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Our Men’s Collection

Glasses frames for men

Level up your look with a new pair of frames. We offer high-quality and affordable men’s glasses to suit every style and prescription.

rectangular men glasses with blue frame

Find your new signature style

From classic aviators, to sporty and edgy frames – our Mouqy collection has it all. Browse our extensive catalogue of eyeglasses for men and use our Virtual Try-On to see how they look on your face.

two pairs of rectangle glasses with black frame

Specialized lenses

Laptops and phones are a big part of our daily lives, but they come with a dark side. The blue light that’s emitted from their screens can cause eye strain, fatigue, and mess with our sleep patterns. Start protecting your eyes now with our blue light blocking lenses. We’ve even added extra coatings on them for increased durability!

mouqy glasses come with blue blocking lenses

Eyeglasses for Men in Every Prescription and Style

Looking for your new favorite pair of eyeglasses? You’ve come to the right place!
After all, your eyeglasses aren’t just a tool to help you see – they’re a way to express your personal style. With our large range of eyeglass frames for men, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Find glasses frames that work for you

Whether you’re in the boardroom, on the road, around the house, or on an adventure – your eyeglasses should be able to keep up with you. And the perfect pair should make you feel like your most confident self – ready to take on the world.
Some men prefer the modern look of clear frames, some like to go bold. Some minimalist – some edgy. Whichever style you prefer, you’ll find it here at Mouqy.
Our Virtual Try-On feature makes it easy to experiment with styles and see how certain glasses will look on your face. Why not try…

  • Transparent frames for a minimalist and modern look
  • Tortoiseshell or classic gunmetal glasses for a vintage look
  • Aviators for some effortless cool
  • Bright colored glasses and bold shapes for an avante-garde look


Picking the best men’s glasses for your face shape

The shape of your face can also play a big role in which glasses frames look best on you. You want your eyeglasses to bring balance to your features, which means that faces that are more angular – like square and diamond shapes – can look best with rounder frames. Vice versa, rounder face shapes may want to consider eyewear with sharper lines, such as rectangular frames.
For the full guide, check our article on choosing the right frame for your face shape.

Style and function without breaking the bank

At Mouqy, we wanted to make sure everyone could find a pair of glasses that can help them take on the adventures and challenges of modern life.
Many of us spend long hours staring at computer and device screens, which can lead to fatigue and digital eye strain. Opting for our blue light blocking lenses will help you protect your eyes. On top of that, all our glasses come with multiple functional coatings, to help improve the durability of your glasses.
On top of that, all our glasses come with multiple functional coatings, to help improve the durability of your glasses.

Buying prescription men’s eyeglasses just got easy

Buying prescription eyeglasses with Mouqy is incredibly easy. All you will need is an up-to-date eye prescription so you can insert these details when you check out.

Frequently asked questions

What glasses suit my face shape?

A good rule of thumb is to go for a frame shape that provides contrast with your face shape. For example, if you have a square or diamond-shaped face, try experimenting with round or oval shape frames. If you have a rounder face, you can try on more angular frame shapes. At Mouqy, we offer a Virtual Try-On feature that allows you to use a webcam (or just a photo of yourself) to try different glasses on your face before you purchase.

What are the best frames for mens glasses?

Clear glasses, half-rims, rimless, clubmasters, round and square frames (like wayfarers) are some of the most popular glasses frames for men. As the choices are endless, your best bet is to opt for a frame shape that flatters your face shape and suits your personal style.

What are the latest frames for men’s glasses?

Current trends of men’s glasses include clear glasses, rectangular horn-rimmed glasses, browline glasses, and glasses in neutral shades.

What men’s glasses frames will suit small faces?

Avoid oversized glasses or chunky frames – the key is to find glasses that are proportional to your face. Rectangular, round, half-rim or rimless glasses work especially well for smaller faces.