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Our White Glasses Collection

white glasses with gold frame

White glasses for men and women

Sleek, fresh, and forever stylish. White glasses have made their mark as a perennial eyewear staple! Apart from giving its wearer an effortlessly sophisticated aura, this unassuming shade also seamlessly blends into any wardrobe.

Timeless appeal

White frames have been around since the 30s, and have been gracing the covers of countless fashion magazines since its humble debut. Loved by designers and celebs alike, its enduring presence proves that white eyewear will always look current no matter the era. At Mouqy, we stock them in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

white glasses with clear frame on guitar

All About Mouqy’s White Glasses

White glasses hall of fame

From 50s cat eyes to the oversized frames of the 70s, each decade had a distinct frame style that defined their era.
But if there’s one thing they all had in common, it’s that white was a consistent trend for both men and women. Today, fans of heritage styles can enjoy white glasses in all shapes and sizes, refreshed by innovative materials and cutting-edge corrective lenses.

Why choose white eyeglass frames?

We love white frames for their understated yet fashion-forward charm, making it a breeze to style and a joy to wear.
An ivory or cream colored frame looks stunning against neutrals and other off-white hues of clothing, while a pure white frame adds a striking contrast to darker colors. White frames also pair nicely with any denim piece, and gives off a fresh summery vibe that’s wearable all year round.

How to choose your ideal white glasses

White frames are known to be flattering across multiple skin tones, but since the popular color comes in several tones and opacities, knowing your skin’s undertone will be handy when searching for your perfect shade of white.
Just like any type of eyewear, it always pays to know your individual face shape, which will help you identify the features you want to enhance and efficiently narrow down your options. Mouqy’s round frames, for instance, are great for softening the sharp features of a diamond or heart shaped face, while our square and rectangular white frames will add definition to the soft lines of an oval or round face beautifully.
Looking for glasses that’ll draw more attention to your eyes and cheekbones? Try out our cat eye or browline frames.

Popular white glasses styles to cop

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with your glasses or just want a pair that goes with everything, white frames will be able to satisfy all your fashion needs.
Go for an oversized or thick rimmed white frame for maximum impact, or opt for a tinted or translucent acetate frame for a professional but trendy look. A classic white cat eye adds a glamorous factor to your everyday outfits, and looks good on virtually any face shape.

White sunglass styles we love

From Audrey Hepburn’s bespoke Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses to Princess Diana’s iconic aviators, white sunglasses have always stood out in their own unique way. Albeit being a small accessory, putting on a white pair of sunglasses instantly elevates any outfit and will brighten up your look even on the rainiest of days.
Opt for pure white frames with gray-tinted lenses for a chic contrast, or juxtapose cream colored frames with amber or brown-tinted lenses for a more subtle approach.

Frequently asked questions

White is a symbol of freshness, purity, and simplicity. Those who wear white glasses are often seen as elegant, organized, and professional.

Of course! White glasses are a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

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