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Our Pink Glasses Collection

Pink glasses

Stand out in pink glasses! Since colorful frames got popular in the 40s, pink has always been a trendy option. Now, it’s stealing hearts once more with its contemporary and romantic flair in a variety of materials and new styles.

Mouqy pink glasses with glitter frame

A pop of color

Pink glasses are perfect for brightening up your looks with their pretty shades. You can go for translucent or metal frames in blush for a contemporary everyday look, or you can rock bold styles in hot pink to make a fashion statement. Either way, you won’t look boring.

Mouqy pink glasses on a book

All About Pink Glasses

In a flock of pigeons – why not be a flamingo?

Why choose pink glasses?

Pink glasses look great on everyone and will add a pop of color and flair to any look, perfect for standing out in a crowd!
Just find a style that looks good on with your face shape, and you can rock this rosy shade every day. Plus, they’re making a huge comeback, so it’s the perfect time to get them now.
If you’re not too sure if pink glasses are for you – no sweat. You can use Mouqy’s Virtual Try On tool to play around and see exactly how each glasses frame will look on your own face.

Trending styles for pink glasses

From as early as the 40s, colorful frames were in style, including pink frames. In the 50s and 60s, a popular style that was often in pink was the cat eye glasses. Pink goes very well with this feline chic frame, and the rosy color certainly gives it a flair that is the cat’s meow.
Today, you can wear pink glasses in all sorts of different styles, no matter if you prefer polished round wire frames or the retro cat eye.

Styling tips for different shades in pink

With so many options, choosing the right color for your glasses could be hard, but here are some tips to help you find the right shade of pink.

1. Pastel & muted pink

Soft pink shades are just perfect for the everyday. Go for the classic oval frames to look effortlessly cute, rectangle frames for a classic look, and geometric pink frames for a dash of the unique and unexpected.

2. Rose gold & metallic pink

These metallic rosy shades just have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them oh so elegant and great for both formal and casual events. Delicate metal frames in rose gold and metallic pink just have an elegant aura that will enhance any outfit you put together, and browline glasses will give you a polished look that screams sophisticated chic.

3. Bright pinks

You won’t go unnoticed in these eye-catching shades of pink, so it’s time to go bold or go home. Go for oversized bold frames to make sure you stand out, like cat eye glasses. Or opt for delicate frames, like slim wire frames to flash just a little color.

How to find your perfect pair of pink glasses

Every type of frame complements certain face shapes, so you have to determine which face shape you have first. Whether you have a round or triangle face, you can use our guide to pick the perfect pink glasses for your face shape. They’re waiting!

Frequently asked questions

Are pink glasses trendy?

Totally. Pink glasses are making a comeback, and many celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Cate Blanchett have been rocking them. They’re definitely in style now.

Do pink glasses look good?

Yes! Pink glasses come in many flattering shades and materials. With a frame that flatters your face shape, you’ll look great in pink glasses and stand out at the same time.

When can you wear pink glasses?

Whenever you want! Pink glasses are not just good for stealing hearts and turning heads, they’re also a stylish addition to your day-to-day looks. Pinkish rose gold glasses are a great subtle way to wear this color, if you don’t want to go with bright bold pinks.