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Our Geometric Glasses Collection

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Geometric frames for men & women

Geometric frames refuse to be put in a box, just like their wearers. Made for the rebel, the maverick, the eccentric. These versatile frames are kind to all face shapes.

No basics allowed

All-out angles, hexagonal or just a little jaunty, Mouqy offers a range of geometric frames in various colors, materials, and sizes.

two pair of geometric glasses frames

All About Geometric Glasses

Chic meets quirk

From Diane Keaton to Rihanna (can you get any cooler?) geometric glasses are the forward-thinker’s favorite. These angular treasures come in all different styles and aesthetics.
Think delicate metal frames, thick resin in bright hues, or even semi-rimless in neutral tortoise shell.

Are geometric glasses professional?

Geometric glasses are defined by the overall shape and line of the rim as opposed to the color or material. This means you can go as subtle or as bold as you wish with the overall aesthetic.
If you’re looking for something understated for a corporate job you could try a thin metal frame or even a semi-rimless style in a neutral hue. You still get that angular edge, but the frames take backseat to your bad-a** business-ready face.

Who suits geometric glasses?

The great thing about geometric frames is that they’re versatile in their overall silhouette. Some are more rounded, some are more rectangular, and some err on the square side. No matter your face shape, you can find a pair of geometric frames to flatter. The TL;DR? Everyone suits them.

How to choose the best geometric glasses for you

First, take a good squiz at our trusty guide to finding the best frames for your face shape.
Aside from shape, you’ve got color and style to think about. Consider your overall complexion and hair color. Paler, fairer folk look great in creamier shades that lean toward golds, ambers, and even light pastels. Those with darker hair and skin tone can explore bolder shades and jet black.
If you’re a lover of eye makeup and don’t want it hidden behind frames, you might consider rimless or pale rims. Of course, there are no rules, the final factor is what makes you feel great.

Geometric sunglasses

If you prefer your daily specs to be a little more fluid in line, you can still enjoy the geo life with geometric sunglasses. Big, bold frames with angular lines hark back to the glamor days of the 1970s, while small, rimless shapes take us deep into the 90s.

Frequently asked questions

Geometric glasses frames feature different angles and sometimes irregular lines. For example, some are perfect hexagons while others are wider along the top, angle inward down the side, and are shorter along the bottom. They can come in round, square, rectangle, and cat-eye silhouettes.

Most face shapes can wear geometric frames, but round and heart-shaped faces look especially great thanks to those flattering angles.

Yes! In a world where creativity is celebrated and rules are a no-go, geometric frames fit right in.

Geometric frames are a varied bunch, you can find rimless, semi-rimmed, browline, and more.

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