘magnifying’ effect you likely have already heard of!)

Other considerations when buying reading glasses

Apart from getting the right strength, selecting a frame that suits your features also makes a world of a difference on your aura and confidence. Familiarizing yourself with your face shape, natural coloring, as well as considering where you’ll be wearing your reading glasses can help you streamline your search.
You’ll also definitely want to consider the shape of your face when picking out the shape and design of your reading glasses. A general rule of thumb is to try and contrast them – for example, a rounded face shape looks great with more angular designs such as rectangular or square frame shapes.
Need some help getting started? Check out our comprehensive eyewear guides.

Bye bye, boring readers

Say goodbye to boring old-fashioned or generic frames. We’re proud to offer our reading glasses in just about every shape, color and finish at Mouqy!
Whether you’re looking for glasses that help you look younger, timeless frames, or designs that just help you show off your personality, you’re sure to find it here.

Frequently asked questions

What is the usual range of addition (ADD) in a prescription?

Addition, or ADD, typically ranges between +0.50 to +3.00 diopters.

Is it possible to get reading glasses with different strengths for each eye?

Of course! Though you’ll need a doctor’s prescription to have them custom made for your specific needs. At Mouqy, you can customize each lens to have a different strength.

Can you wear reading glasses all day?

Reading glasses are designed to be worn only when you’re doing close-up work (within 40cm). If you keep wearing them for activities that require a wider scope of vision – such as driving or playing sports – your vision will be blurred and is likely to feel uncomfortable. On top of that, it’s important to remember to take regular breaks from close-up activities! Using the computer for the whole day without resting your eyes will also quickly lead to eye fatigue.