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Glasses with Adjustable Nose Pads

For maximum comfort

Nose pads are those small knobs on your glasses that sit right on the upper nose. They’re meant to assist in keeping your glasses securely in place and providing extra comfort by evening out any pressure onto your nose bridge.

a woman wearing a pair of glasses with nose pads

Adjustable equate convenience

Here at Mouqy, we pay attention even to the smallest details – and that includes including adjustable silicone nose pads on many of our frames! That way, wearers get to enjoy eyeglasses that are functional, convenient, and practical all at the same time. Win-win.

closeup of nose pads on a pair of titanium glasses frame

About Glasses with Nose Pads

Nose pads are alternatively called nose pieces because literally, they’re so little! But as tiny as they go, they are actually very essential to achieving that perfect amount of eyewear snug. They’ll help you get that just-right fit so that your glasses are not sliding off frequently, nor pressing too firmly against your nose.
These nose pieces also help in elevating your glasses’ height so that it stays on the right level for your face. By helping you avoid that crookedly-positioned eyeglass look, you’ll be able to see through your lenses easier and correctly.
What’s more – eyeglass wearers who have low nose bridges may find it especially hard to prevent spectacles from slipping off. Good thing, there are nose pads that can come to the rescue! Adjustable or deep nose pads are the perfect additions to low bridge glasses.

Are there any drawbacks to nose pads?

But of course, not everything works for everyone. Some nose pads, depending on the material, may irritate the skin along your nose bridge. Some materials may absorb sweat or dirt resulting in discoloration.
Wearing glasses with nose pads may also leave you with some indentation marks. You may not like looking at the marks at first but they fade and get better over time. If they’re digging into your skin a great deal, it’s time for some adjustments!
The important thing is to get your measurements right, and make sure you’re keeping your glasses squeaky clean so that sweat and gunk doesn’t build up and irritate the skin or cause acne.

What types of nose pads are there?

Acknowledging the importance of nose pads is one thing but figuring out which type works for you is another matter. You don’t have to worry about this though for they come in various types that can work depending on your preference:

Adhesive nose pads

A very quick method of mounting nose pads. You just have to peel off the sticky part of the nose pad and then plaster it to the frame’s surface.

Screw-in nose pads

Nose pads are attached to the eyeglass frames by a small screw. For nose pad replacements, it’s suggested to use the same screw as it can be hard to look for one that would fit your current eyeglasses.

Push-in nose pads

Comes with a rectangular-shaped tab in the back. Nose pads are simply pushed in the slots (frame mount) that’ll hold them firmly.

Slide-in nose pads

Nose pieces with round swelling backs. These are slid into a mount that is shaped like a hairpin.

Clip-on nose pads

Simply works by clipping the nose pads to the nose pad arms with the help of a needle-nose plier to ensure that the prongs are securely folded.
We’ve written a whole article about the types of nose pads out there!
Most Mouqy glasses have screw-in type of nose pads. These can be easily adjusted to appropriately fit and are also easily replaceable when the need arises. Easy peasy.

What materials are nose pads made of?

Nose pads can be made from different materials, the most common of which are plastic and silicone. Rubber, metal, and titanium are a few other less common materials.
Mouqy is after what’s best for bespectacled ladies and gents. This is why silicone is the material of choice for nose pads because of its inherent softness and pliancy, resulting in a more comfortable fit. In fact, silicone is the most ideal material for nose pads according to opticians.

Frequently asked questions

Are glasses with nose pads better?

If the sole criterion is comfort, then keep an eye out for glasses with nose pads. They come in various forms and are typically anti-slip, prevent too much pressure in your nose thus also avoiding headaches, and overall just make your eyewear experience hassle-free and comfortably right. Just make sure to check your measurements first.

Do nose pads stop glasses from slipping?

Generally, this is one of their main functions. But it all depends on their fit. That’s why adjustments and replacements can come in handy for too loose glasses situations. Adjustable nose pads are also a great option.

How do I keep the nose pads clean?

A moistened clean microfibre cloth (wipe) with rubbing alcohol usually does the trick! Keeping your nose pads and your eyeglasses in their entirety clean is very important as they may trigger skin issues when overlooked, especially with constant contact with sweat, dirt, or facial oil. Check our guide on how to clean glasses.

How often should I change nose pads?

If your glasses are removable, you may want to change them over time. Discoloration may start appearing six months after initial use so it’s suggested by opticians to change nose pads at least twice a year. Of course, it’s a case-to-case basis. You’ll have to do your part of observing and cleaning your nose pads now and then.

How do I stop getting marks on my nose from glasses?

Massage the affected area slowly and apply moisturizer when you can. If you’re into makeup, applying an eyeshadow primer on your nose bridge might just be the answer. Or better yet, for long-term results, have your nose pads or frames adjusted so they don’t press onto your nose too much. Or check our guide on how to get rid of nose marks.