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Ali Wong Glasses: The Cat Eye Queen

Shu Kie

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Shu Kie

Updated: 19 May 2024 •  
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If the name Ali Wong doesn’t ring any bells, it’s time to catch up! She’s a popular stand-up comedian and actress who shot to fame through her Netflix stand-up specials. Apart from that, she recently ventured into romcom territory with Always Be My Maybe opposite Randall Park.
Comedy chops aside, Ali Wong is also known for her show-stealing cat eye glasses, which she wears proudly both offscreen and on.
Come get lost in the a-meow-zing world of the cat eye queen and her best bespectacled moments.

Always Be My Maybe: Cream & gold

One of the many pairs of frames in Ali’s hit romcom are these classy nude-toned cat eye glasses with gold accents. We love how these illuminate her face and flatter her stunning bone structure.
Ali Wong in Always Be My Maybe

Ali wears sleek cream and gold-coloured cat eye glasses in Always Be My Maybe. Credit: Fashionista

With our Blueming frames, you can get pretty much the same look. Due to its similar cat eye shape and gold frames, this is definitely the more laid back — but equally chic — cousin of what Ali wore in the movie.
Mouqy’s transparent Blueming frames

Mouqy’s transparent gold cat eye Blueming frames.


Always Be My Maybe: Black & gold

Another gem from the movie, these thick, black frames with a hint of gold lend an edgier vibe to the face. Put these on and you’ll instantly be in boss babe mode!
Ali in bold black and gold wing tips

Bold black and gold wing-tips in Always Be My Maybe. Credit: Vulture

For a similar look, it’s our Blueming frames for the win yet again! The black and gold version of these cat eye frames will add depth with a stylish twist to your everyday look.
Mouqy’s black Blueming frames

Mouqy’s shiny black cat eye Blueming frames.


Don Wong: Red & gold

By now, you can probably guess that Ali has a thing for elements of gold in her glasses. These red and gold Valerie sunglasses from Barton Perreira may be Ali’s most famous pair, as they are the ones that originated as sunglasses!
During her stand-up special, the glasses provided the perfect pop of color to draw attention to her eyes on stage and on camera.
Ali in red and gold frame

These popping red and gold frames were originally sunglasses. Credit: EW

Keen to step it up a notch for your own take on these red scene stealers? Take the red all the way round the frames with our Joyful design. While they are slightly thicker and smaller, they can still give your outfit that sharp shock of color.
Mouqy red joyful frames

Mouqy’s red cat eye Joyful frames.


Red carpet: Silver & gold

If we had to pick a favorite, it has to be these oversized MARC 12 0U05 gold and silver frames from Marc Jacobs. The double frames and dramatic shape can elevate any look without overshadowing it, thanks to the subtle tones.
Ali Wong cat eye glasses

Ali rocks oversized cat eye double-framed glasses in silver and gold. Credit: Glamour

Although our Tropical frames aren’t cat eye-shaped, they are nothing short of glamorous and red carpet-ready. The transparent geometric frames accented with gold can transition seamlessly from the office to a black tie event.
Mouqy transparent Tropical

Mouqy’s transparent geometric Tropical frames.


Does Ali Wong need glasses?

Yes, like many of us visually impaired folks out there, Ali Wong’s eyes need extra help with the whole “seeing” thing.
After trying to get her money’s worth with contact lenses in college, Ali went through an incident where she left them in for too long and found herself with a nasty red eye. The debacle scared her off contact lenses for good, and she’s been loyal to glasses ever since.
We, for one, are glad she stuck to frames, because she’s one of our all-time favorite glasses-wearing icons here at Mouqy.

Ali Wong’s genius approach to glasses

Oversized cat eye glasses have practically become synonymous with Ali Wong.
Ali’s glasses are characterized by a wider rim at the top, a tapered side, and a narrower rim along the bottom. The frames are angled upwards and extend past the end of the eyebrows to create a feline effect.
The oversized frames give plenty of room to showcase her eyes and even the most dramatic of eye makeup.
After the release of her Don Wong stand-up special, Ali revealed that the iconic red frames she wore in them were actually from sunglasses whose lenses she traded out for optical ones. This is an amazing idea as so many styles of sunglasses offer a little more pizzazz, shape, drama, and color than optical frames. How’s that for a hack?

Tips for pulling off cat eye glasses

Keen to try the cat eye? Here are some key tips for getting the best out of this vintage style.
Oversized frames will shine

A high ponytail flatters the face and lets oversized frames shine! Credit: lovehairstyles


  • Those with round, square, oval, diamond, and triangle-shaped faces suit the cat eye style best. Yep, that’s basically everyone! What can we say? It’s a universally flattering shape.

  • If the striking shape and size appeal to you but you don’t want to make too much of a statement, you can tone it down with material and color choice. Pick a transparent pair that blends more effortlessly into your complexion, as opposed to a bright color. Alternatively, try a thin metal frame that glints in the light but doesn’t take center stage.

  • If you have long hair, tying it up in a sleek bun or pony will allow the angles of your cat eye frames to really pop. This also keeps the glasses from overwhelming your facial features, and showcases your bone structure instead.

  • Oversized frames will highlight any dark eye circles and stray brows you may have, so keep your brows trimmed and your under eyes fresh as much as possible. For more tips – see our piece on how eyebrows should fit your glasses.


How to style bold glasses for everyday wear

We adore how Ali uses glasses to make bold fashion statements and inject a sense of fun into her on and offscreen style.
Ali proves that wearing a bold pair of glasses doesn’t mean you need to downplay your outfit. She rocks bright colors and prints with her oversized cat eye specs and always looks incredibly chic, contemporary, and edgy.
However, your daily life might call for a more casual aesthetic, so animal prints and neons may not always fit the bill — generally speaking.
Here are some pointers for how to style bold glasses for everyday wear:
Make bold glasses shine

Simple eye makeup, groomed brows, and an updo make bold glasses shine. Credit: GlamourUK


  • Keep your hair away from your face in an updo. This keeps the face open and makes your specs the focal point.

  • Keep your eye makeup polished and simple. A simple black or brown eyeliner with mascara is fail-proof. For the evenings, a wash of shimmer on your lids will do the trick.

  • Keep color and fun flowing through the outfit through accessories like jewelry, shoes, scarves, and bags. These will pop against a neutral palette and understated silhouettes without competing with your bold frames.

Ali Wong bold glasses

Ali shows you can be bold with glasses and outfits at the same time. Caption: EW

Before you go hunting for your perfect pair of cat eye glasses, be sure to browse our diverse range of designs for inspiration. If you just like ‘em big, we’ve got plenty of oversized designs too.
Now go forth and make waves with a new pair of bold cat eye frames!

Shu Kie

Written by:

Shu Kie

Shu Kie is Mouqy’s certified optician with over 5 years of experience in the optical industry. She earned her certification from Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO).

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