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Discover everything about our quality lenses, from the type of coating we use to the options available for your specific vision correction needs.

Enhanced with multiple coats

Mouqy lens equipped with multiple functional coats
Mouqy lenses are shipped with multiple functional coats applied, to ensure optimal vision correction you need while keeping your eyes happy.

  • Anti-reflection coatingOur lenses are enhanced with a cutting edge anti-reflective coating, which helps improve vision sharpness allowing more light to reach the eye.

  • Scratch resistant coatingScuffs and micro-scratches are bound to happen to any pair of eyeglasses, but our unique scratch-resistant coating solves that problem and makes your lens extra durable.

  • Superhydrophobic coatingBy coating our lenses with a superhydrophobic material, your eyeglasses will efficiently repel liquids, allowing them to stay functional and clean at the same time!

  • Option of blue light blocking lensesAll of our frames are available with the option of blue light blocking lenses. We utilize UV+420 Cut Technology which absorbs blue light instead of just filtering it, and very effectively blocks blue light from reaching your eyes!


Blue Block Lens with UV+420 cut technology

blue light filtering with blue block lens
It’s common knowledge that blue light is the leading cause of digital eye strain, discomfort and damage. This is why we’ve poured so much research into our blue light filtering technology for our Blue Block Lenses.
Unlike typical lenses, our lenses are infused with UV+420 Cut tech, which works by absorbing blue light instead of reflecting it off the surface of the lens. This results in superior filtering abilities at blocking blue light and enhanced durability. Learn more about our blue block lenses.
You can order any of Mouqy’s frame designs with the option of blue light blocking lenses. However, if you don’t need this and are on a lower budget, you can also snag your glasses with simple clear lenses, without blue light blocking technology. The choice is yours!

Lens Index

mouqy lens index
The lens index determines how thick or thin your lenses are. Lenses that made for stronger prescriptions are naturally thick, but Mouqy’s Lenses are designed to cater for the strongest prescriptions while keeping a lightweight, paper-thin cut.
Mouqy lenses are made with superior durability and quality in mind. Here are the options we offer:

  • Index 1.53 TrivexImpact-resistant and durable, these are an excellent lens choice for those with lower prescriptions.

  • Index 1.59 PolycarbonateThese polycarbonate lenses are cut slim, yet built to be tougher than a bear. Polycarbonate is an impact-resistant material that offers full UV protection and is ideal for those with active lifestyles.

  • Index 1.60 AsphericSlim and lightweight, these lenses are a fantastic choice for people with moderate to strong prescriptions.

  • Index 1.60 TribridSlim and stylish, these lenses are a fantastic choice for people with moderate to strong prescriptions, but who prefer thin and lightweight frames. The Tribrid material is highly impact-resistant, making it a strong and durable option.

  • Index 1.67 AsphericLightweight yet powerful, these ultra-thin cut lenses grant people with very strong prescriptions the option to wear eyeglasses without having to suffer from distorted looking eyes.

Learn more about our high index lenses.