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Our Lightweight Glasses Collection

Lightweight glasses for men & women

Finally – glasses you’ll want to wear all day! Our lightweight glasses come in countless shapes, colours and materials and are designed to be as lightweight as possible. From rimless to full-rim to half-rim, to acetate and titanium – we’ve got them all!

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Optimal comfort, all day

Tired of glasses that rub your nose and leave marks? Lightweight glasses put far less pressure on your face and look fantastic. These frames are so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

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All About Lightweight Glasses

Mouqy stocks a range of lightweight glasses made from a range of different high-quality materials. Their comfortable fit makes them perfect for the lifestyles of modern men and women – and will follow you wherever you go!

What are lightweight glasses anyway?

Lightweight glasses refer to those that weigh less than the average pair of glasses. This is usually achieved through the materials or design of the lenses and frames.
Lenses are the parts of your glasses that correct your vision. Generally speaking, the stronger the prescription that someone needs to see clearly, the thicker the material of the lens needs to be to refract the light correctly – which can result in heavy lenses. Luckily, the advent of high index material lenses has meant that even those with higher prescriptions have the option of wearing thinner and lighter lenses.
Secondly, you can have lightweight frames. This may include thin metal or titanium frames, rimless, or semi rimless frames that don’t fully wrap around the lenses.

Styles of lightweight and thin eyeglasses frames

Lightweight glasses come in many forms and styles – here are just a couple of them!

  • Rimless framesRimless designs are some of the lightest around, and look minimalist and sophisticated with a ‘barely-there’ look. Rather than having frame material all around the lens, these frames attach to the temples and nose bridge instead.

  • Semi-rimless framesSemi-rimless designs fall somewhere between rimless and full-rimmed glasses, and feature a stylish rim at the top of the lenses. The bottom of the lenses are exposed, which can help reduce weight.

  • Wireframe framesThese slender metal glasses offer a bookish and vintage look – and weight very little. Materials such as titanium are especially durable and lightweight.


The benefits of lightweight glasses

Lightweight glasses are perfect for looking great without feeling tired or weighed down. Here are some other benefits:

  • They’re more comfortable for long useSince your glasses don’t weigh as much they aren’t so noticeable for the wearer. Plus, you’re more likely to keep on wearing them as recommended!

  • They reduce pressure on your faceHeavier glasses can cause pressure on your nose and bridge, which can be felt after long hours of use and can leave an imprint on your bridge.

  • They stay up on your faceLightweight glasses are less likely to slip down. This means you’re less likely to need snug-fitting pads that push into your nose bridge, or a tight fit behind your ears.

Frequently asked questions

What are considered lightweight glasses?

Lightweight glasses are simply glasses that weigh less than your average pair of glasses. These are typically constructed out of lighter materials such as titanium or use a minimalist design – for example a rimless or semi-rimless frame that doesn’t wrap all the way around the lens. If you need a strong prescription, opting for high-index lenses will spare you the need to get thick heavy lenses.

Are lightweight glasses good?

Lightweight glasses are an excellent option for prescription eyewear, since they tend to be much more comfortable and don’t exert so much downward pressure on your nose. You can find high-quality lightweight glasses for purchase online that will allow you to get the exact prescription you need to see properly.

Do lightweight glasses break easily?

No, lightweight glasses don’t necessarily break easily. Titanium is a popular material for lightweight glasses since it is a low-density metal, and it’s extremely light, durable and flexible. That said, some lightweight styles, such as rimless glasses, can be slightly more fragile and should be safely stored in a hard shell case when not in use.

Does lens index affect the weight of glasses?

Yes – lens index can affect the thickness of your lenses, which in turn will affect how heavy your glasses will be. Generally speaking, the higher your prescription, the thicker and heavier the lens needs to be. However, a high-index lens is able to refract light more efficiently. High-index lenses are generally recommended to those with higher prescriptions, and who want thinner and lighter lenses.