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Welcome to the Mouqy blog, where we talk all things eyewear, eyecare and style. Grab a hot drink and browse our articles written by our team of experts.

taylor swift wearing black glasses frame

Taylor Swift’s Glasses Style Through Her Eras

woman with bangs

Everything You Need to Know about Matching Glasses and Bangs

Hydrophobic coatings on lenses

Understanding Hydrophobic Coatings on Eyeglass Lenses

Ali Wong cat eye glasses

Ali Wong and Her Signature Cat Eye Glasses

Bifocals glasses

What Are Bifocals and Do You Need Them?

woman massaging temple from headache

Headaches? Here’s What Can Happen if You Don’t Wear Your Glasses

how can glasses help nearsightedness

What Is Nearsightedness and How Can Glasses Help?

bifocal glasses on two tone background

How to Read a Bifocal Prescription

man getting eye check with trial frame

Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist: What Are the Differences?

woman in glasses

The Most Popular Eyewear Trends For Women In 2022

Monolid Eyes: What They Are and How to Show Them Off

oversized korean glasses

Korean Glasses Styles: Ride The Hallyu Wave With These Trends

closeup of a hazel eye

All about Hazel Eyes (Can They Really Change Color?)

james dean

James Dean’s Glasses – An Up-Close Look

john lennon wearing glasses

John Lennon’s Glasses – A Deep Dive

Buddy Holly in his signature glasses

Buddy Holly Glasses – The First Rockstar In Specs

glasses fit your eyebrows poster

How Should Glasses Fit Your Eyebrows?

a single hooded eye

What Are Hooded Eyes? Here’s How to Show Them Off

glasses make you look younger poster

Glasses That Can Make You Look Younger

eyeshadow pallete and makeup brush

The Best Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

high prescription glasses on an eye chart

What Are The Best Lenses And Frames For High Prescriptions?

man wearing half rim glasses

We Love These Stylish Trends For Men’s Glasses

two men wearing aviator-style glasses

Celebrities That Made Aviators Famous

Le Corbusier black framed round glasses

6 Legendary Architects And Their Famous Glasses

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