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Our Oversized Collection

Oversized glasses for men & women

Oversized glasses come in many forms, but all make a bold fashion statement wherever they go. Slip them on to instantly elevate your look.

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Versatile and always in style

From vintage bombshell to hipster cool, at Mouqy, we stock a huge collection of oversized glasses styles for both men and women. If you’re feeling spoiled for choice – why not start with these in-vogue favorites?

oversized glasses with black frame unfolded

Oversized Glasses: Big Is Beautiful

Oversized frames have been turning heads for decades. They exude a Hollywood-star nonchalance, are effortless to wear, and always in style.
The tough part is choosing which oversized glasses you want to rock. Glamorous oversized sunglasses? Or oversized vintage reading glasses? At Mouqy, the choice is yours.

What are oversized glasses?

Oversized glasses are recognizable a mile off. With their bigger-than-expected lenses and frames, they’re a popular fashion statement that can be pulled off by both men and women. When turned into sunglasses, the larger lenses also have a functional use of providing more protection for the eyes against damaging UV light.

How to do oversized glasses the right way

Many people get confused when they hear ‘oversized glasses’ and think it just means wearing glasses that are slightly too big for your face. That’s a big no-no!
Just like all regular glasses, it’s important to make sure that oversized frames comfortably fit your face in all the right places. Also, ‘oversized’ can mean very different things to folks with narrower faces and folks with wider faces!
You want to make sure that the glasses sit at the right level of your face and don’t constantly keep slipping down – that’s never much fun for anyone.
To make sure they fit properly, pay special attention to the bridge measurement of the frames. Making sure this part fits well will stop your glasses from slipping down and irritating your cheeks. This is especially important with oversized glasses because the larger frames usually weigh a little more.

How big is too big?

We love the oversized look, but it is possible to go too big. You don’t want your oversized glasses to overwhelm your face, especially if you have smaller facial features. And you definitely don’t want that bug-eyed look!
Try to aim for oversized frames that aren’t significantly wider than your face. That can make your head look smaller.
Oversized glasses tend to look best when your eyebrows peek through over the top (though this isn’t always possible for all faces). You ideally want your eyes positioned at the horizontal center and vertical top third of your lens.

How do you choose the best oversized glasses?

Oversized glasses are loved in every frame shape, but there are ways that you can find the most flattering form for you. The best place to start is by looking at the shape of your very own face. You always want glasses that are able to bring balance and symmetry to your features.
For example, if you have an angular face shape, like a square or diamond face, then you should consider oversized glasses in a rounded frame. Oversized round glasses are retro and classic.
Alternatively, more curved face shapes like heart-shape or round faces usually benefit from frames that have lines. We love a pair of oversized square frames that are hipster in all the good ways!
For many more insights into this, make sure to check our guide on how to choose frames based on your face shape.
As for the color of your oversized glasses – you can have lots of fun experimenting with bright reds and greens, or go for something more muted and sleek. Read our guide on choosing your frame color.

Frequently asked questions

What are oversized glasses?

Oversized glasses are glasses that have bigger-than-expected lenses and frames, and can come in both sunglasses and clear optical form. They’re a popular unisex style and make a bold fashion statement that pairs well with any outfit.

Are oversized glasses in style?

Definitely! Larger glasses have always been in-vogue, though we’ve seen their shape evolve over the decades. Oversized round glasses were popular in the 60s, thanks to fashionable figures like First Lady Jackie Kennedy, though the popular silhouette changed to oversized square in the 70s-80s. Today, you can spot oversized glasses in many forms everywhere. From the runway to the beach, worn both by top celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

Who can wear oversized glasses?

Anyone! Because oversized glasses simply mean ‘glasses with larger lenses’, they can come in many different frame shapes to pick from. This means that anyone can look fantastic in oversized glasses – it’s just all about picking the right frame shape for your face shape. Many online retailers sell oversized glasses in the form of sunglasses and clear optical eyeglasses – both in prescription and non-prescription form.

Do oversized glasses look good?

Oversized glasses have been a stylish eyewear choice for decades. Because they come in so many shapes, they look great on anyone, no matter the face shape! The important thing is making sure that they still fit your facial measurements correctly, so they don’t overwhelm your features or slip off your nose.