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Our Oval Collection

Oval glasses - Coming to a look near you

You just can’t go wrong with a classic oval frame shape. The curves of these flattering glasses give an understated look that’s always on-trend. Oval glasses offer a stylish and narrower variation to the classic round-lens frame shape and can add balance to many face shapes. Pick them up in prescription or plano form below!

oval glasses with tortoise frame

Smooth curves for smooth looks!

Oval glasses as we know them today date back to the 1890s when they were popular with European intellectuals. Over time they’ve become synonymous with retro chic and vintage style. If you’re looking to add an element of sophistication – oval glasses are for you.

oval glasses in tortoise shell frame

Oval Glasses and Why You’ll Love Them

Oval glasses are one of the most classic and early forms of glasses frames, but they’ve come a long way style-wise! Today, smooth lines and elegant curves are what oval frames are all about, but there’s also a little more to them than that.

How to choose your oval glasses

The refined shape gives you that alluring look that can be poised one minute and educated the next. By introducing a playful yet focused quality to your look, they can work in every type of setting from casual to corporate.
Not quite sure which style to go for in the oval category? The great thing about this novel shape is it lends itself to a whole host of finishes and frame thicknesses. At Mouqy, we stock a wide range of oval frames for every face – in many different colors and styles.
Tortoiseshell oval glasses are strong and bold, oversized frames have that little bit of retro chic, while transparent frames are very much on the leading edge of style. Use our Virtual Try-On to see which oval glasses look best on your face shape today!

How to pair oval glasses with your face shape

You want to make sure that your new glasses will suit your facial features, which is where finding your face shape really comes in.
The soft lines of your new oval frames look particularly great on angular faces, and can help balance the well-defined features of square and diamond face shapes. They allow you to soften the lines and put a little more weight and attention towards the upper half of your face.

Anything else you need to know about oval glasses?

You can choose between clear optical eyeglasses and sunglasses, or get a pair of each if that’s what you fancy.
Now that you know what we have to say about them, start thinking about all the new outfits you can elevate in your own signature way with a new pair of oval glasses!

Frequently asked questions

Do oval glasses suit round faces?

The best way to create a look with oval glasses is to look for contrasts with your face. Square or diamond shaped faces have the straight edges that allow for a great contrast with the smooth shape of the oval frames. If you have a round face, you might consider square or rectangular frames instead.

Will oval glasses flatter my face?

Angular faces are the ideal partner for the smooth lines of oval glasses. They provide balance and elegance by breaking the borders of the face.

Where can I buy oval glasses?

You can easily pick up prescription or non-prescription oval glasses from many online eyewear retailers. At Mouqy, we stock a wide range of oval glasses in various styles, finishes, materials and colors – and glasses come with blue light blocking lenses, and multiple functional coats. You know what to do next!