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Eyeglasses Sale & Discounts

Order discount glasses online at Mouqy

Our affordable eyeglasses just got even cheaper! Check out Mouqy’s most unbeatable discounts on eyeglasses here on both prescription and non-prescription lenses. We’ve got a wide range of styles at unbeatable prices: from cat eye to stylish wireframe specs. Be sure to bookmark this page to keep an eye on our best deals!

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Affordable prices, zero compromise

At Mouqy, you can confidently shop for discount glasses online knowing that quality and peace of mind is our top priority. With our virtual try-on, money-back guarantee and attention to detail, anyone can now snag a stylish eyewear look without breaking the bank!

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Shop Mouqy Discount Glasses

What styles of discounted glasses does Mouqy offer?

We often run promotions across a huge range of our favorite frames.
So, whether you’re looking for an excellent trusty pair of prescription frames for everyday use, or hunting for a fashion statement for a fancy occasion, you have a good chance of scoring a great deal.
We offer a range of types of glasses that are often on sale, including:

Explore our wide range of eyewear options and experience the Mouqy difference today!

How are Mouqy’s discounted glasses so affordable?

With Mouqy, you’re getting more than just stylish glasses, you’re getting unbeatable value!
By cutting out the middleman and any unimportant expenses, we can bring you our high-quality glasses at more affordable prices than you’ll find both online or offline. No fluffy designer brand or frills – just the perfect combination of affordability, style, and quality.
We love being able to keep our prices wallet-friendly for customers, whilst making sure they’re confident with the quality of their eyewear. Plus, our frequent sales mean you can often score an even better deal!

When are Mouqy’s sales periods?

Ready for the good news? We often run new deals and discounts through the year – not just during holiday seasons!
We’re always expanding our eyewear collection with new stunning frames, which means we like to treat our fans to a good deal! The best way to stay on top of our deals is to check back to our website and browse our frames on this sales page.
On top of that, we occasionally run promotions such as free or discounted shipping to select countries around the world.

Letting you spend on what matters

If you’re looking for a pair of glasses with a bit of extra functionality, you can easily channel some of that money saved into upgrading to a higher lens technology.
Whilst Mouqy’s clear lenses are the more budget-friendly type of lenses, we have a range of different lenses materials and indexes that give our wearers more functionality or durability. These include:

  • Blue light locking lensesPerfect for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of screens and want to protect their eyes.

  • Polycarbonate lensesThese are a more durable lens material that’s ideal for people living more active lifestyles.

  • High index lensesIf you require a stronger prescription, upgrading to higher-index lenses can allow you to wear thinner and sleeker-looking lenses.

Frequently asked questions

How do we make our glasses so affordable?

Mouqy delivers unbeatable value by cutting out the middleman and any other unimportant expenses which can justify the inflated prices of offline stores or fancy designer brands. We focus on providing high-quality glasses that are truly wallet-friendly. Plus, our frequent sales mean you can often score an even better deal.

How can I find discount glasses?

To stay on top of which glasses Mouqy has on sale, we recommend you save this page in your bookmarks and check back frequently to see what’s on offer! We also post about our latest deals and discounts on Mouqy’s Instagram page – follow us on there to stay in the know!

Is there a season for eyeglasses on sale?

Common eyeglass season sales include Black Friday and the holiday season at the end of the year before Christmas and New Year. Here at Mouqy, we often run deals and discounts off a huge range of glasses at various seasons through the year. It’s a good idea to check back to this page frequently, or follow us on Mouqy’s Instagram profile to be the first to know!

Are eyeglasses discounted with vision insurance?

In the US, you can often use vision insurance plans to cover the cost of glasses or contact lenses and eye exams. However, this is typically restricted to prescription lenses, and may not cover non-prescription or blue light lenses. Coverage will depend according to your insurance provider, so it’s best to check with them first.