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Our Acetate Collection

Acetate glasses for men & women

Sturdy, lightweight, and non-irritating, acetate frames are quickly becoming everyone’s latest eyewear of choice. Derived from plant-based material, it’s also the perfect option for the eco-conscious and individuals with sensitive skin.

acetate glasses with green frame

Fashion meets function

Acetate frames are extremely practical for everyday, and are also every style-savvy individuals’ best bet. With tons of cutting-edge styles and patterns for you to choose from, all our frames come with an incredible vibrancy and color payoff that lasts for years.

acetate glasses in rectangle frames

All About Acetate Frames

What exactly is acetate?

Acetate is a renewable and hypoallergenic material sourced from wood pulp or cotton plants. Also referred to as cellulose acetate, our glasses frames are made by transforming the plant-based fibers into thin sheets, and layering them together to create the lightweight and comfortable fit we all know and love.
It’s also this exact process that gives acetate their remarkable durability that can even rival some metal frames.

Why we love acetate frames

One advantage that acetate has over other materials is its flexibility, which allows wearers to conveniently adjust their frames to create a customized fit. While plastic is more inexpensive, plastic frames are also more fragile and have a tendency to snap under pressure.
The pliability of acetate also allows us to get creative with our designs, which is why you’ll find tons of frame styles in silhouettes that you don’t often see in other materials. What’s more, because acetate is hypoallergenic, it makes a great alternative for eyeglass wearers allergic to plastic frames and certain metals.
So, if you’re looking for a fashionable and high-quality frame that you can rely on for a long time, then we highly recommend browsing through our acetate frame selection.

Stylish and contemporary frames for everyone

Our acetate frames are made by embedding several pigments within each layer, allowing us to create unique color combinations and patterns far richer than those seen on plastic frames. But if you prefer something a bit more muted, we’ve also got classic hues in varying transparencies that you can choose from, ranging from a subtle hint of color to a more opaque finish.
Why not try some of the following?

  • Classic tortoiseshell acetate frames in a cat-eye style
  • Minimal translucent acetate frames for a minimalist look
  • Chunky dark or monochrome frames for an edgy look
  • Colorful rounded acetate frames for a pop of fun
  • Oversized acetate frames in pastel shades

With frames designed for every face shape and fashion sensibility, you’re sure to find your perfect acetate glasses here at Mouqy.
See how our innovative frames look on you by using our Virtual-Try On feature today!

Frequently asked questions

Is acetate good for glasses?

Acetate has a durability that’s similar to metal and also carries the lightweight quality of plastic, making it a great choice for eyeglass frames. Its unique manufacturing process also results in patterns and colors that are long-lasting and richer in depth compared to other materials.

What are acetate glasses?

Acetate glasses are made from a renewable material that’s sourced from wood pulp or cotton plants. Apart from being more eco-friendly, they are also hypoallergenic and come in a variety of frame styles, colors and patterns for eyeglass wearers to choose from.

Are acetate glasses durable?

Absolutely! Acetate glasses are one of the most durable materials for glasses, and are guaranteed to last you years when given proper care.

Is acetate better than plastic for glasses?

Acetate has many advantages over plastic glasses, such as durability, comfort, and a wider selection of frame styles. It’s also for these reasons that they tend to be pricier than standard plastic frames.