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8 Tips for Traveling with Glasses

Phoebe Jade

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Phoebe Jade

Updated: 20 May 2024 •  
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Traveling abroad is exciting, but can also be a little chaotic.
One of the things that requires some pre-trip planning is how you’re going to keep your precious glasses safe.
Here are some practical tips to help you travel with glasses the easy, hassle-free way!

1. Use a hard case to store your glasses when not in use

One of the most important things about transporting glasses during a trip is protecting them from damage.
That’s why it’s essential to invest in a sturdy hard case to store your glasses when you’re not wearing them.
This will keep them from being crushed or bent in your luggage and ensure they’re ready to use when needed.
A hard shell case can cushion your glasses from accidental bumps or drops as well.
For greater convenience, make sure to get a case you can attach to the bag you take with you everywhere or your belt loop.
This way, you’re less likely to lose your specs and can easily access your glasses whenever you need them.
a hard case with belt loop for storing eyeglasses

It’s more convenient to get a hard case that you can attach to the bag you take with you everywhere or your belt loop. Source: Amazon


2. Store glasses in your carry-on luggage

Storing your glasses in your carry-on not only protects them from potential damage in checked baggage but can also prevent you from losing them altogether in the case of lost luggage.
Also, while it may be tempting to toss your glasses in seatback pockets on airplanes, don’t do it.
You may risk cross contamination in case the pockets haven’t been properly sanitized prior to boarding. Plus, you might risk accidentally leaving your glasses in there.

3. Consider getting a pair of prescription sunglasses

Having a pair of prescription shades for a trip means you won’t need to bring two pairs of glasses when going to the beach or sightseeing.
When it comes to prescription sunglasses, here are the options you can choose from:

  • Non-polarized lensesThese offer UV protection and are more suitable for everyday wear.

  • Polarized lensesPolarized lenses have added benefits like reducing glare and enhancing visibility in bright light conditions. They block horizontal light reflected on surfaces like snow and water.

  • Mirrored lensesApart from providing excellent UV protection, mirrored lenses reflect bright, direct light, allowing you to see more clearly in bright light environments. Plus, don’t they just look so much cooler?

If you prefer to have just a pair of regular prescription glasses with the ability to block sunlight, consider getting clip-ons!

men wearing polarized and mirrored lenses

Polarized lenses (L) reduce glare from surfaces like snow and water. Mirrored lenses (R) reflect bright, direct light, allowing you to see more clearly in bright light environments.


4. Bring a spare pair of glasses

The last thing you want is to let missing or broken specs put a dampener on your trip!
While you may have your prescription sunnies, you should still have your original glasses as backup.
You don’t have to carry them everywhere with you, just in your luggage as a last resort should something happen to your main pair.
If you do want to get a brand new backup pair, the good news is it doesn’t have to cost a lot.
When you shop for glasses online, you tend to get glasses at more competitive prices that don’t skimp on quality or variety.
Here are some designs you can check out for under $40.
For easier traveling, make sure to get one that’s lightweight, compact, and easy to attach to your phone or slip into any bag as well.

5. Schedule a tune-up for glasses before your trip

Glasses need a tune-up every now and then, and you wouldn’t want your trip to be hindered by blurry lenses or a wonky frame.
Scheduling a tune-up for your glasses is quick and easy, and it will ensure they can function at their best for your trip.
You can schedule a tune-up a couple of days before your trip at an eyewear shop or eye clinic.
The process itself usually involves the tightening of frames and a quick check of all the screws to ensure they’re secure.
It only takes a few minutes, and you can rest assured knowing your glasses will be ready when you need them.

6. Bring a repair kit and lens cloth

Packing a repair kit and lens cloth can save the day when you have a loose screw or your lenses get smudged.
With a clean lens cloth, you don’t have to rely on just any fabric to get stains or smudges off your lenses as those might end up scratching them instead.
a pair of glasses placed on top of lens cloth

It’s better to use a specialized lens cloth when wiping your glasses as they don’t have fibers that could scratch the lenses.

For added convenience, keep your lens cloth in your glasses’ hard case.
A typical glasses repair kit should include a flat head screwdriver, a Phillips-head screwdriver, tweezers, a magnifying glass, at least four screws, a couple of nose pads, a few frame grips, and a microfiber cloth.
It can be used for many things like tightening loose screws or replacing them, or changing nose pads.

7. Keep a record of your prescription

Losing or damaging your glasses can be a real nightmare, especially while you’re on vacation.
But having a copy of your prescription with you means that replacing them won’t be nearly as difficult as you might think.
For starters, if the worst case scenario happens, you won’t have to schedule another eye exam with an eye doctor.
Next, all you have to do is present your prescription to an optical shop, and you can get a new pair of specs in no time.

8. Get headphones or earphones that are compatible with your glasses

Before you depart, make sure to test out wearing your glasses with the headphones or earphones you plan to bring on the trip.
Chances are you’ll be using your headphones or earphones a lot during long flights or during the trip itself, so this will help ensure you can wear both together comfortably.
woman wearing a pair of glasses and headphones

Take time out to test drive wearing your glasses with headphones or earphones for an extended time so you can determine whether it’ll be comfortable or otherwise.


Traveling with glasses doesn’t have to be stressful!

Don’t let your glasses hold you back from experiencing all that travel has to offer.
With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can ensure your glasses stay safe and secure throughout your journey.
From packing a protective case to bringing a backup pair, these simple tips can save you from a world of unnecessary stress and frustration.
So go ahead and book that dream vacation – your glasses will be ready to tag along for the adventure.
Check out Mouqy’s blog for more practical and easy-to-follow tips for safe and comfortable glasses-wearing.

Phoebe Jade

Written by:

Phoebe Jade

Phoebe is a registered nurse, licensed teacher and writer who's passionate about creating content that educates and inspires.