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Types of Glasses Cases: Which Is Best?

Shu Kie

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Shu Kie

Updated: 19 May 2024 •  
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No matter how great your glasses are, they won’t last very long if they aren’t properly taken care of.
Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right eyeglasses case.
They’re the best way to store your glasses when you’re not using them, and could even save you from repurchasing a new pair.
Today, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about glasses cases and the different types you can choose from.

How do glasses cases protect your glasses?

Eyeglass cases are a type of casing used to protect and cover a pair of glasses. Without them, it’s more likely for your glasses to be damaged when they’re not in use or being carried around.
You’ll find that most eyewear cases have an interior that’s made from soft foam. So, even if you drop your case, the soft surface keeps your eyeglasses from getting scratched or damaged.
Exactly how your glasses case protects your spectacles depends on the type of case you buy as the interior can be made from a range of materials.
Whatever they’re made from – the concept is pretty much the same. These cases keep your glasses from getting damaged and they also preserve the shape from getting bent or warped, and prevent any scratches on them.

What types of glasses cases are there?

Hard glasses cases

a hard glasses case in black

Hard cases are bulkier but offer heavy-duty protection. Source: Walmart

This is usually the top choice for those who prioritize protectiveness. This type of case is made from a hard material like plastic and usually comes with an interior that has smooth foam and holds your glasses securely in place.
Hard cases are also ideal for those with active lifestyles and who need to protect their glasses from all types of accidents and harsh environments. If you’re always on the go, and need to slip your glasses into a bag, these are your best bet.
There is a drawback, however, and that’s the surface and bulkiness of the case. Some hard eyewear cases have smoother and slippery surfaces so they don’t have as much grip. The size and shape of the case could also be perceived as too conventional and outdated for some.

Semi-hard glasses cases

mouqy semi hard glasses cases in gray and brown

Semi-hard cases are considered the “jack-of-all-trades” when it comes to eyewear cases.

For those looking for a versatile case, the semi-hard variety is their best choice. It’s usually made from a sturdy fabric that features a soft inner lining commonly found in soft cases (which we’ll cover below).
However, it differs from a soft case in that the former features a hard vinyl insert, which is embedded between two layers of cloth.
These cases are also available in various colors, designs, and patterns, so they check both the security and safety box as well as the stylish one! At Mouqy you’ll find that all our glasses come with semi hard shell cases which are available in neutral shades like brown and gray – making it easier to find one that suits your personal taste and aesthetic.
As a plus point, some semi-hard cases come with a clip or a strap, making them extra convenient for those on the go.
The main drawback of this case is that it’s not totally hard, meaning that while it offers some form of protection, it’s not the most durable one out there. Your glasses may still get bent if a lot of pressure is applied to the case.

Soft glasses cases

different color and types of soft glasses cases

Soft eyeglass cases are lightweight due to the materials used to make them. Source: Amazon

This type of case is often constructed from soft materials or fabrics like natural and synthetic leather. Like semi-hard cases, soft cases are also offered in various designs by most brands. Most of the time, they also feature a snap-on top to secure the glasses inside.
Its lightweight design makes it the easiest to carry around out of the three on this list. Plus, it’s a lot thinner, hence easier to pack or store. You can even stash it away in smaller spaces such as your pockets.
Additionally, soft cases are usually water-resistant as well, so you can leave behind worries about water or liquid getting on your glasses.
While this case design is pretty convenient and perhaps even the most fashionable to some, it has its fair share of cons.
As a trade-off for its soft and lightweight qualities, it doesn’t offer great protection. While it can protect your glasses from water, it won’t be as effective in protecting your glasses from shock.

Glasses cases vs. pouches: Which one’s better?

contrasting colors of glasses pouches to store your eyewear

Eyewear pouches don’t offer the same protection as eyewear cases. Source: Amazon

At first glance, it might seem that both glasses cases and glasses pouches work the same way. However, they have their respective advantages and disadvantages.
The main difference between the two is their protectiveness. Glasses cases do a better job of protecting glasses in general due to the design and materials used. However, eyewear pouches are made with lightness as the main priority, which means they won’t do much to absorb shock.
Glasses cases also have soft foam interiors to ensure the lenses won’t get scratched and suffer wear and tear as easily.
However, some may find that eyewear cases aren’t as fashionable, even if they do come in increasingly more designs, colors, and sizes nowadays. Eyewear pouches stray away from the traditional ‘box’ look, which makes them look fresher and newer. Even so, this is subjective and depends wholly on the individual wearer.

Factors to consider when choosing a glasses case

woman holding mouqy eyeglasses pouches and box

There’s a glasses case out there for everyone!

We’ve listed a ton of advantages and disadvantages, but there’s no one perfect choice that suits everyone. Different lifestyle factors call for different types of cases.
Here’s what you should take into account before committing to a case:

  • How much durability do you need?Different cases can offer different types of protection. One could be shock-resistant but may not protect your glasses against prolonged exposure to sunlight and water. In situations like this, you can get a case made out of synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon to get the best of both worlds.

  • What size do you prefer?Choosing the right size is dependent on where you usually store your glasses case. If you don’t like carrying bags and prefer fitting things inside your pockets, a soft case is the way to go.

  • Do you want padding?Padding is what protects your glasses from scratches. Some cases only have cloth or no padding at all, so keep an eye out.

  • Which meets your style?Ideally, you would also want your case to reflect your personal style, so you may consider compromising on some of the factors above if you find a design you truly love.

  • What’s your budget?Different builds, brands, and designs can greatly affect the price point, so it’s safer to set a budget beforehand.


Case closed — find a glasses case that’s right for you!

Now that you understand glasses cases and their different types better, you’ll be better equipped to find one that’s just right.
It’s also worth remembering that cases shouldn’t be the only ones protecting your glasses, and there’s plenty else we can do to maintain them. Here are some extra tips on how to protect your glasses, and a guide to cleaning them like a pro.
If you’re also in the market for a new pair of glasses, don’t start your quest before learning how to pick the right glasses for your face shape.
Keep following Mouqy for more eyewear tips and tricks!

Shu Kie

Written by:

Shu Kie

Shu Kie is Mouqy’s certified optician with over 5 years of experience in the optical industry. She earned her certification from Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO).