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The Best Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

Updated: 20 May 2024 •  
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Who says that eye makeup and glasses are mutually exclusive? Not us!
While wearing glasses can impact your beauty routine, it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll need to skip all the fun makeup looks you’ve been seeing on your favorite celebs and influencers.
In fact, glasses are one of the best ways to draw attention to the eyes, giving you the perfect opportunity to create a stunning eye look that’s uniquely yours. All you need are a few tweaks in technique, and you’ll be able to highlight your best features while showing off your specs at the same time.
Below, everything you need to know for your best bespectacled look yet:

1. Use the right eyeshadow

The key to a great eye look would be to know what type of eyeshadow fits best with your glasses. Our first tip has something to do with the size of your frames.
As a general rule of thumb, the bigger your frames are, the more space you have to get creative with your eyeshadow looks.
katie jane hughes wearing a pair of glasses with blue eyeshadows

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes pairs her honey colored acetate frames with a soft blue eyeshadow. Source: Pinterest

Anything goes when it comes to the colors you can wear on your lids, just as long as you don’t go too dark on your eye makeup. Since glasses tend to cast shadows around the eye area, this may only be intensified by a heavy smokey eye. Thus, we recommend switching out darker shades with neutrals or pastel hues to keep your look light and bright.
The best frames for those who love to experiment:
Lulu frames

Mouqy’s timeless with subtle horn design Lulu frame.

Mouqy Lavish frames

Mouqy’s Lavish stylish aviator glasses.

On the other hand, if you favor smaller, daintier frames, then you can also match its intensity with a soft wash of color on the lids. A neutral brown will give your eyes some definition, while livelier shades like blue or purple offer a playful spin to your everyday look.
jennifer aniston wearing a pair of small oval glasses

Jennifer Aniston in a quintessential 90’s makeup look. Source: Pinterest

Here’s a timeless and classy frame if you love understated makeup:
Mouqy Designer frames

Mouqy’s sophisticated round Designer pair.


2. Are you nearsighted or farsighted?

Another thing you’ll have to consider when it comes to eyeshadow would be your prescription. For instance, nearsighted folks would know that no matter how big their natural eyes may be, a heavy prescription may make them appear smaller the moment they put their glasses on.
shimmer eyeshadow gives off more eye space while wearing glasses with strong prescription

A dusting of shimmer makes all the difference. Source: Pinterest

So if you’re nearsighted, shimmer will be your best friend. They reflect light beautifully onto the lids and instantly give the illusion of more eye space. Make your eyes shine by adding your favorite shimmer across the center of your lids as well as the inner corners.
As for farsighted folks, you may notice a slight magnifying effect depending on how high your prescription is. This can be advantageous for those with smaller eyes, but may look a bit awkward if your eyes are on the larger side.
emily ratajkowski wearing a glasses with smokey makeup

Emily Ratajkowski wears her specs with a soft smokey eye. Source: Pinterest

To offset a strong prescription, sweep a dark matte eyeshadow along the outer corners of the eyes and on the lower lashline. This will balance out proportions while accentuating your eye shape at the same time.

3. Define your eyes with eyeliner

Another trick to pull even more focus on your eyes would be to line them with a gel, pencil or liquid eyeliner. Similar to eyeshadows, techniques will vary depending on frame style and the type of prescription you have.
So how thick should your eyeliner be? A good measure would be to follow the thickness of your frames. A bold cat eye will look amazing with a thick rimmed frame, while a feline flick pairs nicely with more minimalist styles.
jennifer lopez and red velvet irene wearing glasses

Jennifer Lopez matches her cat eye glasses with a dramatic liner while Red Velvet’s Irene pairs her wire frame specs with a subtle wing.

Show off your eyeliner game with these trendy pairs from Mouqy:
deluxe cat eye shiny black front view

Mouqy’s chic cat-eye Deluxe eyewear.

mouqy Elan frame

Mouqy’s sleek rose gold Elan frame.

As for eyeliner color, you’ll also need to take your prescription into account:
anne hathaway wearing different pair of glasses

Anne Hathaway in two different eyeliner looks ideal for nearsighted (left) and farsighted (right) folks.

For those that are nearsighted, you can use a nude colored liner on your waterline to open up your eyes. Tightlining your eyes with a black eyeliner can also give the illusion of fuller lashes and make your eyes appear wider. But if you’re farsighted, smudging a brown or black colored liner on the waterline will help in countering the magnifying effects of your glasses.

