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Our Clip-on Collection

A smart & easy sunglass alternative

Regular plano sunglasses don’t always work for bespectacled individuals against sun exposure. The good news is that clip-on sunglasses may just do the trick! Clip-on sunglasses are exactly what they sound like – they work by clipping on a layer of tinted lenses in front of a regular pair of prescription glasses. That way – you can switch easily between the two!

man wearing a pair of glasses with clip on sunglasses

Staying stylish under the sun

Why sacrifice clear vision for eye protection against the sun’s glint when you can have both? Mouqy says yes to that! With our wide roster of stylish glasses, we’re pleased to offer up the coolest clip-on sunglasses in a range of styles and shapes.

woman wearing a pair of glasses with clip on sunglasses

About Clip-on Sunglasses

How do clip-on sunglasses work?

Clip-on sunglasses offer a removable front portion that goes on top of regular full frames. These include two tinted lenses connected by a bridge for the nose area.
When you want to add sun protection to your existing glasses, the process is simple. You just attach the clip-on sunglasses through clips or magnets on top of the layer of prescription specs and it’s done!
Most importantly, like regular sunglasses, clip-on sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays in the same way.

What types of clip-ons are there?

Clip-on sunglasses can go on all sorts of glasses, no matter the shape or type of hinge.
Here are a few options of how they might attach:


Standard clip-on sunglasses have a clip (or claw/hook) in the middle of the bridge area or on the sides of the frame. You just attach them by fastening the clips to the regular eyeglasses’ surface.


Magnetic clip-on sunglasses are fairly easier and effortless to use. Because of the incorporated magnetic element in the clip-ons, they simply just “click” in place.


Flip-up sunglasses are attached in place in front of your regular specs through a magnet. No unclipping or removing is needed, you just need to flip them up and back down when you want to.
While clip-on sunglasses can be bought packaged together with normal prescriptive frames as a two-in-one package, they’re also sometimes sold separately and come in different types. In these cases, it’s important to determine which shape, size, and kind match perfectly with your current glasses.
As a tip, rimmed clip-ons pair up well with metal frames while rimless ones suit plastic and thick frames the best.

Pros & cons of clip-on sunglasses

Why do we love clip-on sunglasses?
Well – it’s certainly a more convenient option than bringing two complete spectacles at a time. If you wear one pair of prescription glasses and another pair of sunglasses, you’ll otherwise have to bring, remove and switch between the two whenever you go out. The cycle of wearing one and then keeping the other one safe repeats and can be frustrating – plus, you gotta deal with two bulky eyeglass cases!
Whereas, if you have clip-on sunglasses, you technically just have to wear one and just attach the other whenever you like. This is minus the whole ordeal of pulling off and replacing a spec with another, which honestly makes a lot of difference.
Getting clip-on sunglasses is generally much less expensive than getting prescription sunglasses. Plus, they can be used as long as you want without the need to acquire a new one when your eye prescription changes over time. While of course, you can get regular sunglasses instead, but your vision remains blurry, and who wants that?
The downsides? The only thing you have to worry about with clip-on sunglasses are that they can be fragile since they are just a thin layer. You’ll need to store them away safely when not in use. Some poorer-quality clip on sunglass layers may even scratch your regular lenses behind. However, all of these can be avoided with just some cautiousness and care – no big deal!

How do I find the right clip-on sunglasses?

If you buy your clip-ons along with your regular prescriptive spectacles, you have nothing to worry about. At Mouqy, you will find frames with clip-ons that go perfectly with their prescriptive frame shapes. You can put your efforts into finding a pair of glasses with a frame shape that flatters your face shape.
If you’re thinking of buying clip-ons separately, the challenging part would be finding the right size and shape that will fit your existing eyeglasses.
In determining your frame’s size, try checking its inside first because you might find some numbers (all in millimeters) indicated there. The first number is the lens width, the second is the bridge width, and the third is the temple length. But if you can’t find any, you have to measure them manually. Keep in mind also that you have to at least ensure that your regular lenses must be completely covered by the clip-ons. Also, don’t forget to choose clip-ons that provide UV protection, it’s the most important.
Another very important thing to note, in case you have a pacemaker (a device implanted in a patient’s chest to help in regulating heartbeats), it’s highly suggested to consult your doctor first before considering wearing clip-ons, especially the magnetic ones. Because according to a study, small neodymium magnets can cause interference with your pacemaker’s functionality. It may be on a case-to-case basis, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Frequently asked questions

Are clip-on sunglasses any good?

Yes. They are less costly, very portable, versatile, and purposeful enough to cater to your UV protection needs. In short, resorting to clip-ons is a very practical choice.

Should I get prescription sunglasses or clip-ons?

For many people, getting clip-on sunglasses is the smarter and more economical option. They’re in for the long run as long as you take care of them well. On the other hand, if you get prescription sunglasses, you’ll have to get new ones whenever your eye prescription increases. Not to mention, they’re more expensive. Also, you cannot wear prescription sunglasses inside, while clip-ons just need to be detached and kept safe. In the end, the choice is still yours to make.

Do clip-ons damage glasses?

They can, especially when handled rashly. In the process of clipping on the sunglasses, you may scratch your regular lenses behind. This is why it’s important that you only hold your clip-ons on the sides and you should always be careful when attaching them. This way, you’ll avoid putting smudges or causing scratches to both your lenses.

How do you not lose clip-on sunglasses?

You can store your clip-ons in the glasses cases or pouch when they’re not in use. If you’re mindful enough, you’ll never have to lose them!

How do you remove clip-on glasses?

Just by simply clipping them off. For standard clip-ons, hold the frame by the nose bridge, lift one side, and rotate the clip upwards. For magnetic types, you just simply take them off. For flip-ups, you just flip them up.