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The Spiritual Meaning of Eyes: A Complete Overview

Jamie Mendiola

Written By:

Jamie Mendiola

Updated: 12 June 2024 •  
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“The eyes are the windows to the soul.”
That’s something a lot of historians agree with as well. The physical entities serving our vision have often been a mystical symbol of spirituality featured in many cultures worldwide.
To learn more, let’s explore the spiritual meaning of the eyes and what they can say about you.

The spiritual meaning of eyes in religion

1. Christianity

eye of providence in christianity

The Eye of Providence depicts an eye surrounded by rays of glory.

In the Bible, the eyes can be your most vital tool in life. They reflect God and our inner selves and serve as your guiding light when trouble clouds your judgment.
For instance, Matthew 6:22 states, “the eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” In contrast to that, unhealthy eyes can often mean darkness and greed.
Christian belief often claims that when you look at someone’s eyes, you’re looking straight at the gateway of their souls. So, a pair of healthy eyes is equal to a healthy soul!
Now, why does Christianity put a high value on the eyes? It’s because God is the one who made them. We can see this symbolism in the Eye of Providence.
The Eye of Providence usually depicts an image of an eye surrounded by rays of light or a triangle. It represents God’s divine providence, in which He watches over the entire human race with a compassionate, all-seeing eye.

2. Buddhism

divine eye in buddhism

Buddhism believes in the “divine eye”.

If you practice Buddhism, you’ve probably heard of the “divine eye” or “dibba cakkhu“. Belief interprets this as a purified vision, utterly different from what we see from our ordinary, physical eye.
Through the divine eye, you’ll see other people’s karmic destinations rising and passing. In short, it’s like the power of clairvoyance.
In Buddhism, people believe that Buddha possesses the divine eye. He’s able to see everything and everyone as they are.

3. Hinduism

hindu god shiva third eye

The Hindu god, Shiva, is depicted to have a third eye.

In pop culture, people would define the term “third eye” as a paranormal ability. Often, it’s the magical reason for a lot of horror movies. However, its origin couldn’t be further from the truth.
The concept comes from Hinduism, where people believe everyone has a third eye. Our two physical eyes can see the world, but the third one focuses inward and toward God.
The third eye is in the middle of your forehead. This spot is where you can find Ajna chakra, representing higher intuition. It’s also seen as enlightenment, representing Shiva’s third eye.
For this reason, Hindus would traditionally wear a red ‘bindi’ on their forehead. They also practice meditation, as it connects them with their inner selves and opens and cultivates their third eye.

4. Islam

evil eye in islam

“Evil eye” amulets are believed to protect you from harm in Islam.

Have you ever heard of the “evil eye?” It usually means that someone’s keeping a jealous eye over you, but it has a deeper meaning in Islam.
Al-‘Ayn,” the Arabic translation for evil eye, represents when someone harms another person with their eye. They transfer misfortune and negativity due to their feelings of jealousy and envy.
As a result, this wished misfortune can lead to sickness, loss of wealth or loved ones, or just general bad luck. Someone with an evil eye could wish ill will, with or without intending to.
The Prophet Muhammad testified about this in the Quran, encouraging people to “seek refuge with Allah from the Evil eye because certainly, it is true.”

The symbolism of eyes in ancient mythology

eye of horus in egyptian mythology

One of Egypt’s historic icons is the Eye of Horus.


1. Egypt

One of ancient Egypt’s oldest and most iconic symbols is the Eye of Horus. But did you know that it comes from Egyptian mythology?
In the world of ancient tales, Horus, the god of war and the sky, battled with Set, the god of violence. This fight led to Horus losing his left eye. When his wife restored it, he sacrificed it again to save his father’s life.
Because of this myth, the Eye of Horus represents healing, prosperity, and protection. Whoever wears the eye as an amulet can ward off evil and envy.

2. Mexico

The connection between gods and eyes never ends. In Mexico, they have God’s eye, also known as “Ojo de Dios.”
God’s eye is a spiritual object made by the Huichol, an indigenous group in Mexico. It’s a unique design weaved on yarn and stretched upon a wooden cross.
In their tradition, this object reflects God’s all-seeing providence. It’s also a portal for their messages to God, so they use God’s eye to pray for children, long life, protection, and abundant crops.

Interesting eye-related superstitions

Twitching eyes

Some cultures associate eye twitching with a good or bad omen. For instance, if your left eye twitches, it might mean bad luck. And if it’s the right eye, it can signify good luck. However, this can change depending on where you are on the planet.

Evil eye amulets

evil eye amulets

Evil eye amulets can come in many forms, such as in tiny bottles.

Look it up on TikTok, and you’ll see people vouching for evil eye amulets. These spiritual accessories are supposed to block out negative energies.
If the amulet breaks, that means it did its job well. Whether these are true or not, we can’t deny those evil-eye amulets look fascinating.

The discovery of soulmates

Ever heard of love at first sight? It might sound like a full-blown myth. But, for some people, this superstition is true!
In a survey of American singles, 34% admitted they experienced love at first sight. But of course, the real challenge comes in after the first impressions.

What dreams about eyes can mean

eyes role in your dreams

Your eyes can play a big role in your dreams.


Dreams about not being able to open one’s eyes

If you can’t open your eyes in your dreamscape, then that can mean you’re not fully aware of what’s going on in your real life. You can’t see things, or people, the way they are.
This dream encourages you to pay more attention, especially to something you might’ve missed. Clear your head so your mind isn’t clouded and you can see everything.

Dreams about having a sore eye or eye infection

Suffering from a sore eye or an eye infection in your dream can signify that you’re stuck on a particular problem in life. There’s no moving on yet, and you’re unhappy with that.
It might mean some bad news or that you might be unsure of which life direction you should choose. You need to be more honest with yourself and build a brighter life outlook.
Or, dream-you could be saying that you have a sore eye or eye infection right now! If you do, check out our latest blog post explaining why your eyes might be red and itchy.

Dream about losing an eye

Dreams of losing an eye can relate to losing perspective. You might have lost track of where you’re going or who you are.
It can also symbolize a loss of self-confidence and strength. This dream calls out for you to listen carefully. Take time for yourself and listen to what you need for your emotional state.

Never underestimate the meaning of your eyes

In many ways, history tells us that the eyes are more than just a simple organ. They can represent gods, love, and divinity. They matter so much in the real world and spirituality.
So, when you’re feeling insecure about your eyes, look at how the world cares for them. Your pretty peepers are more valuable than you think, and you need to start taking care of them seriously.
To take care of your eyes, explore Mouqy’s blog for more tips on eye health and how to care for your eyes.

Jamie Mendiola
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