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Everything You Need to Know about Matching Glasses and Bangs

Updated: 12 June 2024 •  
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When working in harmony, your bangs and glasses can do wonders. Together, they can highlight all your best features, and frame your face like no other.
But which bangs go with which frames? And what does face shape have to do with anything?
Sit tight – in this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about our favorite bangs and glasses pairings for different face shapes. We’ve also thrown in some tips and tricks on how to look your best everyday!

1. Blunt bangs

woman with blunt bangs wearing d frame glasses

Blunt bangs and d-frame glasses are a foolproof pairing. Source: Pinterest

If you’ve been contemplating on getting bangs for a while, then you’ve probably already stumbled across dozens of photos of blunt bangs on Pinterest or Instagram. They’re one of the more classic styles of bangs characterized by a sharp and fluid cut that falls right where your brows are. These bangs are the go-to hairstyle for actresses Dakota Johnson and Zooey Deschanel, and typically suit those with thick, straight hair.
To match the ‘bluntness’ of your ‘do, opt for frames with a straight top and thicker rim, which will complement the structure of your bangs while ensuring that your eyes will be the center of attention.
Best suited for: Straight and thick hair, oval, triangle, and square face shapes, faces with a larger forehead or longer chin.

Glasses frame for blunt bangs

billie for blunt bangs

The Billie frame in square tortoise.

Featuring a modern square shape in a classic tortoiseshell print, our Billie frames are sure to flatter the sharp cut of any blunt fringe.

2. Curtain bangs

woman with curtain bangs wearing aviator frames

Curtain bangs and teardrop shaped aviators are some of our favorite 70s trends that’ve made a comeback this 2022. Source: Pinterest

For avid fans of all things 70s, this next hairstyle is for you. Curtain bangs are a fashionable yet low maintenance cut that looks great with larger glasses, especially the vintage-inspired aviators and oversized frames dominating this year’s eyewear trends. They enhance the face the same way a curtain elegantly draped over a window would, and are often accompanied by soft layers that frame the rest of the face.
The best part about curtain bangs is that they look good on everyone, and are especially flattering on those with longer faces. And if you have thin hair, this type of fringe will also help add more volume and texture to your hairstyle.
Best suited for: thin hair, diamond and triangle face shapes, longer faces.

Glasses frame for curtain bangs

denica for curtain bangs

The Denica aviator frame in light gold.

Our timeless Denica aviators are simply made to be worn with curtain bangs, giving off a retro chic look that never goes out of style.

3. Thin wispy bangs

woman with thin wispy bangs wearing metal frame glasses

Soft bangs and light frames are undeniably feminine and look oh-so-pretty together. Source: Pinterest

Not sure if you’ll like how you look with bangs? Then we recommend going for something more subtle to ease yourself into the hairstyle, such as thin wispy bangs which will add a beautiful softness to your features. Complement them with round glasses or thin frames for a delicate touch.
This kind of fringe is especially popular amongst kpop idols and top actresses in South Korea, so if you’ve been eyeing some k-style minimalist frames yourself, then these will be the perfect bangs to complete your Hallyu-inspired look!
Best suited for: thin hair, square, heart and oval face shapes.

Glasses frame for thin wispy bangs

odd dione for thin wispy bangs

The ODD Dione frame in gray round.

Go twinning with your fave kdrama star in elegantly minimalist frames that go with every outfit.

4. Choppy textured bangs

woman with choppy bangs wearing square glasses

Walk on the wild side with a head-turning fringe and unapologetically oversized frames. Source: Pinterest

If you’ve been meaning to give the viral wolf cut a try, might we suggest throwing some textured bangs into the mix to add even more edge to your daring new look? A hybrid between a mullet and a shag, this retro-modern ‘do naturally suits glasses with just as much character, such as the bold square frames popularized in the 70s.
Since the style requires some texture to give it shape and volume, it tends to suit those with thicker strands or individuals with a slight wave or curl to their hair. But if you have finer and straighter hair, this can easily be remedied by a couple of texturizing products.
Some celebs who’ve dared to make the chop are singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, multi-award-winning artist Halsey, and former Disney star Debby Ryan.
Best suited for: thick and long hair, round, square and heart face shapes.

Glasses frame for choppy textured bangs

navy for choppy textured bangs

The Navy frame in square transparent-blue.

Groovy yet studious, our Navy frames are the perfect accent to any high fashion ‘do.

5. Micro bangs

woman with micro bangs wearing tortoise shell glasses

Show off your bubbly personality with micro bangs and cute round frames to boot. Source: Pinterest

Walking the line between playful and bold, micro bangs are definitely for the adventurous spirit. Play up the quirkiness of your hairstyle with frames just as spectacular, such as a vintage round shape in a fun color or a striking tortoiseshell print.
While blunt or curtain bangs are usually recommended for those with longer faces, micro bangs work great for those with a bit less space on their forehead, as a shorter fringe won’t cover too much of your face and allow your features to shine.
Best suited for: thick straight hair, oval face shapes, shorter foreheads.

