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Glasses For Small Faces

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Our Collection of Glasses For Small Faces

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Glasses for small faces

Are most glasses way too huge for your face? Don’t despair – you just need glasses that are made for small faces! Plus, our smaller-fit glasses are designed for optimum comfort, which means you’ll never have to sacrifice style for fit again. No more buying from the kids’ section!

Your stylish perfect fit

Men and women with smaller or narrower face sizes often struggle with finding glasses that will sit comfortably all day without slipping. Mouqy stocks a wide range of stylish glasses that both fit and flatter smaller faces. From our snug and stylish frames to our wide selection of colors and lenses, we’ve got you covered.

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All about glasses for small faces

There’s so much to love about small faces – just look at stunning celebrities like Taylor Swift and Victoria Beckham. Here’s what to know about decking them up in eyewear.

How can you tell if you have a small or narrow face?

Usually, a small face is relative to a person’s body size and height. Naturally, small/petite faces have both a small width and a small face length, which means your features sit on a small surface.
Narrow faces are also considered small, but are a lot longer than they are wide. To know if you have a narrow face, you can simply measure the height and width of your face with a ruler, then divide the height by the width. If the height is over 1.5 times the width, you have a narrow face.

The struggles of buying glasses for small faces

If you have a smaller or narrower face than most people, buying new glasses can be a headache. Most glasses may feel huge on you – with signs such as:

  • They keep slipping down your nose
  • They overwhelm your face and look goofy
  • They feel uncomfortable and heavy
  • Your eyes feel strained
  • They don’t sit straight on your face

However, the advent of glasses specifically designed for smaller faces means that it’s possible to find a pair that fits you perfectly.

Finding the perfect pair for your smaller face

Your unique facial structure means that there are certain styles that tend to flatter your face more. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a pair to fit your small face:

1. Lens height

Generally speaking, glasses that have shorter lenses will look more proportional on a petite face. This can help create an illusion that your face is a little longer. You might want to avoid oversized frame styles.

2. Frame thickness

Very thick frame styles can easily overpower your petite face and make it look even smaller. Many people – especially women – prefer thin to medium thickness of frames. Consider trying semi-rim frames or thin metal frames.
Materials such as clear or thin acetate can also be very flattering. That said, if you love thick frames, you can still get away with them if you get the frame size right.

3. Frame shape

Since small and narrow faces can be many different face shapes, you may find it helpful to check out our guide on choosing a frame shape that flatters your unique face shape. That said – popular choices include cat-eye frames for small faced women, and oval and rectangular frames for smaller faced men. But, you do you!

How your glasses should fit and feel

When selecting eyeglasses, it’s important to check the dimensions of your eyeglass frames to see if they’ll fit your face.

  • How glasses should fit over your eyesYour eyeglass frames should be horizontally aligned with the center of your eyes, and they should not extend higher than your eyebrows. The center of each pupil should be in the center of each lens when you look straight ahead. That’s why we ask for your PD, which is the distance between your pupils in millimeters. This figure is important in order to make sure that your glasses fit correctly and correct your vision properly.

  • How glasses should fit on your noseGlasses should fit comfortably on your nose without slipping or leaving marks. Your frames should feel balanced and evenly distributed across the bridge of your nose, with no need to readjust them.

  • How glasses should fit on your cheeksWhen you smile, your eyeglasses should not rest on your cheeks. They should be level with each other on your face.

  • How glasses should fit on your templesYour eyeglasses should not pinch or feel unpleasant when worn around or over your ears. Your glasses won’t slide when you look down and shake your head if the width of the frames is just right for the breadth of your face.

Find the perfect glasses for a small face with Mouqy. Don’t give up – your perfect pair is waiting for you and Mouqy’s here to help!

Frequently asked questions

Rectangular, oval and cat-eye frames are best for small faces because they can bring balance and proportion to your face. Frames that are too oversized, round or too narrow will not look as good on a small face.

Small faces look great in cat-eye frames. Because the frames are wider than other
styles, they can help balance out a smaller face. However, you might want to avoid going oversized or getting very thick frames, as these can overwhelm a small face.

Generally speaking, the glasses that work for small faces also work for
narrow faces. Look for frames that are rectangular, oval or cat-eye shaped and that
have a width that is greater than the width of your face. As mentioned before, frames
that are too round or too narrow may not look as good on a narrow face.

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