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Our Browline Frames Collection

Classic browline glasses for men & women

You can spot a browline frame by its thicker top line and thinner (or non-existent) bottom rim. Browline glasses have a certain vintage class, the perfect final touch for the modern sophisticate.

black frame browline glasses

Dapper frames for vintage lovers

Dapper Dans in the 1950s and 1960s chose browline glasses to give that brooding, “cool academia” aesthetic. Malcolm X made the browline frame famous in the 60s, cementing this style firmly in the history books. Mouqy’s range takes browline glasses into the modern day!

a pair of browline glasses

Browline: The Downlow

Vintage verve made modern

Browline glasses are a popular choice in 2022, offering vintage flair and a nod to 50s and 60s style.
From their inception in 1947, these glasses accents the face and draws attention to the eyes. While most associated with smart dudes “back in the day”, both men and women can and should rock these top-heavy gems.

What face shapes do browline glasses suit?

Browline glasses are super flattering on many face shapes. Because of that bold upper rim, they create width at the brow which balances a round face. That extra width also flatters a square face while complementing a sharp jawline.
Shapes of browline eyeglasses vary from winged to oval to square, so you can find a shape to suit. Check out our guide for how to pick glasses for your face shape.

Choosing the perfect color for browline glasses

While browline glasses are mostly associated with the bold black from decades past, options abound. Materials for browline glasses vary, bringing color options along for the ride. For example, you may find a pair with a tortoiseshell resin upper rim and a gold metal lower rim. Or, a forest green upper and rimless lower.
A great trick is to take similar color items (anything), hold them to your face, and notice how your complexion becomes duller or brighter. For example, cool tones may wash you out while warm tones (amber, gold, brown) bring out your features. What color jewelry do you wear and look best in? Silver? You’re cool. Gold? You’re warm.

What are the benefits of rimless and semi rimless designs?

Rimless and semi-rimless glasses are great for those who prefer a lighter feel. Plus, some people are bothered by a heavy lower rim hovering in their periphery. What’s more, a rimless or semi-rimless frame can add style flair without overpowering or hiding made-up eyes.

Frequently asked questions

What does browline glasses mean?

Browline glasses are frames that have a thicker, darker-toned rim along the top (the brow, if you will), with thinner, lighter rims along the bottom.

Are browline glasses in style?

Absolutely. While browline glasses were all the rage in the 1950s and 1960s, they’ve made a mighty resurgence in recent years.

What are hipster glasses called?

Good question! Many feel the browline style is the epitome of hipster eyewear, and who are we to disagree? However, other styles have also been branded with the hipster brush, such as black horn rimmed frames a la Buddy Holly. Large round metal frames (Daria, anyone?) are also in the hipster glasses camp.

Are browline glasses professional?

100% yes on that. Browline glasses are an all-rounder style great for professional and social wear. They give a dapper, retro feel without being costume-y or overbearing.

Are browlines and clubmasters the same?

Hmmm, not entirely… but sort of. Clubmasters are sunglasses that have a browline design, with thick upper rims and thin lower rims.