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Our Full Rim Glasses Collection

Timeless, sturdy full rim glasses

Sturdy and timelessly stylish, full rim frames are what most people first reach for when shopping for new glasses. The practical design features a frame that surrounds and supports the weight of your lenses, whilst looking stylish. They’re also the ideal pair for those with high prescriptions or individuals looking for impact-resistant frames.

full rim glasses in red cat eye frame

Versatile frames for men & women

No matter your face shape or what frame silhouette you gravitate towards, we’re certain that there’s a full rim style for you. The best thing about them is that they come in a bunch of materials and various thicknesses to seamlessly adapt to your individual needs and lifestyle.

full rim frames of different color and styles

All About Full Rim Glasses

What are full rim glasses?

Much like the name suggests, full rim glasses fully outline your lenses with a metal, plastic, or acetate frame.
They’re the most common type of glasses you can find in the market, partly because of its enduring popularity over the decades. They’ve also got the most comprehensive range of styles compared to other frames, giving wearers endless options to choose from.

Our favorite full-rim glasses styles


Full rimmed circle frames are simply classic, and are usually set in a metal frame for a sleek and somewhat bookish look. They’re the go-to of several icons from John Lennon, Steve Jobs, and pop-culture wizard Harry Potter.


You really can’t go wrong with a pair of rectangle frames. The unique proportions of this silhouette flatter every face shape, and are especially great for adding structure to round or oval face shapes. They’re also an excellent choice for those seeking to add width to narrow features or draw attention away from broader parts of the face.

Cat eye

Cat eye glasses are a must have for every fashionista, and add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Old Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are avid fans of the retro style, and have been spotted wearing them on various occasions.
The upswept shape works wonders in enhancing one’s cheekbones, particularly for those with heart and diamond shaped faces.


There’s just something about aviators that radiate effortless-cool. Perhaps the most distinguishable pair would be the classic teardrop shape (think Tom Cruise from Top Gun), but there are several iterations of the style to suit any face shape and personal aesthetic.

How do they compare to rimless or half rim glasses?

A rimless pair of glasses are mounted directly on the bridge and temples, while a half rim frame only covers the top half of your lenses. Both styles give off a more minimalistic look compared to a full rim frame, and are also more lightweight than their full-bodied counterparts. These glasses are good for those who want that ‘no-glasses’ look, but may not be the most suitable for those with an active lifestyle since they’re more prone to shattering.

What are the benefits of picking full rim glasses?

Full rim glasses are great if you’re looking for a low maintenance frame that can withstand accidental drops (our titanium and acetate frames are especially sturdy). Because they come in several widths, you’ll also be able to match your lenses with a frame of similar thickness for a completely seamless look.
But perhaps one of the most common reasons why many prefer full rim frames is simply because you have more choices when it comes to shape, styles, and material. Since half-rim and rimless glasses won’t be able to handle the weight of larger or thicker lenses, these categories generally offer less variations compared to full rim frames.
NOTE: If you’re deciding between choosing a pair of full-rim, half-rim, or rimless frame, see our breakdown on the differences between these rim types!

Frequently asked questions

What does full rim glasses mean?

Full rim glasses refer to lenses fully outlined by a frame. The frame is typically crafted from metal, plastic or acetate which gives the lenses added protection and support.

Which are better, half rim or full rim glasses?

Half rim glasses are recommended for those who want a lightweight and less noticeable frame, while full rim glasses are favored for their durability and wide range of stylish options.