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Our Horn-Rimmed Glasses Collection

Timeless, versatile - the horn-rimmed

Retro with a dash of prep, horn-rimmed glasses are designed to be thicker and more prominent than your average frame. A bold choice for both men and women, they’re a tried-and-tested frame that’s guaranteed to take your style game to new heights.

horn rimmed glasses with tortoise shell frame

Specs that stand out

Horn-rimmed glasses have always stood out in a sea of metal and rimless styles, and add character to even the simplest of outfits. But don’t be fooled by its more striking silhouette—the distinguishable pair is incredibly versatile and can easily be worn in corporate or formal settings too.

horn rimmed glasses with round frames

All About Horn-Rimmed Glasses

A quick history of horn-rimmed glasses

Horn-rimmed glasses get their name from the material they were originally made from: horn.
But what’s interesting about them is that horn-rimmed glasses were actually constructed from plastics for most of its existence, as producing them from actual animal horn would not only be extremely expensive, but also unsustainable.
Other notable features of horn-rimmed glasses are their distinct ‘horned look’ thanks to their extended end pieces.

Style icons who wear horn-rimmed frames

Horn-rimmed glasses have long been a favorite of several A-listers and industry greats since the 20th century. But, it was rock n roll legend Buddy Holly who was said to have popularized the style back in the 50s, which changed the perception of eyewear from merely a tool for vision correction to a statement making accessory.
Today, Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt, Chris Pine, and singer Pharrell Williams are often spotted donning horn-rimmed frames—even during red carpet events. Horn-rimmed glasses aren’t just for men either; celebs like Scarlett Johansson and Oprah Winfrey love them too!

Why we love horn-rimmed glasses

Horn-rimmed glasses aren’t just a fashionable addition to any look, but are also a practical choice for all kinds of eyeglass wearers. Its substantial thickness will be able to carry even the highest of prescriptions, so you won’t need to worry about your lenses peeking through from the sides of your frames.
But if you don’t have a prescription and simply want to protect your eyes from digital strain, you can opt for our blue light blocking lenses too.

How to style horn-rimmed glasses

Anyone can pull off horn-rimmed glasses—it just depends on the overall look you’re going for. For a simple yet put-together look, upgrade your basic white tee and jeans by throwing your horn-rimmed glasses into the mix, which will add polish without looking too dressed up. Or, you can make your horn-rimmed glasses the star of the show by wearing it with an all neutral look.
If you work in a more corporate setting, horn-rimmed glasses will seamlessly blend in your wardrobe of blazers, button downs and trousers. But for those in more creative industries, your horn-rimmed frames can also be worn with a brighter or more eclectic outfit for a dose of retro.
Headed to a black tie event? Horn-rimmed glasses will be the perfect finishing touch to round up your dapper ensemble.

Other styles similar to horn-rimmed glasses

If you love the look of horn-rimmed glasses but want something less pronounced, then tortoiseshell glasses may be right up your alley. They’ve got a much slimmer silhouette and are typically lighter in color, which is great for those who find dark frames too harsh against their natural features.
Similarly, you can also get a browline style for a polished yet understated look. It still has that classic horn-rimmed detail thanks to its extended end pieces, toned down by the slim metal material used for the remainder of the frame.

Frequently asked questions

What are horn eyeglasses?

Horn eyeglasses are typically made from plastic, and are specifically designed to mimic the look of horn material itself. You’ll also be able to easily spot them thanks to their extended end pieces, which give them their distinctive ‘horned look’.

Are horn-rimmed glasses in style?

These vintage-inspired frames have a timeless appeal that makes it popular across all ages. They’re a versatile frame that’s formal enough for black tie events, but can also be worn to spruce up a casual look.

Are horn-rimmed glasses expensive?

Today’s horn-rimmed glasses are made from a thick and durable plastic, which makes it an affordable frame that still captures the look of the original horn material.