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Our Nerd Glasses Collection

Nerd glasses for men & women

Call them nerd, hipster or geek – these glasses have an undeniable quirky charm. They’re a fantastic style accessory to help you express your style or stand out in a crowd. We can’t promise our nerd glasses will make anyone smarter – but you’ll definitely look it!

nerd glasses with square frame

Geeking for all occasions

With their thick frames and iconic rectangular shape, nerd glasses have a distinctively retro feel, à la Buddy Holly. At Mouqy, we offer them in a few variations. The thick frames in dark or neutral shades are a classic staple. If you want to add a stylish twist, try out our nerd glasses in an unexpected shade such as red, green or tortoiseshell.

nerd glasses with clear frame

All About Our Nerd Glasses

Gone are the days when ‘geek chic’ meant unflattering frames and thick, coke-bottle lenses that made the wearer’s eyes look distorted. These days – the possibilities are endless!
Nerd glasses are usually characterised by thicker and chunkier frames in an angular shape. However, many modern eyewear retailers offer a lot of variations and options for you to rock this style, your way.
These include:


Nerd glasses for all faces

At Mouqy, we stock nerd glasses in a huge range of shapes and designs. This means you’ll easily be able to find the perfect pair to match your unique face shape and style preferences. Whether you prefer metal glasses, acetate, or plastic nerd glasses – just take your pick.
This style looks great on both men and women. If you’re not sure if a pair will suit you, you can also use our Virtual Try On feature to see what our nerd frames will look like on your face, in real-time.
Even if you don’t require prescription glasses, you can still rock our nerd glasses as a fashion accessory by clicking the ‘plano’ lens option when you check out.

No more thick and bulgy lenses

At Mouqy, we offer high-index lens options for most of our frames. This is perfect for folks who require stronger prescriptions. In the past, a strong prescription would require thick lenses that can be unflattering. With high-index lenses, you can now opt for a thinner lens that won’t distort your eyes or create a coke-bottle effect.

Why we love nerd glasses

Some people say that glasses make you look smarter. Whether or not that’s true – we definitely love nerd glasses for their quirky and intellectual appeal. They’re the perfect blend of brains and beauty thanks to the way they frame the face and create a smolderingly sexy appeal. It’s no wonder they’re a popular choice for students, professionals and creative folk!
So go on – take a page out of the style books of Clark Kent and Arthur Miller.

Frequently asked questions

What are geek glasses?

Geek glasses, otherwise known as nerd glasses, are usually characterised by thicker angular frames in dark or neutral shades. Think Clark Kent, or Buddy Holly. They can lend the wearer an intellectual look and are a popular style accessory even for those who don’t need vision correction.

Are nerd glasses in style?

Nerd glasses are definitely enjoying a comeback, thanks to the huge variety of colors and designs out there, plus tech advancements that have enabled lenses to be thinner and more lightweight. We’ve seen them rocked on runways and sported on the faces of celebrities.