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6 Legendary Architects And Their Famous Glasses

Updated: 18 April 2024 •  
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Just like how a building can represent an architect’s unique point of view, an architect’s specs can speak volumes.
Throughout history, many architects have turned to strong geometric frame shapes. From classic round rims, to angular futuristic styles – these frames often become an important part of their personal brand. In fact, you can often tell quite a bit about an architect’s approach to design simply by looking at their glasses of choice!
Read on to learn more about their extraordinary craft, and perhaps pick up some ideas on how to find your own signature look.

Glasses – An Essential Accessory For Architects

It’s no wonder that glasses are vital in many architects’ day to day lives.
This age-old profession often involves countless hours of reading charts, creating blueprints, and laborious field work. Architects need to make sure that their vision is as sharp as possible to see all the details up close and from a distance.
Below, some of the most popular frames in the architecture world, and the visionaries behind the lenses:

6 Iconic Architects And Their Glasses Styles

1. Le Corbusier

le corbusier wearing his signature round glasses frame

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, who took on the pseudonym Le Corbusier, in his signature round specs. (Credit: Pinterest)

Considered as one of the pioneers of modern architecture, Le Corbusier is without a doubt one of the most recognizable figures in the industry. With over 300 buildings under his belt, his work still feels contemporary despite being constructed almost a century ago.
Known for his functional and minimal approach to design, the same can be said about his specs of choice. They were a thick-rimmed round frame that gave off a distinct owl-like impression, which became his trademark look throughout his illustrious career. Whether intentional or by coincidence, the simple geometry of the frame also mirrored the straightforward lines and elegant curves often found in his works.
Want the look? Try this iconic Mouqy frame for yourself:
mouqy bobby frame

Mouqy’s retro round Bobby eyeglasses.

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2. Sir Peter Cook

sir peter cook wearing a pair of blue glasses frame

Sir Peter Cook’s blue frames complement his features and one-of-a-kind style. (Credit: Twitter)

Knighted by the queen in 2007 for his contributions in architecture, Sir Peter Cook has been a prominent practitioner in the field for over half a century. As a lecturer of the Royal Academy and founder of the avant-garde group Archigram, his teachings and radical work continue to challenge and inspire new generations to this day.
Perfectly embodying his eccentric ideals are a pair of round blue spectacles that gave his quirky look some extra flair. They matched his eye color and added just the right amount of vibrancy to his fair coloring and neutral wardrobe.
Dare to be different:
mouqy willie frame

Mouqy’s stylish Willie teal frame.

Love a spot of color? Check out the rest of Mouqy’s collection of blue frames.

3. Toyo Ito

toyo ito wearing a pair of slim angular glasses frame

Toyo Ito favors a slimmer, more angular frame over traditional circular styles. (Credit: Studio International)

Toyo Ito is best known for his conceptual designs that combine minimalism with cutting-edge technology. Unlike many architects that tend to stick to one aesthetic throughout their career, you’ll find that most of Ito’s works actually vary in material and style, reflecting his lifelong commitment to reinvent himself to suit the current times.
His futuristic outlook is best expressed through his rectangular frames—a stark contrast from the classic round frames typically worn by architects. Its universally flattering shape is also quite fitting for Ito, who is regarded as an exemplar of versatility in the field.
Defy convention with:
mouqy rick frame

Mouqy’s classic and sophisticated Rick glasses.

More rectangular frames here for the picking.

4. Denise Scott Brown

Denise Scott Brown in transparent frame glasses

Denise Scott Brown has always made her stance clear, even with her choice of transparent frames. (Credit: Rethinking Internet Media)

Denise Scott Brown is praised as one of the most influential architects of her time, both for her keen eye for postmodern design and for leading feminist movements as she challenged norms in a male-dominated industry.
Some of her most famous work includes the Seattle Art Museum, Sainsbury Wing, as well as a feminist essay titled Room at the Top? Sexism and the Star System in Architecture, which brought awareness to the lack of recognition as well as the inequalities that many women in the field faced during the 20th century.
The renowned architect has been seen sporting different transparent frames all throughout her life, befitting an icon as unapologetically true to herself as Denise Scott Brown.
Let your authentic self shine:
mouqy george frame

Mouqy’s eyecatching George crystal clear frame.

For more variations, browse our full range of transparent frames.

5. Neri Oxman

neri oxman wearing a pair of black rimmed oval frame

Neri Oxman in a black-rimmed oval frame. (Credit: Pinterest)

With an interesting background in biology and design, Neri Oxman is currently exploring new materials and systems in which structures can be sustainably grown as opposed to traditionally built. Her interdisciplinary approach, which she calls ‘material ecology’, harnesses digital technology to allow bio-based materials to be augmented for large-scale construction.
Her frames of choice echo her vision of a future aligned with nature, and are made from a plant-based material called acetate. Also referred to as cellulose acetate, these frames are renewable and hypoallergenic, and possess a remarkable durability that can even rival some metal frames.
For the eco-conscious individual:
kingly in black flatlay view

Mouqy’s versatile Kingly eyewear.

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6. Piers Taylor

piers taylor wearing a pair of square glasses frame in a ted talk

Piers Taylor gives a TED talk in pronounced square glasses. (Credit: TED)

Piers Taylor’s ethos is all about making the most out of every space, demonstrated in his award winning projects Room 13 and Moonshine, as well as his show The House that £100k Built on BBC. Pushing the boundaries of what a home can be, Taylor explains that you don’t need to spend millions nor acquire the most expensive materials to create a beautiful and impactful space.
Taylor encourages home owners and self-builders to think beyond the conventions of mainstream architecture, doing more with much less. His friendly and approachable personality is enhanced by his thick-rimmed square glasses, a modern and laidback silhouette that appeals to many.
For a timeless yet contemporary look:
mouqy genius frame

Mouqy’s sleek matte black Genius frame.

For more glasses in a similar shape, browse our collection of square glasses.
There you have it! Six impactful styles for every fashion sensibility. Regardless if you’re a fellow architect or just want to cop a pair of frames that embody your own personal aesthetic, you’re sure to find your best fit here at Mouqy.

Tips For Finding Your Own Signature Look

When selecting a pair of frames, what’s most important is to pick a pair that makes you look and feel like your best self. And to do so, it always pays to familiarize yourself with your own features, which can help you identify the styles that naturally suit you.
Your face shape, for instance, can guide you to the frames that will define and highlight your best features, while your natural coloring can give you clues on the colors that flatter your skin tone, hair, and eye color the most.
To make your search as easy and seamless as possible, have a read through our comprehensive style guides, and see how our frames look on you in real time with our handy virtual try-on feature.

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