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Our Aviator Collection

Aviators glasses

With their striking shape and air of effortless-cool, it’s no wonder that aviator glasses have stayed popular through the ages. The best part? These unisex frames look fantastic on any face.

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Wear aviators your way

Mouqy’s aviator glasses and sunglasses come in a wide range of materials, styles and colors. You can browse this shape in both clear optical and sunglass models. Take a look and take your pick!

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Aviators: From the Skies to Your Eyes

Aviators are one of the most popular glasses frames on the market, and it’s easy to see why!

Will aviator glasses suit me?

Aviator glasses are a unique silhouette that’s instantly recognizable. They’re characterized by a teardrop frame and large lenses, and can be found in both classic and modern interpretations.
And no, you don’t need to be Tom Cruise from Top Gun to pull them off! The best part about aviator glasses is that this flattering style will fit just about any face.
Its teardrop shape and forgiving edges make aviators the perfect unisex frames.

The very cool history of aviators

Whilst aviators today are known for their universally flattering style, they were initially created for their functional use.
It’s all in the name: the first wearers of aviators were pilots! In the 1930s, a group of American firms came up with aviators as a medical necessity for the pilots flying fighter planes during the First World War. Back then, aviators were all about protecting pilots’ eyes from the blinding glare of the sun whilst they were up in the sky.
Their shape has slowly morphed throughout the years, and aviator glasses shot to popularity when they entered the civilian market in the late 30s. By then, they’d adopted the iconic aviator shape that we know and love them for!
They gained momentum in the 1950s and soon became an aspirational eyewear and cultural staple – just think Robert De Niro in the 1976 classic movie Taxi Driver.
Today, aviator glasses are mainly made of plastic or metal, and can be purchased in sunglasses, or optical form. Often, their lenses come with enhancements such as UV protection, vision correction, and scratch-proof coatings to improve the glasses’ durability.

What makes Mouqy aviators so great?

At Mouqy, we stock both aviator eyeglasses and sunglasses made in high quality materials. You can purchase this timeless style in both prescription or non-prescription form.
You can find a range of aviators in various colors, and modern and classic styles. Start browsing today and experiment with our Virtual try-on feature to see how they’d look on your face!

Frequently asked questions

Do aviator glasses look good on everyone?

Aviator sunglasses and eyeglasses come in a range of styles and have a flattering teardrop shape that can suit most face shapes. They look especially great on those with oval, diamond, square and triangle shaped faces.

Do they make prescription aviator glasses?

Modern aviator glasses come in a wide range of styles including prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses. Many online retailers sell aviators in the form of both sunglasses, or clear optical glasses.

Are aviator glasses in style?

Whilst aviator glasses were initially developed in the 1930s for fighter pilots, their timeless shape has endured through the decades. Today, aviators can be found sported on faces around the world – from pilots to Hollywood celebrities and top fashion influencers.

Why do pilots wear aviator glasses?

Aviator glasses were originally designed for military pilots in the 1930s as a functional necessity but they are still the preferred style for pilots today. Their shape was designed to give greater coverage for the eyes and protect them from sun glare whilst up in the sky.