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Our Cute Eyeglass Collection

Hey, cutie! Cute glasses are here to stay

Cute glasses are defined by aesthetics that evoke sweetness, springtime, lovable quirks, and softness. Think pastel colors, delicate frames, whimsical shapes, and imaginative embellishments.

cute glasses with round frame

Not just a pretty face: Functional and cute glasses

Hey, we’re not just here to look cute! Mouqy glasses come with the option of blue-light blocking technology and anti-scratch coatings. Your eyes are protected while you work, study, binge-watch, Zoom, live, dance, make cookies. Cute and practical… the perfect match.

cute glasses with oval frames

All About Cute Glasses

What are cute glasses frames?

Cute glasses are generally light, dainty, sweet-hued frames that bring an adorable, feminine look to any face. Think pastels, round shapes, lightweight materials, floral patterns, hearts, stars, glitter, or bows.
Other “non-boring” glasses trends are geometric frames, cat-eye frames, oversized frames, or even color-blocked frames featuring two bold shades. These are less on the cute side and more on the bold side… but just as fabulous.

Cute makeup tips for glasses wearers

Simple tweaks and tricks when applying your makeup can enhance your natural beauty and create cohesion between your makeup and your eyeglasses. Bring out those pretty peepers with curled lashes and a brightening concealer.
For a cute, vintage-style look, try a black winged liner and a matte red lip. To keep the eyes bright and fresh behind your frames, try a beige or white liner in your waterline. Trust us on this one, it’s especially handy after those late nights. When in doubt? Consult the Glamour gods.

How to look cute in glasses, no matter what

Hey, you’re already cute! However…there are tips to up the cute factor when choosing and wearing glasses. First things first, read our guide for finding the best glasses for your face shape.
Next, there’s color to consider. If in doubt about what shade to go for, try something neutral at first. A warm tortoiseshell frame in a shape that flatters your face is hard to get wrong. Or, consider clear frames as they’re unique and cute while totally versatile and look great on everyone.
A new haircut or style can make your glasses even cuter. For example, curtain bangs frame (pun intended!) your glasses and make your eyes the focal point. Or, a high ponytail or bun flatters those cheekbones and won’t cover your cute new specs.

Frequently asked questions

Which eyeglasses frames make you look cute?

There are no hard and fast rules, but cute glasses are generally daintier, more delicate, and more imaginative than stock-standard frames. Round, heart-shaped, pastel-toned, glittery, floral, or embellished glasses are all super cute.

How can I look cute in glasses?

If you’re confident and happy with your frames, you’re going to look amazing. To get even cuter you could try curtain bangs or a straight fringe to frame your face. Or, try a fresh pink blush and fluttery lashes to bring out your features.

Where can I buy cute eyeglasses online?

At Mouqy, of course! We are true lovers of cute glasses so we’ve curated a sweet collection for you. You can use our virtual try-on feature to see how each pair will look on your face, in real-time, before you buy.

Are clear glasses cute?

Yes! Clear frames are subtle, sweet, and flattering on all skin tones. However, they’re super versatile so you can “toughen them up” for evenings with some edgy makeup.