Glasses frame for micro bangs

april for micro bangs

The April frame in oval yellow.

Statement bangs call for equally statement-making glasses, and our vibrant April frames will ensure that you get all the right attention no matter where you’re going.

6. Side swept bangs

woman with side swept bangs wearing cat eye glasses

Side swept bangs and geometric frames create a chiseled appearance. Source: Pinterest

If you have a round face, angles will be your best friend. So when it comes to bangs, opt for a fringe that’s parted on the side, which will instantly give the illusion of a longer and slimmer face. Similarly, you can also play with unique silhouettes with your glasses too, such as a classic cat eye or fun geometric frames that’ll introduce more distinct lines to your face.
This combo is also very flattering on diamond face shapes, as it’ll put the spotlight directly on those highly coveted cheekbones.
Best suited for: Round and diamond face shapes, thin hair.

Glasses frame for side-swept bangs

swan for side swept bangs

The Swan cat eye frame in pink.

Turn heads from every single angle by rocking your side swept bangs with this geometric cat eye.

7. Curly bangs

woman with curly bangs wearing round glasses frames

We’re swooning over these curly bangs and those circle lenses together. Source: Pinterest

If you thought bangs weren’t possible because of your curly locks, think again! Tight, curly bangs are a great way to give your look more dimension and showcase some cute frames at the same time. Just be sure to leave some allowance when cutting your bangs, as curly hair does tend to lift quite a bit once fully dry.
You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to frame styles, but we reckon that round and oval glasses will suit those sweet little curls the most.
Best suited for: naturally curly hair, oval and angular face shapes.

Glasses frame for curly bangs

abby for curly bangs

The Abby frame in round rose gold.

Soft and feminine, our Abby frames will look stunning alongside those enviable curls of yours.

8. Long side bangs

woman with long side bangs wearing clear glasses frames

Long side bangs and transparent glasses are one of the easiest combos to pull off. Source: Pinterest

If your bangs have already grown out (or if you simply prefer longer bangs), consider parting your hair at the center for a ‘lived-in’ look that effortlessly frames the face. Clear or softly tinted glasses will match the easygoing vibe you’re going for perfectly.
Just be sure to avoid frames that are too wide or elongated, as these types of glasses tend to stick out from the sides of your bangs.
Best suited for: Straight and thin hair, triangle face shapes, longer faces.

Glasses frame for long side bangs

orient for long side bangs

The Orient frame in square transparent-pink.

This trendy crystal pink frame simply exudes effortless cool – a must-try for any understated fringe.

3 tips to keep your glasses and bangs in tip top shape

To ensure that your bangs-and-glasses looks are always on point, here are some good practices to turn into habit:

1. Bring your glasses with you on your salon visits

The size and shape of your frames will have an impact on the way your bangs sit on your face. Thus, you’ll always want to have your glasses with you whenever you’re getting your bangs cut, so that your hairdresser can also take your frames into account when deciding on the length and overall silhouette of your fringe.

2. Always have a microfiber cloth within reach

Since bangs sit right on your forehead, it does lead to more oil buildup on the skin, which may eventually transfer to your glasses throughout the day. Hence, we recommend cleaning your glasses often with a microfiber cloth to get rid of any pesky smudges caused by oil transfer. For more tips – check our guide on how to care for your glasses!

3. Prevent your bangs from getting greasy

If your skin is particularly oily, you can always dust a bit of powder on your forehead to keep your skin matte. Blotting paper also works to get rid of oil buildup before they can transfer to your bangs (and to your glasses), and help prevent the dreaded acne from your glasses.

How your face shape ties into what will look great on you

Trying out something new can be a bit daunting, but there are some steps you can take to make sure that you’ll love the final result of your transformation. One of the most important things you should know would be your own face shape, which plays a big role on the type of bangs that will suit you best.
Let’s have a review:

Face shapeBest forAvoid
RoundSide swept bangs, choppy bangsStraight bangs that emphasize width of face
DiamondCurtain bangs, side swept bangsHeavy rounded bangs that cut off cheekbones
TriangleCurtain bangs, long side bangs, blunt bangsMicro bangs that can emphasize face shape
SquareBlunt bangs, choppy bangs, wispy bangsMicro bangs that can emphasize a strong jaw
HeartChoppy bangs, wispy bangsHeavy blunt bangs that emphasize width of forehead
OvalBlunt bangs, wispy bangs, micro bangsLong heavy bangs that may overwhelm delicate features

Similarly, the frames that naturally look good on you have something to do with your face shape too. Check out our comprehensive face shape guide to find out which glasses flatter your unique features best!

Allysa Gatchalian
Allysa Gatchalian is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle writer based in Manila. She loves trying out new trends, discovering new k-dramas to watch, and sharing her favorite finds with friends.

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