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Our Purple Glasses Collection

Purple glasses

Dive headfirst into the plushness of rich indigos and lavenders with Mouqy’s purple eyewear. Known for its status as a color of luxury, our range of purple framed glasses are guaranteed to be fit for style royalty.

purple glasses with plastic frame

Plenty o’ purple

We have designs and styles you’ll love-nder. From classy, rimless mauve glasses to fun-loving, cat-eyed periwinkle spectacles, we stock all variations of purple eyewear that you could possibly ask for.

purple glasses with clear frame

All About Purple Glasses

How to wear purple on your glasses

How much purple hits the perfect note? There’s a ton of different ways you can wear purple on your eyewear – whether as one solid shade of purple, or as subtle purple accents on the frames instead.
The very first place to rock purple is the most common – that is the whole pair of glasses, frames and glasses arms. Stars like Miley Cyrus have been photographed out and about in a full purple outfit, down to purple glasses, so you know that these glasses are a statement piece that’s bound to bring a wonderful pop of color into your life.
The second would be to choose to have purple on your glasses arms only – a style we’ve seen Kylie Jenner sporting during photoshoots. This variety is a little subtler but can still make a splash when it counts.
The last two options are perhaps the least noticeable of all of these designs, namely on the nose bridge or as accents on the hinge studs only. These glasses are great for those who want something low-key for everyday wear, be it for your workplace or a casual hangout with friends.

Best style tips for rocking your purple glasses

Still wondering what kinds of purple glasses you should get? The most popular purple glasses shapes tend to be rectangle, oval or browline. If none of these suit your fancy, there has also been a recent rise in popularity for vintage-style round-shaped and aviator glasses.
While we’re on the topic of glasses shapes, it’s also important to consider which would flatter your face shape the best.
Last but not least, it’s worth thinking ahead to see where your brand new pair of glasses can fit into your existing wardrobe. If you like keeping things low-key and classy, a deeper shade of purple, such as wine or mauve, would be easier to pair with other cool-toned outfits. However, if you’re going for a big eye-grabbing pair of spectacles, lighter shades such as orchid or lilac may be what you’ve been looking for.

Do you need blue light blocking tech with your eyewear?

You may not be aware of it, but blue light is constantly all around us, and can play havoc with our sleeping patterns. In an era where working from home is becoming more commonplace, overexposure can easily be prevented by donning a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Most of the glasses offered at Mouqy come with the option of blue light blocking lenses, so you won’t have to worry about having limited style choices!
If you’re still unsure if purple glasses could suit you, here’s an article on how you can choose the best colored glasses for you. Now go forth and rock them!

Frequently asked questions

Are purple glasses in style?

Yeap! From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner, there have been plenty of stunners who have set the trend for different styles of purple framed glasses.

Can I wear purple glasses?

You definitely can! Before you rock out with your new purple glasses though, do remember to choose a shape that would fit your face shape as well as a design that you love!