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How To Rock Pastel Glasses (In Any Season!)

Updated: 23 July 2024 •  
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Somewhere in between bright and neutral is a sweet spot that we all fondly refer to as pastel. Refreshing, elegant, and oh-so-versatile, they’re undoubtedly one of our favorite ways to add color to our everyday looks, especially via an accessory as important as eyewear.
And as we look forward to brighter days ahead, we think there’s no better time to sport these enthusiastic shades than right now.

Why Do We Love Pastel Glasses?

Softer in intensity but undoubtedly just as fun to wear, pastel frames are what we’d like to call the middle ground between minimalist and maximalist. Depending on the frame style and color that you choose, you can be as subtle or adventurous as you like with the candy-colored palette.
Another thing we would like to point out: pastels aren’t just reserved for the ladies either! We reckon that they’re a must-try for fashion-forward men who’d like a more artistic approach to their specs.
Check out these looks for some fresh inspiration:

Top Pastel Glasses Looks To Try This Year

1. Whimsical pastel cat eyes

elle fanning wearing a pair of pastel glasses

Elle Fanning’s pastel glasses are a perfect fit for her ethereal features. (Credit: Pinterest).

When paired with a silhouette as striking as a cat eye, a pastel frame becomes especially alluring. Here, actress Elle Fanning dons a dusty peach shade that gives just the right amount of warmth to her fair skin whilst complementing her blonde tresses. We also love the addition of embellishments on the corners of her frames, which adds a playful touch to her overall look.
If you’ve always wanted to try cat eyes but find them too intimidating, definitely try out a pastel version. They’re just as powerful of a statement as a black cat eye, but made more approachable and fun. And did we mention they look good on all face shapes too?

2. Classic d-frame in pastel shades

hilary duff wearing a pair of pastel glasses

Hilary Duff looks stunning in a pair of pink d-frame glasses. (Credit: Pinterest).

Looking to spruce up your work ensembles? Then consider rocking a timeless d-frame set in a revitalizing pink hue. They’re understated, feminine, and will surely boost your mood — and your outfit — in an instant. Keep it chic and monochromatic just like Hilary Duff, or mix it up with other pastel shades for an exciting office look.
Similar to the cat-eye, d-frames are another universally flattering shape that works on all ages and fits every dress code. So if you’re in the market for a versatile pair that you can literally wear anywhere, do give these specs a go!

3. 70s Square pastel frames

harry styles wearing a pair of pastel glasses

Harry Styles snaps a quick selfie in a pair of oversized pastel frames. (Credit: Pinterest).

With the revival of 70s eyewear trends this year, we just had to include an oversized square option for you guys. Its unapologetic size paired with a soft pastel hue will ensure that your frames draw attention in all the right ways without being too loud or in-your-face.
For first-timers, a transparent frame with just the faintest tint of pastel will be a great way to start wearing the trend. Just take it from Harry Styles, who never shies away from an eye-catching accessory like these peach-tinted specs.

4. Dainty pastel circle lenses

katy perry wearing a pair of pastel glasses

Katy Perry embodies geek chic in mint green spectacles. (Credit: Pinterest).

Biased towards minimalist frames? Give them a refreshing twist with some round wire-frame glasses in a sprightly mint hue. Katy Perry wears hers with a baby pink blouse and a buttery yellow beret, which makes the color of her glasses stand out even more. Alternatively, you can totally style these with contrasting jewel tones for a bolder, more eclectic look.
Round frames tend to be a bit trickier to pull off, but we believe anyone can rock them given the right proportions. Have a look at our guide to find the best pair for your face shape!

5. Bold browline with pastel accents

millie bobby brown wearing a pair of pastel glasses

A fresh-faced Millie Bobby Brown shows us a casual way to style browline frames. (Credit: Pinterest).

If you’d like just a hint of pastel on your frames, try out a browline style just like Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. The heavier top frame will draw attention to your eyes while the wire frame elegantly defines the rest of your facial features. Her choice of a bright blue and yellow striped shirt goes so well with the coral in her frames too—something Eleven would totally wear on the show, don’t you think?

