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an external stye on the outside of an eyelid

Can You Pop a Stye? (& How to Get Rid of It)

man holding a pair of glasses

New Glasses Making You Dizzy? Here’s How to Adjust to New Glasses

how can glasses help nearsightedness

What Is Nearsightedness and How Can Glasses Help?

man rubbing eyes due to eye strain

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

woman being checked up by a eye doctor for vision assessment

What Exactly Is 20/20 Vision?

what is blue light

What Is Blue Light? (& Is It Really That Bad for You?)

signs you need glasses

Do You Need Glasses? Here Are 9 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

how to get eye prescription

How to Get an Eye Prescription

20/30 vision

What Is 20/30 Vision? (And is It Bad?)

peripheral vision

What Is Peripheral Vision and How Can You Lose It?

Reading In The Dark Destroy Your Eyes

Is Reading in the Dark Bad for Your Eyes?

mother and little girl wearing eyeglasses in a car

Is Bad Eyesight Genetic?

woman getting her eyes check to keep her eyes healthy

How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

woman massaging temple from headache

Headaches? Here’s What Can Happen if You Don’t Wear Your Glasses

vision problem

Understanding the Most Common Vision Problems

glasses and contact lenses

Glasses vs. Contacts: Which Is Right for You?

man with reading glasses holding a book

Do Reading Glasses Hurt Your Eyes?

blurry vision

What Causes Blurred Vision?

high prescription glasses on an eye chart

What Are The Best Lenses And Frames For High Prescriptions?

eye exercises poster

6 Great Eye Exercises To Beat Eye Strain

eye getting a LASIK treatment

Does LASIK Hurt? Everything You’ve Ever Wondered, Answered

man getting eye check with trial frame

Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist: What Are the Differences?

a pair of blue light glasses placed on a macbook

Can I Wear Blue Light Glasses All the Time?

glasses with uv protection

UV Protection in Glasses: Everything You Need to Know

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