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Our Aesthetic Glasses Collection

Aesthetic glasses

Whether you need a pair of prescription eyeglasses or simply love the look, Mouqy’s got a huge range of aesthetic glasses to suit your unique style. Catch eyes and gather compliments with our visually pleasing aesthetic frames.

aesthetic glasses with tortoise shell frame

Modern trends meets timeless style

Aesthetic glasses are on-trend in a major way thanks to the boom of style influencers. However, some aesthetic styles are classics, never to fade! Whether they’re clear wingtips or neon metal, aesthetic glasses can lift any individual style.

aesthetic glasses with clear frame

Get to Know Aesthetic Glasses

So, what are aesthetic glasses anyway?

Aesthetic glasses are glasses that have that artistic, unique flair that sets them apart from “the usual”. They’re often seen on influencers and celebrities with a good sense of style (or a good stylist!).
For example, clear frames, oversized frames, and small round frames are all having an aesthetic moment. However, some glasses are always aesthetic and have been around for as long as we can remember. For example, bold colors and round tortoiseshell frames are always aesthetic and always in style.
Keen on a little time travel? Check out this incredible collection of sunglasses through the ages… spot the aesthetic trends you still see today!

Aesthetic glasses you must try

We’re pretty excited about our range of aesthetic glasses and we can’t wait for you to try. Ah yes, you’re asking how? Easy! Our virtual try-on tool lets you have a rom-com style frame testing session worthy of an epic montage. Simply browse through our collection until you find a pair you like, then click ‘Try Me’ to see how the frames look on your face in real-time.
We’re having a real love moment with round glasses, both oversized and teeny, especially in dainty gold or matte black metal. Aesthetic cat-eye glasses have also got our hearts a-beating with their femme fatale, vintage vibes.
Oversized aviators are also being seen on influential faces, and we’re here for it. Dark, large frames in cat-eye or large square shapes have graced Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, and Lady Gaga. On the other end of the color scale, pale shades and pastels have been favoured by Gigi Hadid, Matthew McConaughey, and Chloe Sevigny.

How to look amazing in photos when wearing glasses

The first step is to find frames you love and reflect your aesthetic style. When you step in front of the lens (or sense a candid is near), try angling your face.
Looking toward the camera but tilting your chin upward and slightly to the side will bring out the angles of your face.
A good rule of thumb is to make sure your glasses are pushed up properly as this will give your eyes the best chance to be seen. You’ll also want to tilt your face in a way so that your glasses don’t pick up glare (unless that’s the type of shot you want – then by all means go for it!).

Find the perfect frames to fit your aesthetic

The first rule is to make sure you feel comfortable and most importantly, like you. Let’s say you’ve been wanting to refresh your look by adding some new textures and maybe even a vintage vibe. Cool! You could try a pair of black wing-tips or a delicate pair of round, gold frames.
Consider your go-to makeup and fashion choices; will your frames complement these? Will they be versatile enough to go with new colors, textures, and overall styles? Once you’ve decided on your overall aesthetic, take a quick moment to determine which shape best suits your face shape.

Frequently asked questions

What are aesthetic glasses?

Aesthetic glasses are frames that have design features reflecting current, vintage, or timeless styles favored by fashion-forward folk. They stand out and add an accent to the wearer’s face. Think bold shapes, over or under-sized frames, nostalgic frames from past decades, or unique colors.

Are round glasses aesthetic?

Uh, YES! Round glasses (especially perfect circles) are very aesthetic and in trend right now.