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glasses frames of assorted types

Eyeglasses Frames Types

Explore our glasses types

So - what's your type? At Mouqy, we stock a wide range of eyeglass frame types with a range of specialties or certain features. Whether you prefer full-rim or rimless, large, or low-bridge frames - we've got it. Browse our collections below.
xper full rim glasses with rectangle frame

Full-rim glasses frames

Sturdy and timelessly stylish, full rim frames are the go-to frame for most people shopping for glasses. Since the frame material goes all the way around your lenses, this is a great stylish option with extra durability and are the best choice to support thicker lenses.

dapper rimless glasses with rectangle frame

Rimless glasses frames

Rimless glasses are a popular pick for minimalists, or anyone who wants a clean and barely-there look to their glasses frames. This type of frame is perfect for anyone who wants an understated look that's effortless to style for everyday wear.

lex semi rimless glasses with rectangle frame

Semi-rimless glasses frames

Semi-rimless glasses strike the perfect balance between rimless, and full-rimmed frames. They feature features a frame that covers only the top part of the lenses, giving it a sophisticated and suave look. From browline glasses to rounded half-frames - we have it all!

bounce lightweight glasses with round frame

Lightweight glasses frames

Tired of glasses that rub your nose and leave marks? Lightweight glasses put far less pressure on your face and look fantastic. These frames are so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing them! From wireframe to titanium, we have a whole range of different lightweight glasses in many shapes and styles.

collins low bridge glasses square frame

Low bridge glasses frames

Low bridge glasses were made specially for those of us with lower nose bridges. If you've struggled to find glasses that don't slide down your nose - try out our stylish range of low bridge glasses - some with adjustable nose pads, or just larger nose pads.

judy large glasses with geometric frame

Large glasses frames

Some of us need larger sized glasses to fit and flatter our larger heads. The good news is, large glasses come in an abundance of designs in every shape, material, and color imaginable. Take a look.

accent small glasses with square frame

Small glasses frames

Small glasses come in all shapes, but small round and oval frames are particularly popular. Small glasses are a great option if you like subtle frames that don't overtake your face. Channel your inner John Lennon, Hadid sister or Rihanna with your favorite take on small glasses today.

designer small face glasses with round frame

Glasses for small faces

Those of us with smaller or narrower face sizes often struggle to find glasses that flatter and fit on their faces. We offer a range of smaller glasses that both flatter the proportions of smaller faces, or are made smaller in size to ensure that perfect fit.

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Explore our eyeglasses categories

Take a browse of our various eyeglasses categories. From semi-rimless to oversized, you're sure to find one that resonates with you best! You'll love the way they make you look and feel.
5 pairs of glasses frames in color orange red green yellow blue


Don't miss our wide selection of eyeglasses colors! Whether you're looking for something bright and bold or something more subdued, Mouqy's got a color waiting for you.

3 pairs glasses frames made of wood plastic and metal


We have a variety of frame materials to choose from, each with their own unique strengths. Whether you're looking for durability, flexibility or lightness, browse our categories to find the pair that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

5 pairs of glasses frames in assorted shapes


Take a browse of our frame shape collection and use our Virtual Try-On tool to see how well they complement your own face.

6 pairs of glasses in assorted styles


Browse our various eyeglasses frame styles. From vintage to wire-frame, cute to horn-rimmed, you're sure to find the style that resonates with you best!

Frequently asked questions

Glasses frames come in many different types, some with special features for particular use cases or types of faces. At Mouqy, we offer types including full-rim, rimless, low bridge glasses, large or small glasses, and lightweight frames.

The best frame for glasses can depend on a lot of factors – including your visual needs, lifestyle, personal style, and facial proportions. Your prescription strength often affects the thickness of your lenses, which can in turn determine whether you should get fully rimmed frames (which tend to hold thicker lenses better). If you do a lot of sports or active activities, you may prefer fully-rimmed or lightweight frames. If you have a low nose bridge, small face, or large face – you can usually find glasses that cater towards this.

A good place to start is to consider your facial proportions – do you have any specific needs like a low nose bridge, or a face that’s significantly smaller or larger than average? If so, you can look for glasses that cater specifically to this. Choosing the type of rims for your glasses (e.g. fully rimmed or rimless) is often a matter of personal taste, but bear in mind that full rimmed glasses tend to be more durable and hardy and are a better choice for thick lenses from high prescriptions.

Some frames have never truly gone out of style and have been a classic silhouette throughout the ages – such as rectangular, aviator, tortoiseshell, cat eye, tortoiseshell. Some people opt for these in full-rimmed variations, whilst others may prefer the more minimalist vibe offered by a semi-rimless or rimless variation.

Different types of glasses, all trendy

glasses frames of assorted types

Pairing a half-rim frame with ultra-thin lenses for your prescription? Now that's a stylish AND functional combo!

No matter what you need, be it vision or fashion - you'll find the right type of frames at reasonable prices.

Did we mention you can browse our frames and see how you look in real time - wherever and whenever you like?

Oh - take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee and try us out too. No loss!

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