6. Matte acetate looks

gus dapperton wearing a pair of pastel glasses

Indie dream pop artist Gus Dapperton gives us a glimpse of his quirky ensemble. (Credit: Pinterest).

From his dreamy music to his eccentric fashion sense, we can’t think of a more fitting pair of specs for Gus Dapperton than his zesty yellow frames. They’re great when paired with analogous colors but even more so with contrasting hues, which only proves how versatile a pair of bright glasses can be when styled creatively.
If you have fair skin, a custard hue will look phenomenal against your light coloring. But for those with medium to deep skin tones, a lemony pastel will highlight your tan like no other.

Styling Our Favorite Pastel Glasses From Mouqy


ashley in purple silver flatlay view

Mouqy’s Ashley in purple-silver.

Sleek, modern and quirky, you’re bound to make an unforgettable first impression wearing this geometric pair in a quaint lavender hue. Make them pop with some light neutrals or go all out by pairing it with the most vibrant pieces in your closet.


playful in clear pink flatlay view

Mouqy’s Playful in clear pink.

For those just starting to dip their toes into the pastel glasses trend, then consider these frames as your entry point.
The rectangular silhouette of these ombre frames makes it flattering on all face shapes, and it also comes in the prettiest pink gradient too—something Elle Woods would absolutely wear in 2022. Take cues from Elle and wear it with a head to toe pink look!


tropical in clear green flatlay view

Mouqy’s Tropical in clear green.

These crystal green frames are easy on the eyes but pack a huge punch when it comes to style. The standout pair naturally works with other cool tones such as blues and purples, but we highly recommend trying them out with warm hues for a visually interesting outfit.



Mouqy’s Sweetie in clear purple.

 sweetie in clear purple flatlay view
If you’re looking for something light and sweet, this cotton candy frame may be your cup of tea.
Its soft lilac hue and subtle geometric edges are just that little bit more toned down compared to the previous styles, making it the ideal frame for the minimalist who wants to try out some color this year. Trust us, this frame will go with everything in your closet no matter what color palette you favor.


navy in clear blue flatlay view

Mouqy’s Navy in clear blue.

Still going with the 70s theme, this androgynous pair adds a touch of retro to any look and comes in a bold square frame that’s noticeable from a mile away. You’ll find that they’re incredibly lightweight and sturdy too—perfect for individuals who are always on the go. Style them with your favorite neutrals or pair it with other primary colors for more contrast.


april in yellow flatlay view

Mouqy’s April in yellow.

Okay, so this may be a bit brighter than your average pastel, but we just couldn’t resist adding this sunny yellow frame on the list.
So for those feeling particularly bold, these will be the perfect frames to highlight that vibrant personality of yours. They’ll add a cheerful pop of color to a muted outfit, and can be played up with other brights for a truly head-turning look.

How To Find The Perfect Pastel Pair For You

While going with the frame that speaks to you the most can be a walk in the park for some, most people may find that choosing from a vast selection of frames can be a little overwhelming. If you are the latter, no worries! With a good understanding of your own features, you’ll be able to streamline your search and find your dream frame in no time.
When it comes to pastel glasses, the most important thing to pay attention to would have to be your natural coloring, which may have an impact on the colors that you’ll find more appealing against your skin tone and other characteristics.
For instance, if your skin’s undertone is on the warm side, you may gravitate towards yellows, peaches and warm pink hues. But for those with cool undertones, you might like how you look in mint, powdery blues and lilacs a bit more.
The same principles follow for your hair color as well. If your hair has a bluish or ashy undertone, then cool colored pastels will complement your hair’s unique coloring nicely. But if your hair is on the golden or red side, then warmer pastels will be the way to go.
For more tips and tricks on how to pick a color based on your features, personal aesthetic, and lifestyle, feel free to check out our in-depth color guide. What’s more, you can also see how our frames look on your face in real time with our virtual try-on feature.

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