4. Groom your eyebrows

To make sure that your eye looks are always on point, it’s also important to keep your brows neat and tidy at all times. Remember: even if your frames cover a portion of your brows, your lenses can still magnify any wayward strays along the area.
As for how you should draw your brows, well, this would depend on how pronounced your frames are to begin with.
lightly feathered brows balancing out a strong looking glasses frame

Lightly feathered brows balance out a strong frame. Source: Pinterest

If you have a thicker or dark colored frame, you can probably get away with simply shaping your brows with some eyebrow gel. Since your glasses are already on the heavy side, it’s best to keep your brows simple so they won’t clash with your frames or overpower your other features.
hailey bieber wearing a pair of oversized glasses

Hailey Bieber’s translucent frames and perfectly sculpted brows add polish to her model-off-duty look. Source: Pinterest

But if you have clear or rimless glasses, feel free to sport bolder brows to further accentuate your eyes.
The best frames for a strong brow:
boyish square transparent glasses frame front view

Mouqy’s transparent studious yet fun Boyish frame.


5. Choose the right mascara

No eye look is truly complete without full, fluttery lashes. And for eyeglass wearers, you’ll want to prioritize volume and curl over length. Trust us, the last thing you want is for your lashes to brush against your lenses every time you blink.
loona yves wearing a pair of black square glasses

Yves (LOONA)’s perfectly curled lashes stand out even behind her thick black frames. Source: Pinterest

​​Keep your lashes lifted all day by curling them from the roots with an eyelash curler, then apply a waterproof, volumizing mascara for maximum drama.

6. Don’t forget your undereyes

Since glasses can cause shadows, keep your eye area as bright as possible by opting for a concealer that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone. This will give you a fresh-faced look even on the days where you’re running low on beauty sleep.
michelle trachtenberg wearing a pair of black rectangle glasses

Michelle Trachtenberg flaunts a bright and even complexion under oversized black glasses. Source: Pinterest

We also recommend looking for a peach or yellow toned concealer to cancel out the blue and purple cast from your glasses (as well as any under-eye hyperpigmentation caused by several all-nighters).

7. Set your makeup with pressed powder

A common struggle for most eyeglass wearers is when their foundation transfers to their nose pads, or to the bridge of their frames. To keep your makeup ‘glasses-proof’, simply set your foundation in place with some translucent powder, especially in the areas where your frames touch your face. This not only prevents creasing, but will also help your makeup last longer too.
Pro tip: If your skin is on the oily side, you can use a tissue or blotting paper to remove any residual oil from your foundation before applying setting powder.

8. Finish off with a statement lip color

rihanna wearing a pair of black cat eye glasses

Rihanna balances bold black frames with a glossy nude lip. Source: Pinterest

No matter what type of eye makeup you’re going for, be sure to give some love to your other features too for a well-rounded look.
As glasses tend to emphasize the top half of your face, bring back the balance by defining your lips with a lipstick or lipgloss. You can opt for a nude or rose colored lipstick for an understated look, or go bold with a classic red lip.

Bespectacled makeup looks that we love

Still need some help figuring out what to wear with your specs? Here are some of our favorite looks we think you should try out:

1. Gal Gadot’s browline glasses look

gal gadot wearing a pair of browline glasses

Gal Gadot stuns in browline frames. Source: Pinterest

Tap into your browline frame’s timeless sophistication with a look that’s equally as glamorous. Here, Gal Gadot wears hers with perfectly shaped brows, bronze eyes and skin, and a bold red lip. We think her makeup is perfect for date night, but also makes for a powerful office look.
Channel your inner Wonder Woman with the chic black Victor frame:


2. Cate Blanchett’s pink aviator look

cate blanchett wearing a pair of pink aviators

Cate Blanchett rocks a vintage inspired aviator. Source: Pinterest

When in doubt, a monochromatic look is always a good idea. Take cues from Cate Blanchett, who pairs her pink aviators with a carnation pink blush and lip color. We also like how she kept her eye look neutral which made her colored frames pop even more.
Try out some color with the Dawn in rose gold:


3. Katie Jane Hughes’s oversized frames look

katie jane hughes wearing a pair of glasses with green eyeliner

Another fun look by makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a wearable way to play with some brights, try out a colored liner just like celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. We think her choice of a quirky oversized frame really places the spotlight on her eyes too.
Statement frames that boost any eye look – the Occasion in gold-black:


4. Lia’s industrial frame look

itzy lia wearing a pair of geometric glasses

ITZY’s Lia chooses a silver geometric pair to frame and define her oval-shaped face. Source: Pinterest

Not sure if your style leans more towards girly or edgy? ITZY’s Lia shows us how to pull off both simultaneously as she juxtaposes an industrial frame with soft pink tones on the eyes, lips and cheeks.
For a modern and eclectic look, try the geometric Initiate frame:


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