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Glasses with Keyhole Bridge

Keyhole bridges for comfort

Surprise surprise – keyhole bridge glasses have nose bridges in the shape of a keyhole. The keyhole bridge has two apparent points that sit on each upper side of the nose. This clever design prevents the bridge from pressing directly on your nose, avoiding pressure, eliminating marks, and providing greater comfort.

man wearing a pair of glasses with keyhole bridge

Unlock function with fashion

Keyhole bridge glasses have always been a favorite go-to frame design. With their classic look and vintage aura, you’ll never go wrong with them. Plus, they’re so comfortable to wear! At Mouqy, you’ve got a plethora of keyhole bridge glasses with varying colors, shapes, and styles to choose from.

woman wearing a pair of glasses with keyhole bridge

About Keyhole Bridge Glasses

Who should wear keyhole bridge glasses?

Glasses with keyhole frames are the most ideal for people with bigger, flatter, or wider nose bridges. That’s because it’s generally more comfortable for them to wear glasses with slightly wider bridge gaps so their frames can sit appropriately snug on their noses without squeezing tightly. Keyhole bridges provide just that!

Pros & cons of a keyhole bridge

As we’ve said – keyhole bridge specs don’t sit directly against the top of your nose bridge and instead just rest against its two sides. Effectively, this distributes the frame’s weight and eliminates the budding pressure had the bridge been pressing directly against your nose.
With their comfortable design, keyhole bridge eyeglasses are an excellent pick for everyday wear and if you plan to wear your specs for long periods of time.
On the other hand – people with small and low nose bridges may not find frames with keyhole designs to be the best for them. They’re likely gonna sit too low against the nose. At Mouqy, we’ve got eyeglasses to suit all face sizes and shapes!
Appearance-wise, the keyhole bridge can make your nose look longer and wider when worn. Its shape can give an illusion of adjusting your nose structure slightly – which people may or may not like the look of.

How should keyhole bridge glasses fit?

The most important thing to consider when fitting keyhole bridge glasses is that they rest on both sides of your upper nose comfortably. Not too tight or it’ll hurt, but with just the right amount of fit.

What are the different bridges on glasses?

Saddle bridge

These are frames with glasses shaped like a horse’s saddle. The most common glasses bridge type is perfect for frames that are heavy, thick-rimmed, and made from materials such as plastic. Saddle bridge glasses also even out the glasses’ weight on your nose.

Double bridge

Double-bridge eyeglasses offer modern and youthful takes in the design department. Aside from the regular bridge that joins the two framed lenses, this style uses another bar added at the top which can enhance the overall look and style. It’s basically what aviator-style frames are like!

Low bridge

Low bridge glasses are suited for people with low nose bridges and wide faces. The glasses have a low bridge and deeper nose pad areas which allow them to sit higher on the nose. They’re comfortable and sit securely and rightly in the face. They’re also often referred to as ‘Asian fit glasses’.

Adjustable nose pad

Eyeglasses with adjustable nose pads are the most versatile kind. They can be adjusted accordingly to suit different nose shapes and sizes. Because of this, they can fit any bridge width due to the nose pads, even for kids! Lastly, they usually come in specs with metal frames.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a keyhole and a regular bridge?

The most regular bridge in glasses is often called a saddle bridge. They’re the more common and simplest style. Regular bridges span across your nose bridge, distributing the weight of the eyeglasses and seemingly shortening and reducing the nose. Keyhole types on the other hand, settle at two distinct points on the nose bridge’s sides. They usually don’t touch the nose bridge’s top parts, effectively diminishing the pressure there.

Are keyhole bridges comfortable?

You bet! Since eyeglass wearers are typically wearing glasses on the regular, a keyhole bridge can be a great option for anyone looking for full-day comfort. Since they don’t apply too much weight against your nose bridge, they remain comfortable and are less likely to leave marks on your skin.

How do I find the right bridge for my glasses?

If you’re purchasing glasses online, many online retailers offer virtual try-on features where you can preview how a pair of eyeglasses will look on you – like Mouqy’s Virtual Try-On. Make sure you also check your measurements (ideally using an old pair of glasses) and compare them against the dimensions listed on the website. And then of course, if you’re planning to go to a physical optical store, you just have to try the glasses on! See which ones don’t pinch and are not likely to leave indentation marks on your skin.

Should glasses rest on the bridge of your nose?

It depends on the type of glasses. Commonly, they do like in the instances of glasses with saddle bridge, low bridge, double-bridge, and adjustable nose pads. Keyhole bridges are pretty unique as they don’t really touch the top of the nose bridge but rest only on its sides. But this doesn’t make them less comfortable – they’re actually a top choice for comfort! At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of preference, as well as figuring out and achieving the right level of snugness. So, yes – glasses often rest on the bridge of your nose – this position prevents them from falling off.