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Our Yellow Glasses Collection

Yellow glasses for men & women

There’s nothing like yellow glasses to add flair to your look. Whether you’re looking to stand out in a crowd, add a dash of sunshine to a simple outfit or go all-out avant garde – yellow glasses won’t let you down.

yellow glasses with oval frame

A range of yellow shades

We love our full range of yellow frame shades. Take your pick from bold neon frames, glistening golds, translucent yellow-tints, yellow tortoiseshell and so much more. There are endless ways to shine in this color.

yellow glasses in clear frame

Why We’re Mad For Yellow Glasses

If you like something a little different in the eyewear department, you may feel yourself drawn to yellow glasses. They’re an unusual shade that can add a lot of personality to an otherwise simple look. And there are as many shades of yellow glasses out there as there are reasons to love them!
For one – we love how versatile they are. They can flatter a wide range of skin tones and hair colors.
They also do wonders in sparkling up an outfit. Yellow eyewear can add some oomph to a professional get-up, add some summer brightness to a formal dressed-up look, or just add a little sunshine to your everyday wear.
Thirdly – they come in so many variations. No matter your aesthetic or fashion preference, yellow glasses can take it one step further. Some people opt for some vintage gold frames to elevate a retro outfit, whilst others go all out in bold neon yellows and channel their inner trendsetter.
At Mouqy, our yellow frames come in a variety of shapes – from round and square, to cat eye and oversized.

How to style your new yellow specs or shades

Yellow spectacles or sunglasses can be a bit trickier to style than neutral frames like black and neutral. However, when done right, they make a glorious style statement.
We love how yellow glasses look when contrasted against a more neutral outfit, as this can help the color really pop. Another tactic is to try and match with the volume of your glasses. In technical color theory terms – this is all about matching the color values of your outfit to that of your glasses. For example, neon yellow glasses can go with a bright and saturated outfit, whilst pastel yellow glasses may go better with more muted and pastel clothes.
Alternatively – you can match specific elements of your outfit to the color of your glasses. Coordinating a yellow clutch or cardigan to your glasses can really help make your yellow glasses pop further and bring a sense of cohesion to the full look.

Or – why not go gold?

One of our favorite variations of yellow glasses is to go for gold frames – as rocked by celebrities such as Ali Wong, Gigi Hadid and Brad Pitt. We love how gold can look both luxurious and classy, or vintage and quirky. Why not check out Mouqy’s selection of gold glasses too?

Why do some glasses have yellow tinted lenses?

There’s another form that yellow glasses can take – yellow tinted lenses. We’ve seen them on the big screen on the faces of Raul Duke (Johnny Depp) in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) in The Big Lebowski. Yellow lensed sunglasses have seen a revival in recent years thanks to it-folk like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Emma Chamberlain.
Yellow tinted lenses also have a practical use, and are popular with adventurers and outdoor sports enthusiasts (e.g. tennis, aviation and skiing) since they deliver great visual clarity in low-light settings like haze and fog.

Frequently asked questions

Who do yellow glasses look good on?

Yellow-framed glasses come in a range of shades, from neon to cream, which lets them suit a wide range of skin tones and hair colors. They can look especially great on wearers with darker hair. Those with cool blonde or grey hair may want to avoid vivid yellow glasses as this can have a dulling effect.