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Our Collection of Non-Prescription Glasses

Non-prescription glasses

Glasses aren’t just to correct vision – they can be a fun fashion statement too! The right pair can elevate any look and help you express yourself, your way. You don’t need a prescription to purchase glasses from Mouqy. We offer a huge range of frames in various shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.

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Fashion, meet function

Our glasses aren’t just stylish! Many Mouqy glasses come equipped with advanced blue light blocking technology that helps protect your eyes in today’s screen-filled world.

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Non-prescription Glasses for Men & Women

Glasses without prescriptions are often called ‘plano’ glasses. This means they don’t contain lenses with corrective power. At Mouqy, many of our most popular frames come in non-prescription form. You just need to select the “Non-prescription” option when checking out, and you’ll be all set.

Why wear non-prescription glasses?

People wear glasses for lots of reasons – not just to correct vision. Two big reasons are for style, and eye protection.
Thanks to the wide range of designs, colors and materials now available, many people simply wear glasses as an accessory to add spice to any outfit, for both casual or formal occasions. Whether it’s to add a fun pop of color, or to appear more studious and professional – it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to non-prescription glasses.
On top of that, some glasses come equipped with lenses with added functionality such as anti-glare or blue-light blocking technology. This means that non-prescription glasses can even be beneficial for your eye health.
Most of Mouqy’s glasses come with the option of blue light blocking technology, which can help protect our eyes from the harmful UV light that emanates from our digital screens, as well as sunlight. Mouqy’s blue light blocking glasses are available both with and without a prescription.

Styling your non-prescription glasses

If you’re new to glasses, you may be unsure how to find a pair that will flatter you. Whilst there are no hard and fast fashion rules (get the glasses you love!) here are three different approaches you can try:

  • Get a frame that flatters your face shapeDifferent face shapes tend to suit different types of frame shape. We’ve written several guides on finding the right frame shape for your face – check them out!

  • Match your styleAre you going for a particular aesthetic? Go for the glasses that can add that finishing touch. Vintage cat eye glasses look great with formal or retro outfits, whilst nerd glasses can give off a more hipster vibe.

  • Choosing the right material for your frameConsider what colors you want to work with, and which will complement your wardrobe’s palette. Neon acetate frames, or a classic tortoise shell?


Not your average non-prescription glasses

When getting non-prescription glasses, many people make the mistake of getting cheap ones over the counter. However, a poor fitting or bad quality pair can feel uncomfortable and get scratched very quickly. This makes them ill-suited to be worn all day.
At Mouqy, all of our non-prescription glasses are high quality and made from durable materials. Thanks to their comfortable fit and multifunctional coatings, you’ll be able to enjoy their blue light blocking powers, all day long!

Frequently asked questions

Can non-prescription glasses hurt my eyes?

If you don’t need glasses to correct your vision, wearing non-prescription glasses still shouldn’t damage your eyes. Some can actually be beneficial, as they can block damaging blue light that’s emitted from the sun, or from our digital devices.

Where to buy non-prescription glasses?

These days, you can easily buy plano glasses from an online retailer, as well as a physical store. Many online retailers will offer a wider style selection at cheaper prices, as well as offer virtual try-on features to help you preview what the glasses will look like on your face.

What are non-prescription glasses called?

Non-prescription glasses are commonly referred to as ‘plano glasses’. They are sometimes also called fake glasses, clear lens glasses, clear lens sunglasses, or clear glasses.

Are non prescription glasses covered by FSA?

Whilst HSA and FSA can be used for a range of eye-related expenses, FSA cannot generally be used to buy non-prescription glasses. However, you may be covered if your doctor prescribes them for a medical condition. Check with your employer’s human resources department or the FSA administrator to find out.