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Our Rectangular Collection

Rectangular glasses are everyone's favorite

Literally everyone looks good in rectangle glasses! With a streamlined silhouette and more prominent angles, these frames add structure to any face shape and boasts a wide range of designs that fit any age, personality, or aesthetic.

rectangle glasses with black frame

A jack of all trades

Walking the line between elegant and refined, to sporty and cool, rectangle frames have retained their popularity both as prescription eyewear and as a sunglass style. Being the most versatile of the bunch, you’ll be surprised with how easy it is to find a rectangle frame that suits your taste! Browse our Mouqy collection today!

two pairs of rectangle glasses frames

All About Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle glasses: The shape shifters

Rectangle frames not only offer major style points, but also have the ability to frame a face like no other. Their sharp angles provide contrast to delicate features, while their unique proportions balance out narrow features or draw attention away from broader parts of the face.
Being wider than their square counterparts, a rectangular pair also provides a unique slimming effect that appeals to many.

Finding your perfect match

Though rectangle glasses are known to be universally flattering, the frame shape is more than just a one-size-fits-all. There are other factors that come into play, such as your face shape and the overall effect you want to achieve with your new glasses.
For example, those with round or oval faces may gravitate towards frames with sharper edges for more definition, while more angular faces such as diamond and heart shapes tend to go for wayfarer or clubmaster styles to balance out their more prominent features.
Though if you’re still unsure with your own face shape, you can always check out our guide to matching your frame shape to your face shape.

How to style rectangular frames

When choosing a rectangular frame, another thing to consider is your current lifestyle. That includes your hobbies, wardrobe choices, as well as your occupation.
If you’re one who loves a minimalist wardrobe or works in a more corporate setting, sophisticated metal frames and rectangle styles with rounded edges are excellent choices.
But for those in more creative industries, or perhaps have a more eccentric sense of style, there are tons of bold prints and contemporary designs that’ll surely bring out your artistic side!
No matter which style you choose, you’ll want to make sure to select a size that fits your face perfectly. For the most flattering and comfortable fit, take a read of our frame measurement guide.

Frequently asked questions

Who should wear rectangle glasses?

Rectangle frames look good on everyone, but especially heart, diamond, and round faces.

Are rectangle glasses in style?

You bet! Rectangular frames are a classic style that’s always in-demand and look great on most face shapes.

Should I wear rectangle or square glasses?

Square and rectangle frames provide a similar face-framing effect, but those who want to balance out narrower or broader parts of the face may prefer a rectangular style.

Are rectangle glasses good for an oval face?

Rectangle glasses give an oval face more structure, and contrast their delicate features beautifully.

Where can I buy rectangle glasses?

Rectangle glasses are the most common shape you can find today, and also come in a variety of contemporary designs made from high-quality materials. Browse through Mouqy’s stylish and functional frames here.