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Top Tips for Taking Selfies with Glasses

Angie Garcia

Written By:

Angie Garcia

Updated: 19 May 2024 •  
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Selfies are a fun way to capture a moment, but if you wear glasses, they can be tricky! The glare, reflections, and distortion caused by glasses can ruin an otherwise perfect shot.
Using specific techniques, you can capture amazing selfies that show off both your eyeglasses and your features.
Let’s explore the best ways to take selfies with glasses, from adjusting your angle to using apps and filters to enhance your photos. Grab your phone and your favorite specs, and let’s get snapping!

1. Take photos from a three-quarter degree angle

woman taking selfie at an angle to avoid eyeglass refelction

Take selfies at a 3/4 degree angle rather than straight-on to avoid capturing reflections in glasses.

The three-quarter angle can help to minimize the reflection and glare that can happen when the camera is positioned directly in front of your face.
How? Hold your phone slightly above eye level and tilt it downwards at a 45-degree angle. Then turn your head slightly towards the camera, but not so much that your glasses start to reflect the light.
The light is dispersed by angling the camera slightly and won’t reflect as harshly off the lenses. The angle can also create a more exciting and dynamic composition for your photo.

2. Take photos in natural lighting whenever possible

man wearing glasses and taking selfie in natural lighting

Unlike taking selfies with flash, natural lighting won’t create harsh reflections on glasses.

Good lighting is crucial when taking selfies with glasses. Flash photography can create reflections and glare, making capturing clear and defined features difficult. Natural light is the best option as it is more diffused and gentle, reducing the risk of reflections.
If shooting in natural light is impossible, indirect lighting from a lamp or other source can also create a soft, flattering effect.

3. Get an anti-reflective coating for your glasses

anti-reflective glass coating can minimize reflections for clearer and more flattering selfies

By getting an anti-reflective coating, you can minimize reflections for clearer and more flattering selfies.

Making sure your glasses have an anti-reflective coating can not only make your vision clearer – you can look much better in photos since they help to reduce reflections. Doing so means you won’t have to worry about the light bouncing off your lenses and covering your eyes when taking a picture. Instead, your eyes will be clearly visible.
Another advantage of an anti-reflective coating is that it can help to prevent shadows from appearing below your eyes in photos. When you’re wearing glasses, the lenses can cast a shadow on your face, creating an unflattering effect that can make you look tired or older than you really are.

4. Make the most of your glasses frames

man and woman ith glasses taking selfie

You can also use your glasses frames as a creative tool when taking selfies.

Your glasses frames can be more than just a functional accessory—they can also be a creative tool to enhance your selfies.
If you have bold or unique frames, you can use them to create a statement in your photos. Choose a background that complements the design or color of your frames. Examples of these are a bright wall or a patterned fabric. By coordinating your frames with your surroundings, you can create a visually captivating shot that draws attention to your glasses.
Wearing pastel frames can also add a pop of color to your photos. Check out the outstanding recommendations we have below:
Mouqy’s Bloom in clear pastel pink.

This pair of pastel pink frames are the perfect way to maximize your glasses frames in your selfies. The refreshing and elegant pastel pink adds a pop of color, while the cat-eye shape complements the natural contours of your face.
Mouqy’s Wink in pastel yellow.

Make a bold statement with this pair of pastel-yellow cat-eye glasses. They showcase a fun, youthful vibe that will make you stand out in whatever outfit or background you take your selfie.
Aside from playing with colors, you can also try different frame shapes to add a unique touch to your look.
For instance, Tropical‘s geometric full-rimmed frames in crystal green can give you a playful and distinctive appearance.

old couple with glasses taking selfie on white background

Taking a selfie with a simple white backdrop can help direct the focus on your frames.

If you want your glasses to blend in with the background, you can choose a more neutral setting that allows your face and features to take center stage. Opt for a simple white or black backdrop, or take your photo outside against a natural landscape.

5. Take your time to experiment

woman and man with glasses taking selfie

By experimenting with angles and lighting setups, you can figure out what works best for you in front of the camera.

Taking the perfect selfie can take time, patience, and experimentation. While there are plenty of tips and tricks to follow, the reality is that everyone is unique—what works for one person may not work for another.
You might prefer a specific side of your face or that you look better in natural than artificial light. By taking the time to experiment and figure out what works best for you, you can feel more confident and comfortable in front of the camera.
Another advantage of experimenting in your own time is that it allows you to take as many photos as you need to get the perfect shot. Unlike taking photos with friends or in a time-sensitive situation, you can take your time and try out different poses, expressions, and camera angles without feeling rushed or self-conscious.

You can master the art of perfect selfies with glasses

group of people taking selfie

Don’t be afraid to experiment to determine what works best for you.

Taking great selfies with glasses can be a fun and rewarding experience, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine. You can find the perfect lighting, angle, and pose to capture the best version of yourself and your glasses by experimenting in your own time.
We hope these tips have helped you feel more confident in front of the camera. Keep an eye on Mouqy’s blog for more fashion and lifestyle tips related to eyewear. We constantly update our content with the latest trends and techniques to help you achieve your best look and feel confident.
So keep practicing, experiment, and, most importantly, have fun capturing your best self!

Angie Garcia

Written by:

Angie Garcia

Angie is a Manila-based writer who specializes in wellness and lifestyle topics. She likes trying out new workouts and drinking coffee when not writing.

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