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Our Gold Collection

Go bold with gold

Synonymous with class, elegance and luxury, gold glasses take your style to the next level. No one gets gold-framed glasses because they want to fit in. Browse our wide collection and become the most eye-catching person in the room.

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An instant classic

Believe it or not, frames in the 1800s were made of solid gold! They were not only a status symbol, but incredibly durable. However, as gold became normalized as a precious metal, it got simply too expensive to produce. Thankfully, we’ve got the solution for that with our affordable range of frames in every shade of gold.

top view of gold glasses frame

Why Gold Frames Are It

Exuding vintage class, elegance and luxury, gold glasses are the perfect way to accentuate and elevate your look.

The golden era of gold glasses

Gold glasses are a couple of centuries old! Many vintage glasses were made of solid gold, or simply gold-filled. You might have seen some of their earliest forms in films where gentlemen wore golden monocles that were sometimes embellished with gemstones. Other memorable gold glasses include John Lennon or Mahatma Gandhi’s iconic round spectacles.
As cheaper and lighter materials were discovered around the 1940s however, gold, silver and metal glasses dropped out of the limelight for a while.

Back on trend

Of course, what was once in fashion can always be brought back especially when we see these vintage pieces fashionably pulled off by celebrities such as Ali Wong, Gigi Hadid and Brad Pitt.
Today, gold glasses are a very popular choice that adds an easy touch of vintage flair.

Making gold glasses work for you

To find the perfect pair of gold glasses for you, it’s important to take your own facial features into consideration. Gold glasses come in many different frame shapes, and it’s important to bring balance to your face. You can start by identifying your face shape and reading our guide on matching frames to your face shape.
Once that’s covered, consider the colour of the metallic frame. After all – gold comes in many shades! A common strategy is to make sure it complements your skin tone. Gold tends to look best on warmer color tones, whether you have a light or dark complexion.
However, rose gold glasses are a more subtle gold variation that looks great on almost anyone, and looks especially striking on those with darker skin. Fairer skin tones look great with champagne gold glasses.

Gold glasses exude gold class

Eyeglasses serve both a practical and aesthetic role, just like belts.
As a safe rule of thumb, belts should typically be the same colour as shoes. For gold glasses thankfully, they can be a lot more forgiving! They pair with everything but can look especially striking when paired with neutral and earth tones in a similar color family as your glasses.

Frequently asked questions

Are gold framed glasses in fashion?

Yes – Gold frame glasses have made a return in fashion, especially for those looking to sport a more vintage look.

Are gold glasses flashy?

Gold glasses can add a layer of elegance and sophistication to your outfit so by itself, it’s not really flashy but more classy. If you prefer a more understated look, you can opt for thinner frames, or a less yellow-gold shade – such as champagne or rose-gold frames.

Who can wear rose gold glasses?

Rose gold glasses are a versatile shade that tends to look great on anyone – regardless whether your skin undertone is cool or warm.

Should I get gold or silver glasses?

Silver glasses are more neutral and practical in matching your day-to-day look. If you want to look like someone who should walk the red carpet, then gold glasses are made for you.