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Cheap glasses for men & women

High-quality glasses shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. Because we believe everyone deserves to look (and most importantly see) their best, we’re bringing you stylish and functional glasses frames that start from just $10!

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No fluff, no compromises

By putting real-world practicality and quality first, we make sure our glasses do their best, so you can too! No paying for frills and flashy labels here, just affordable and feel-good eyewear that always delivers.

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Finally, Cheap Glasses You’ll Actually Love

Hurrah for the internet! Did you know that people spend an average of $234 when purchasing new glasses in physical stores? Thanks to the rise of online eyewear retailers (like us), it’s now perfectly easy to pick up a pair of high-quality glasses that offer the same industry-grade lenses, for a fraction of the price.
Feast your eyes on our affordable frames that deliver great quality and serious style.

Dependable frames that don’t break the bank

From of-the-moment trends like geometric cat eyes and clear frames to timeless classics such as tortoiseshell glasses, browlines, and aviators, we’ve got you covered no matter your personality or eyewear style preference.
With our wide range of frames in every shape, size, and color you can imagine, you’re sure to find a pair that you’ll genuinely love and want to wear every day.
Whether you’re looking for light as air acetate, traditional but sturdy plastic, or sophisticated metal glasses, each of our frames are crafted with durable materials built to last – so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck. Trust us, you’ll be hard pressed to find this sort of value elsewhere!

Affordable glasses with a quality-first approach

From overseeing the manufacturing process ourselves to extensive quality checks from our in-house eye experts, our hands-on system enables us to bypass middlemen and avoid unnecessary expenses. This also allows us to keep our prices low, unlike the usual prices you see in traditional retail stores. With Mouqy, you know you’re paying for a good pair of glasses. No fluff and no extras – only what matters.

Perks of our cheap glasses

The best part about inexpensive glasses? You can get as many pairs as you want for every mood and occasion – minus the guilt! Pick up a sleek metal frame for the office, a trendy transparent pair for casual days, a timeless horn rimmed frame for black tie events, or switch them up to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Affordable frames, next generation lenses

By offering a selection of affordable frames, our customers have more flexibility to choose the perfect plano or prescription lenses to suit their lifestyle, no matter your budget. Our ultimate goal is to help you see what matters – and that’s exactly what our industry-leading lenses can do for you.
If you’re just looking for the basics, we’ve got standard clear lenses ready to go. These are our most budget-friendly option, But, if you’d like to go the extra mile we also have lenses enhanced with blue light blocking tech, to protect you from the harmful blue light emitted from devices. Got a high prescription? Our ultra slim high-index lenses ensure that you’ll be seeing your best while looking sharp.
Whichever you choose – all Mouqy lenses come with functional multi-coat technology that repels dust, water, scratches and reflections. That means extra durability and comfort for every Mouqy wearer.

Shop Mouqy glasses with peace of mind

We offer frames that we want to wear and think that you’ll love. But, if you’re not totally happy with the pair you got, we have a money-back guarantee that you can easily avail of. Just send your frames back to us and we’ll offer you a full refund (exclusive of shipping fees).
Still iffy about buying your glasses online? No worries. We’ve spared no effort to give you the best shopping experience possible, which is why we’ve created a virtual try-on feature so you can see just how good you look wearing our frames in real time.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy cheap glasses near me?

Thanks to the world wide web, you can now conveniently shop for eyeglasses from the comfort of your home. We at Mouqy specialize in affordable, functional and stylish eyewear starting from just $10 for the frames.

Is it safe to wear cheap glasses?

All of our glasses are crafted from durable materials and high quality industry-grade lenses, and go through extensive quality checks from our in-house eye experts to ensure you get the best pair that money can buy.