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Our Half-Frame Glasses Collection

Half-frame glasses for men & women

Turn heads in our half-frame eyeglasses! This classic design features a frame that covers only the top part of the lenses, which lends half-frame glasses an effortlessly sophisticated look. Whether you love browline glasses, or rounded half-frame glasses – less can definitely be more!

semi rimless glasses with oval frame

Comfortably classic

We don’t just love half-frame glasses for how great they look – they’re also extremely comfortable. Because of their lightweight design, half-frame frames are ideal for people who want a comfy pair of glasses to wear all day long. Plus, half-frames tend to be more durable than a typical fully-rimless frame since there is more support for the lenses along the brow line.

semi rimless glasses with rectangle frame

All About Semi-Rimless Glasses

Also known as half-frame glasses, semi-rimless glasses are characterised by having a frame that’s only solid along the top edge of the glasses. The lenses are mounted at the brow line, and the sides and bottoms of the lenses are usually exposed. How thick or bold the top frame is can vary a great deal. You can go fully top-heavy with browline glasses, or pick up a pair that’s much more subtle.
We think this style is the perfect compromise between fully-rimmed and rimless frames. They’re more minimalist that fully-rimmed frames, yet more durable than totally rimless frames. All this makes them great for everyday use. What’s not to love?

Wear semi-rimless glasses your way

There’s no single way to wear semi-rimless styles. At Mouqy, we offer a wide collection of semi-rimless glasses in many different colors and materials – all of which pack plenty of oomph. You can purchase them in accent colours or neutral shades – whatever your heart desires!
When you find a Mouqy pair you like, simply activate our Virtual Try-On feature to see exactly how they look on your beautiful face.

What half-frame shapes do we offer?

The magic of semi-rimless glasses is that they look fantastic on almost every face shape. The trick is to choose a lens shape that flatters your face shape. We’ve written a whole guide on that already.
That said – here are some of our favourite forms of semi-rimless eyewear:

  • Browline glassesBrowlines are probably the most well-known and well-worn half-frame style. These are characterised by a thick and bold top bar that give it unmistakable retro appeal. Some pairs come with extra embellishments like embossed nose bridges and fancy hinges.

  • Rectangle half-rim glassesRectangular half-frames look polished and professional – perfect for business settings and classy occasions.

  • Rounded half-rim glassesRound glasses always exude a retro glamor, and the half-frame version is no exception! This delicate shape is great for a barely-there look.

We also offer fully rimmed, wire frame and rimless glasses in our store.

Why do we love semi-rimless glasses?

Semi-rimless glasses have many benefits. For one, we love how minimalist and inconspicuous they look. Similar to rimless glasses, semi-rimless glasses don’t overwhelm the face. It’s a barely-there style that many people enjoy, especially if you have a small face or delicate features. And even if you don’t, half-frames can lend a smart and professional edge to whatever you’re wearing.
Secondly, semi-rimless glasses tend to be very lightweight and comfortable. Compare them to the thicker frames of fully-rimmed glasses which usually weigh more, which can create more pressure on the nose if you’re wearing them for long hours.
Lastly, semi-rimless glasses tend to be more durable than rimless glasses since there is a little more support to the frame. Hurrah!

The best lenses for your half rim eyeglasses

Lenses are arguably the most important part of any eyewear. This becomes even more important for half-frame styles, since the bottom and side parts of the lens are exposed!
If you require a strong prescription, you’ll want to look into getting high-index lenses to pair with your semi-rimless glasses. These lenses tend to be thinner, and look much better with this style than thick and clunky lenses.
Most Mouqy glasses also come in a choice between blue light blocking lenses, or clear lenses. Even if you don’t need a prescription, you can pick up some simple half-frame blue light glasses to help protect your eyes from the harmful light that’s emitted from screens. Your sleep will thank you for it!
NOTE: If you’re deciding between choosing a pair of full-rim, half-rim, or rimless frame, see our breakdown on the differences between these rim types!

Frequently asked questions

What are semi-rimless glasses?

Semi-rimless, or half-rim, glasses are characterised by a solid frame at the top along the browline. There’s little or no frame around the sides and bottom of the lenses; they’re held in place by a thin wire or thread.

Can I get semi-rimless glasses with a high prescription?

Yep, many eyewear retailers will give you the option of high-index lenses, which are made from materials that are more effective at bending light than standard lenses. This means that high-index lenses can be much thinner. These pair well with half-frame glasses and can accommodate higher prescriptions easily.

Who should wear semi-rimless glasses?

Semi-rimless glasses simply refer to the lenses being mounted to the top of the frame (the browline) with the rest of the lenses being exposed. They come in a huge variety of shapes and colors, which means you can find a shape to flatter your own face shape. Try to contrast your face shape to your frame shape, for example, pairing angular frame shapes with rounder faces.

Are semi-rimless glasses in style?

You bet! Semi-rimless glasses are all over the place, with influencers and celebrities throwing them back into the limelight. They give an appealing retro look that has endured through the decades.

Are browline glasses semi-rimless?

Browline glasses are a category of semi-rimless glasses, but they aren’t the only ones! Whilst browline glasses tend to be thick and bold along the brow line, you can also pick up semi-rimless styles that are more subtle.