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Frequently Asked Questions

Are tortoise shell glasses frames flattering?

Tortoise shell glasses are very flattering on almost anyone and can be a great alternative to solid-color frames. They come in a huge variety of frame shapes, which means that you can easily find them in a style and cut that best flatters your face shape and skin tone.

Why are they called tortoise shell glasses?

Tortoise shell glasses are named after the original 1920s versions of the colorful pattern, when glasses were made out of real tortoise shells. These days, most manufacturers will use a mixture of different colored acetates to mimic the same mottled effect.

Are tortoise shell glasses in style?

Absolutely! Tortoise shell glasses are versatile enough to be worn in any outfit, but also give off an air of sophistication that has lasted the ages. You’ll find them gracing the runway, as well as on famous faces such as Zoey Deschanel and Karly Kloss.

What color is tortoise shell glasses?

Classic tortoise shell glasses come in shades of brown and gold, but can vary hugely. You can also find them in earthy tones, in higher and lower contrast shades, or in unusual modern colors such as pink and white.

Can men wear tortoise shell glasses?

You bet! Men look fantastic in tortoise shell glasses, and we’ve seen male celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling rock them hard. You simply need to choose a frame shape and color variation that suits you. If you need more information, see how to style tortoiseshell glasses for men.

Should I get black or tortoise shell glasses?

Black glasses look great if you’re after a more minimalist style. Tortoise shell glasses are versatile enough to be worn in all kinds of outfits, and can be more fun to style because they let you incorporate more colors into the frames.