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Modern vintage glasses

Who doesn’t love vintage glasses? The romantic, ever-cool appeal of vintage fashion extends to glasses, big time. Vintage glasses give a sophisticated yet chic aesthetic to any wearer.

vintage glasses with tortoise shell frame

That glamorous old-school feel

So, what exactly constitutes vintage glasses? It depends on the decade! Wingtip, cateye, horn rimmed, and browline frames are decidedly, fabulously vintage. Your choice of color can also give a nod to decades past. Pure black, tortoiseshell, and thin metal glasses are some of the best of by-gone glamour.

vintage glasses with aviator frame

Timewarp: Vintage Glasses Through the Years

Take a journey through the glasses of decades past and you’ll think you’ve stepped into a modern university, city street, or hipster bar. Why? Because vintage glasses hold a whole lot of weight in the style books of contemporary fashion lovers.
We could go back to the beginning of glasses, (we’re nerds like that) but here’s a more brief history starting 8 decades ago.
Hark back to the 40s and you’ll find plastic frames in pale shades and perfectly round shapes(familiar?). You could even find transparent frames in funky hues like bottle green and red, with playful shapes such as flowers and wings. Aviators were also all the rage in the 40s (sunglasses, mostly) for guys and gals. Optical glasses even came in rimless, geometric-shaped styles. In short? The 1940s really did us all a favour when it comes to glasses!
The 50s gave us those incredible horn-rimmed glasses complete with embellishments such as pearls and diamantes set in colored plastic frames. Marilyn Munroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly all rocked these styles.
Things really got wildly fabulous in the 1960s when oversized, round frames burst onto the scene with Jackie Kennedy. On the other extreme, John Lennon’s teeny round glasses made an indelible mark on eyewear fashion.

Vintage glasses for the modern wearer

The beauty of modern fashion is that there are barely any rules, and a whole lot of appreciation for true style.
Vintage-style glasses are perfect for the modern wearer as they come in so many styles, shapes, and colors. What’s more, modern technology makes these groovy frames all the more functional.
The thing is, if you were to find real vintage specs, they’d likely be a little uncomfortable, stiff, or weak. Here at Mouqy, we offer vintage styles (we’re most in love with the cat eye frames at the moment) but with blue-light blocking lenses and durable materials. They’re perfect for keeping up with modern lifestyles, without ever being boring. Find your perfect pair today!

Frequently asked questions

Are vintage glasses still in style?

A resounding “yes”. Vintage glasses are incredibly en vogue, and we don’t see them going anywhere fast. Styles from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s can be found made with modern materials for style and functionality.

Where do you buy vintage glasses frames?

At Mouqy! We love vintage glasses so we worked hard to curate a collection you’ll love. Oh, and don’t forget you can opt for our special lenses designed to block blue light – to protect your peepers.

Can you buy vintage glasses with the prescription?

You sure can. You can buy vintage glasses with your prescription… or without… or as sunglasses. Options, options everywhere!