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Can I Wear Just One Contact Lens?

Angie Garcia

Written By:

Angie Garcia

Updated: 14 April 2024 •  
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Have you ever lost one of your contact lenses and considered wearing the other one alone? Or had the thought pop into your head when you ran low on contacts and wanted to stretch out the wear of a single lens.
Many have wondered if wearing one contact lens instead of a pair is okay, but the answer is more complex than one might think.
Today, we’re delving into the risks and discomfort of wearing a single contact lens. Plus, we’ll explore the idea of glasses as an alternative.

Can I wear a single contact lens?

person holding a piece of contact lens by the fingertip

Wearing one contact lens can cause an imbalance in vision, leading to discomfort and eye strain.

In short, yes, it is possible to wear only one contact lens. However, it comes with potential risks and discomfort.
Firstly, wearing just one contact can cause an imbalance in your vision. Your eyes work together to create a clear and seamless image. When one eye has corrected vision, and the other doesn’t, your brain has to work overtime to merge the two images captured by both eyes. As a result, you may experience eye strain, headaches, and discomfort.
So, what’s the alternative? While wearing a single contact lens might seem like a quick fix, wearing glasses can be a better option. Glasses provide a balanced correction for both eyes, lessening the possibility of discomfort and strain.
woman wears eyeglasses

Glasses provide a balanced correction to both eyes, therefore lessening the possibility of discomfort and strain.

Plus, glasses don’t require touching your eyes directly, which in turn reduces the risk of infection or irritation.
Generally, wearing just one contact lens might be tempting, but it’s not recommended.

What happens to your vision when you wear just one contact lens

woman putting on contact lenses in front of a mirror

Wearing one contact lens can affect your visual acuity and depth perception.

Wearing just one contact lens can significantly impact your visual acuity. This refers to the clarity or sharpness of your vision. It’s a measure of how well you can see fine details and distinguish objects from each other.
When you wear a contact lens, it sits directly on your cornea and corrects your vision by refracting light to the back of your eye. Wearing just one contact lens can impact your visual acuity as it only corrects vision in one eye, which then causes an imbalance between the two eyes.
Consequently, your brain has to work harder to merge the images from each eye, which can decrease your vision’s clarity and sharpness.
Depth perception refers to the ability to perceive the distance between objects accurately. It’s essential to many daily tasks, such as driving or playing sports. When you wear just one contact lens, your depth perception can be affected because your brain relies on the input from both eyes to perceive distance accurately.
man putting on eyeglasses

Equally positioned lenses enhance depth perception and create a more accurate image.

In comparison, wearing glasses can provide a more precise and balanced correction for both eyes. Glasses correct the refractive errors in each eye independently and simultaneously to provide a clear, consistent image that’s easier for the brain to merge. Additionally, they improve depth perception by having lenses that are at an equal distance from your eyes

When it’s okay to wear one contact lens

While it’s generally not recommended to wear just one contact lens, there are some situations where it may be acceptable. For example, if you’ve lost one contact and don’t have a spare or glasses, you may choose to wear just one to maintain some level of vision correction.
Otherwise, if your prescription varies significantly between each eye, you may choose to wear only one contact lens instead of dealing with the discomfort and visual imbalance that wearing glasses under these circumstances can bring.
However, it’s important to always keep the drawbacks mentioned earlier in mind. Ideally, it’s still best to opt for a more balanced correction through wearing glasses or a new set of contact lenses.

Always keep your glasses handy

a pair of eyeglasses placed inside a leather pouch

A spare pair of glasses may come in handy when you lose or damage your contact lenses.

With the potential risks that come with wearing only one contact lens, having your glasses readily available is a good idea. Not only can glasses provide a more comfortable and balanced correction for your vision, they have the bonus of being a fashion statement that complements your style.
If you lose or damage your contact lens, you don’t have to worry about discomfort or not seeing clearly as you can immediately switch to your glasses. Other than that, a spare pair also allows you to switch up your look whenever you feel like it.
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Put the health of your vision first at all times

While wearing just one contact lens may be tempting in some situations, it can lead to various risks and discomfort. Opting for a more balanced correction is generally recommended for the health and safety of your eyes.
Lightweight glasses from brands like Mouqy can provide a comfortable and stylish alternative to wearing a single contact lens. As long as you keep a spare pair on you, you’ll be able to see clearly and comfortably — and still look chic — no matter what happens.
Remember to let your vision needs guide you towards the best option for you.

Angie Garcia

Written by:

Angie Garcia

Angie is a Manila-based writer who specializes in wellness and lifestyle topics. She likes trying out new workouts and drinking coffee when not writing.

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